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From: Jeff Spencer
Subject: Trucker's Helper, Part 3 (M/t, anal)This is a story of sexual activity between 2 males of different
generations. It is, sadly, fiction. If it is illegal for you to read this,
then don't read it. All characters within are portrayed by actors over 18
years of age, though the characters they portray may not be. Please
contribute some money to the nifty board for bringing you this great stuff!
And nymphets rape galleries you can contact me at"Good morning, sleepyhead," I said to the 13 year old tousled mass of blond
hair resembling a haystack, curled under my arm, and pressed against
me. "We've got a long day of travel, babe." I looked down at his pale,
creamy skin., as he pressed himself against my tanned body."Umm, hi," Ryan murmured as he lifted his head up, looked dazedly at me
with a sleepy look in his sweet blue eyes, and then brushed his warm lips
against mine. I felt myself hardening with the feel of his warm, naked body
against mine, but I knew we really did have a distance to travel if I were
going to get my delivery to New York on time.It was Tuesday morning of a Monday to Saturday cross country trip, hauling
a semi full of stereo equipment from Los Angeles to Poughkeepsie, New
York. Ryan had been an unexpected bonus, when I rescued him from a pimp at
a lonely truck stop in Needles, California. We'd discovered that we had a
common interest - we were hot for each other's body! We were waking up from
a night of passion in a small motel outside of nymphet model top site
Flagstaff, Arizona."C'mon, sweetie, let's get that shower going. You know how to work it now,
right?" I jumped out of bed, with my semi-erect cock dangling, and headed
over to the in-room coffeemaker to get some coffee brewing. "Do you like
coffee, Ryan? I'm putting some on. If not, we can get something in the
diner.""Umm, sometimes I like it, but if it's real bitter it tastes yucky," Ryan
said, as I watched his cute pink ass disappearing into the bathroom. I
heard the water come on, then switch to shower mode, and a yelp as the
initially cold water hit Ryan's arm. I chuckled at that, then headed to nymphets jpeg
bathroom myself."Mind if I shower with you?" I said to Ryan. He put his hand on my now
stiff 6" cock, and pulled my hand over to his hard 4" rod."Can we do something else, too?" He teased."You mean like that `fucking' thing you were asking about last night?" I
said. Ryan nodded, and pressed himself against me."I fell asleep after we sucked each other, but it felt really nice when you
had your fingers up my ass. I think I'd like to get fucked by you, the
sooner the better!" I put my hands on his round, warm bottom, and kneaded
his plump flesh."Sounds good to me," I said. "But I've never fucked a guy nymphets lesbians
before.""Then it's a first for sweet nymphet angels both of us," he rejoined. "I've never been fucked
before.""I just assumed that that pimp had used you kids for stuff like that," I
said. "I don't want to hurt-""No, no, I want to be WITH you Alex, and that's the very best way. That
pimp forced us to give blowjobs, and we often got blowjobs from the johns,
but he hadn't gotten around to breaking us in for fucking. That's why it
would be so special with you." I kissed him, and lightly slapped his
butt. I could smell the aroma of our sex from last night rolling off Ryan,
and I was sorry we'd be washing that off."Well, let's at least get in the shower, and take it from there, `kay?" I
said. Ryan pulled aside the shower curtain, his small hard-on bobbing as he
stepped over the tub asian teen nymphet edge, and positioned himself under the hot spray,
soaking himself. I stepped in right after him, and got myself wet,
too. After we were both wet, I picked up the small bottle of shampoo,
poured some out in my hand, and started shampooing Ryan's semi-long hair."Mmmm, that feels good," Ryan said, and immediately got a mouthful of
shower water. He sputtered, and I broke out laughing. Ryan started
laughing, too, but took the little nymphets gallery remaining shampoo to start doing my hair."It feels good to be pampered sometimes, doesn't it?" I said.Ryan nodded, squinting his eyes legal models nymphets to avoid shampoo running in them. "Yeah, my
father never wanted me to have any luxuries or anything, and Jacko, uhh,
the pimp, never let us get much sleep. He figured we'd be easier to handle
if we were tired, I guess." He slumped against me, his ass pressing against
my cock as I continued to massage his scalp. Ryan wiggled his ass, then
reached behind him to spread his little butt cheeks so that my dick could
slip between them. A thrilling tingle shot through my dick as it slid into
Ryan's soapy crevice.I took one hand down from Ryan's head, and slipped it around his hot cock,
and pumped him several times, then rolling his hot balls in my soapy
hand. "Mmm, I'm ready if you want to do me, Alex," nn nymphet pix Ryan
whimpered. "Please," he said."Let me get you rinsed off at least," I said. "Otherwise, you're likely to
get some soap in your eyes when you least want it!" I rinsed his scalp off,
until his hair was squeaky clean, then he reached up and shampooed me. I
had to admit, it felt really good to have someone massaging me like that,
and I groaned in appreciation. Ryan finished, then pulled my head down to
rinse off, taking the opportunity to kiss me, hard, his tongue wrestling
with mine passionately. We embraced then, reveling in the feel of each
other's hard wet body. My hands slipped to his plump, full bottom, and his
to my leaner, harder butt, and we kissed as we rubbed each other's asses,
our fingers slipping against our puckered holes.Ryan was so good at getting me hot nearly instantaneously. I grabbed the
bar of soap, then turned the showerhead against the nymphets met tgp
wall, so that we could
soap without washing off the lubricant. I ran the bar of soap all over
Ryan's lean, slim body, then handed the little nymphets sex pics bar to him as I began lathering the
soap over every inch of his sweet young boy body. I started at his neck,
lightly caressing his downy throat, then rubbing harder over his shoulders,
over his stiffening pink boy nipples, down his flat, though hardly muscular
stomach to his hairless crotch.Gently lifting his hard cock and small balls, I thoroughly soaped him in
that intimate area, then turned nymphet topless model him around to first gaze at his beautiful
back and rear end, then to lather up the soap already on his smooth
shoulder blades, then down to the rise of his ass. My hands concentrated on
that lovely region, and Ryan unconsciously leaned forward and pushed his
rear end back, to allow me greater access to his smooth round ass. I gently
probed in the crevice between those two pale globes, and easily located the
puckered opening hiding there.Ryan sighed as my soapy finger entered him, both of us remembering the
sensations we'd felt when I'd toyed with his bottom the night before. Ryan
pressed back lightly against my underage nymphet childrens pics
finger, so that it would slip in more
quickly. "I'm not love nymphetscom sure how soap up your ass is gonna feel, Ryan. It might
feel like it's burning, or it might make you feel like you have to go to
the bathroom, or it might nymphets pthc
not feel like anything but nice," I said. "And my
dick is a lot bigger than my fingers, so please let me know if it's
hurting, and I'll young wild nymphets
back off, okay?"Ryan surprised me then. "Damnit Alex, I really want you to FUCK me! I don't
care how much it hurts, I want to feel your dick inside me! I've wanted it
ever since you rescued me!" I got the message, particularly when Ryan
reached back with his soapy hands to lather my cock. Then he nymphets top raped
turned around
and quickly lathered up my front, paying special attention to my smooth
chest and hairy cock and balls. He handed me the soap when he was through,
then turned away from me, presenting his ass again for bbs nymphette
whatever I wanted to
do to him.I took the small bar of soap, and ran it up and down Ryan's tight ass
crevice, using my forefinger to press a small amount of softened soap into
his already clean hole, then ran my finger slowly in and out, feeling
Ryan's ass muscles gripping my finger as though he didn't want to let a
single inch go. "Aaah, yeah, that's nice," he sighed, wiggling his
butt. Ryan put his right hand on his cock, and started slowly stroking
himself, in time with my finger moving in and out of his ass hole. "Fuck me
with your finger, Alex, I want it! You're making me sooo hot!"His left hand nymphet angels tgp reached around blindly, looking for my cock to hold, and
stroke. "I want my hands full of cock!" Ryan exclaimed, and I was only too
happy to accommodate him. As he held onto my dick, and stroked his own
hard, dripping rod, I positioned his feet apart so that his ass cheeks
spread wide apart, fully exposing his lovely hole. I looked down at his
pink, puckered hole winking lewdly at me, and stroked daddys little nympho that delicious
orifice lightly, teasing him."Do you like to feel me in your hole, Ryan? Would you ukrainian nymphettes
like to feel my big,
fat cock splitting your tiny hole pedo underage nymphet gallery
open, ramming my hot meat deep inside
your tight little boy ass? Tell me what you like, lover." I cooed into his
ear."Yeah man, fuck me hard with that big piece of meat! Bury your hot, hard
dick deep inside my slutty, hot ass! I'll do anything you want if you'll
fuck me hard, NOW!! I'll be your hot slut when you shoot me full of your
creamy man cum! I want to feel your sticky sperm dripping out of my sore
shit hole all day long! I want to offer you my hot ass to lick up all your
cum, after you fill me femjoy nymphet underage nymphets sex
with that hot little melissa nymphet model cream!" Ryan was already hotter than
hell, and I hadn't even fucked him yet! What a boy! Ryan stood on his
tip-toes to equalize our young girls nymphet models heights a little more, and bring my stiff cock
more in line with his little anus.I took my cock in hand, and brought it to Ryan's tight, slippery hole. "Put
your hands against the wall, Ryan," I said. "You can brace yourself when I
slam cp underage nymphets my dick hard into your ass." Ryan did as he was ordered, and looked so
vulnerable and open to me, with his hot, pink ass jutting out, ready and
willing nymphet poked redhead to be fucked, and his arms up against the tiled wall of the shower,
as though surrendering. Which, of course, was exactly what he was doing -
surrendering his hot boy cherry to me, to do whatever I wanted with!As he stood exposed and open to my attack, I pushed forward with my hips,
and felt the plum-shaped purple head of my cock slip past Ryan's tight anal
sphincter. "Ohh!" Ryan exclaimed."I'll take it slow, Ryan, but you are going to get fucked in your tight
little ass whether you like it or not. I'm too hot for your little boy ass
to even think of stopping," I warned him."No, don't stop," he said. "But please, go slow at first. It feels like I'm
being split already! Your dick feels humongous in my ass," he
continued. "But nymphette free pics nice, too. It makes me feel slutty to think of having a
man's fat cock in xxx euro nymphet
my ass hole. I love it!" I slowly slid forward an inch or
two. free nymphet galleries
"Oww!" Ryan said again."Relax your ass muscles, Ryan, as though you were taking a shit. Loosen
your sphincter muscles and it'll feel a whole lot teenage nymphette sex movies better," I said. I
reached around and stroked his hard, jerking cock to help take his mind off
the discomfort."Aaaah, that feels a lot better," Ryan cooed. "If I loosen my ass and
pretend I'm taking a shit, your cock slips right in." Then naughty nude nymphets he pressed his
butt back against my front, causing my dick to slip in even further, until
my pubic hair was tickling his smooth, hairless butt. "I can feel your
balls back there, Alex. God, you`re so deep inside me already! I feel so
full!" I pressed forward as he pressed backwards, and slid all the way in
until I couldn't get any deeper inside Ryan's small 13 year old boy's
rectum, with my large 27 year old man's dick, my 180 pounds pushing Ryan`s
tiny 85 pound body around easily."Wait, please, let me get used to the feel of being so full. Uhh, okay," he
said, as I began to slide back out, starting the age old dance of 2 men
making love, or just having hot sex. "I can feel a funny tingle in my ass
that goes straight to my dick every time you push in, and pull out," Ryan
said. "Ohh, man, it feels really nice!" I began fucking sweet nymphets angels Ryan's boy ass in
earnest now, concentrating more on my pleasure, knowing that through my
pleasure, Ryan would achieve the maximum of his own ecstasy. nymphette underage nymphet As I stroked
across Ryan's young prostate, I could feel him shudder with pleasure, and
coo his delight. "Umm, spear me with your big dick, Alex," Ryan murmured.After a few minutes of this man-to-man fucking, or more precisely,
man-to-boy fucking, Ryan hung his head back and to the side, his mouth
searching hot nymphets gallery for mine. I leaned forward to bring my lips to Ryan's, and we
commenced a kiss as deep, it seemed, as our fucking. We pressed our hot
lips together, heads jerking slightly as our bodies moved back and forth. I
had both hands on Ryan's boyishly slim hips, as I held him steady to insert
my hard cock deeply, then held him firmly to keep his hot ass from pushing
back when I withdrew almost completely from his lovely bottom.Back and forth, in and out, we continued our deep fuck, and fucked each
other's mouth with our wild tongues. Ryan brought one of his hands down to
his hard penis, and began stroking himself wildly, as his climax rapidly
approached. Pulling himself from my mouth, he exclaimed, "YES! YES! OHHH,
Ryan's cock jerked once, twice, then not nude nymphets sites several more times, each time shooting
a long underage asian nymphets strand of white semen onto the bile yellow tiles of the shower, the
sticky cream adhering, then slowly beginning to drip down the wall.I increased the depth and speed of my long dicking of Ryan, and soon was on
the verge of my own cum. "FUCKIN' A, RYAN! I AM FUCKING YOUR HOT, TIGHT
YOUR CHERRY ASS!! UHH!! UHH!! FUCK!!!" I could feel my own cum boiling up
from my balls, and shooting deep inside Ryan's tight rectum, as I sped up,
then finally slowed the pace of my fucking in and out of the teenage boy's
deliciously tight opening. Ryan stayed with nasty teens nymphets me as I slowed, and once more
leaned back to kiss me as we both relaxed from our awesome climaxes.I ran my hands over Ryan's smooth chest, punctuated by his two pink nubbin
nipples, hard still. "Mmmm," Ryan murmured. Then, as my dick softened and
slipped out of his soapy, tight ass, he sighed, and turned, embracing me
fully and kissing me again. "Thank you, Alex. I think I'm awake now!" We
finished soaping up each other's lower body, taking the opportunity to kiss
each other's dick a few times, then rinsed fully. I had to pay extra
attention to Ryan's sore looking ass hole, to remove as much soap as
possible from his rectum, and of course, a little of my load came out then,
too, to wash down the drain.Finally completing our mutual shower, but both satisfied, Ryan stepped out
first, then I followed. I reached up for a towel for Ryan, and got one for
myself. Ignoring the temptation to dry each other, which I was certain
would lead to more fucking, we wrapped the towels around our waists and
walked out to the bedroom. Ryan bent down to pick up his dirty underpants,
complete with skid marks, which were still laying on the floor from the
previous evening. "Ohh, Ryan!" I said. "I picked you up some clean stuff at
Walmart. I hope it fits."Ryan looked quizzically at the bags laying on the dresser, and I fresh nymphettes pics nodded and
smiled. "Hell, I hope you think it looks okay," I said. He opened the bags
up and pulled out the pack of underpants. I took the dirty underpants out
of his hand, spread them wide them to expose the area where his delicious
bottom had nestled against the cloth for who knows how long, and brought
the light brown nymphet free gallery marks centered in the fabric to my nose, inhaling the
musky, spicy smell of Ryan's ass. My dick hardened as I inhaled his body's
perfume."Ooh, bikinis," he exclaimed. "I've only nymphet banned ever worn those white things. Let
me try them on." He ripped the package open, and pulled out a baby blue
pair, and stepped into them. "Feels okay," nymphets russian sex
he shrugged, then bent over to
pick up one of the other bags. I was SO happy at that moment, that I had
decided to get Ryan those bikini underpants! When he bent over, his butt
mooning me fully, his ass cheeks were magic nymphets pics
perfectly outlined in the smooth
material, and the bikinis rode down just enough that nymphets blue mania
I could see the top of
Ryan's delicious butt crack. I felt my dick leaking pre cum through the
split in my towel. It was even more nymphet model photos exciting when I saw a little wet spot
form through the fabric, right where Ryan's cute anus was. My cum was
leaking out of his tight hole, and would be all day long!"Ooh, these sure feel different than my old underpants," Ryan said. "I can
feel the cloth rubbing against my bottom. It tickles," he giggled. He
turned, and I could see another wet spot where his piss slit pressed
against the sheer fabric, and the tight cloth pressed his cock and balls
together into an attractive package I couldn't help but cup in my hand."Aye, and I like it too," I said, mimicking an old soap commercial. "But we
gotta nymphets sexy
get goin'," I continued. Ryan pulled the jeans and shirts out of the
bag."Hey, cool," he said. "I've heard of the Diamondbacks, they won the World
Series! But who are the Cardinals?""You're kidding, right?" I said. Ryan giggled."Yeah, I was. I'm a wild nymphet rapidshare New York Giants fan," he confessed. He pulled on the
jeans."Well, they look like they're the right length," I said. "But petit nymphet model they're kinda
baggy.""Perfect!" Ryan said. "Baggy pants are cool.""Well, as long as you're happy," I said. I couldn't resist how sweet this
boy was. I hugged him, pressing my towel-wrapped body against his clothed
skin. I felt him hugging me back, too, hard. I got myself dressed, then we
gathered our stuff together. Ryan was thrilled at the nymphets fre galleries
bag I'd gotten him,
and jammed everything in it. We headed over to the restaurant next door to
pick up some coffee and a nice hot, leisurely breakfast, as the in-room
coffee had turned out to be pretty awful.We had a big day of travel, and talk, ahead of us.=================I hope you liked this chapter of "Trucker's Helper." You can find my other
stuff on the Nifty "Prolific Internet Author" page under my name, Jeff
Spencer. If you'd like to comment on this series, or any other, please
contact me at Looking forward to hearing from you!
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