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Subject: Bad Uncles and Dads little doll nymphets - Chapter 4. Trucker Uncle Dave Pt. 3This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents
either are the nymphets peeing
product of the author's imagination or are used
fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,
events, or locations is entirely coincidental. The sexuality of all
characters is entirely a figment of the author's imagination. For those of
you that are NOT of legal age, please find other material to read. If you
are offended by male/male material, or it is illegal to view such materials
in your area, you should be leaving at this time.This story may contain scenes of a graphic nature between father and his
sons, or under age boys and adult males, which may not be legal in your
area. If you are under 18 or material of this nature is illegal in your
present location, please leave now. By continuing to read on, you are
confirming that it is legal for you to view child nymphet bbs the material in this story. In
addition, neither you nor any family xxx nymphs masturbating members are employees of any type nymphet download of
government, law enforcement, or investigative entity. Moreover, you are
either not performing any type of research in preparation for any forms of
legal action, directly or indirectly, affecting the contents of this
site. In addition, you are agreeing that the author, editor, and this site
will not be held responsible for any consequences of you tiny nymphets small
viewing or
downloading the story.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Bad Uncles and Dads Chapter 4Trucker Uncle Dave - Pt 3
I almost ran into him when I went back out through the door,
automatically stepping back and taking in the sight of him from head to toe...
once again in awe of his incredible body.
He looked like an ad aimed at women from that swinger's
magazine I'd seen. Hands over his head, crossed at the wrist, leaning easily
against the eave of the house...his height making it easy. His strong face
framed in that wild shaggy hair and short whiskered beard, and the length
of his body coated in that reddish wool.
At the center of it all with his thighs pressed together, his big
bull balls pushed forward and his mammoth cock stood out in front of him
like some obscene and overly thick flag pole.
"Forgit somethin,' boy?" He asked....still cocky, but seeming as
if he liked my obvious awe over his long heavily muscled body.
"Oh," I turned back and had to use my elbow to flip the light
I turned back and handed him his drink first, which he downed
half of in one long swallow then reached beside him to set it on Dad's barbeque
He motioned for his cigar and lighter, catching me staring once
again at the huge cock jutting out from the dense thicket of damp nude nymphets forums dark-red
crotch hair.
"You want that big ol' bastard back up that tight lil' tail of yours,
don'cha, boy." He leered as he put the lighter flame to the end of the half-
smoked cigar.
I only nodded in response, feeling like I was twelve instead of
seventeen standing next to his greater height and animalistic physique.
He blew out a stream of thick smoke and took a lazy step toward
"You take my cock down your throat and up your tail, and NOW
you get shy on me, son?"
I only gulped as he took another step, making me tilt my head
backward to look up at him.
He spun me around and slammed my hands on each side of the
sliding glass patio door.
Cigar clenched between his teeth, one calloused hand reached
for my shoulder and pressed down while the other latched onto my hip and
pulled me back so I was bending at the waist.
I looked kiddy nymphets
into the glass at the lecherous look on his face, realizing
the porch light made the glass door act like a mirror. Seeing myself in the
control of this big underage studio ls nymphets bull of a man and knowing he was going to do whatever he
wanted to me...made my knees go weak and my hard-on throb with both
fear and anxious anticipation.
"That's why I had you turn the light on, nephew of mine. I want you
t' see what you got yerself into. You're gonna watch yourself take my cock
till you cry for your mama...you're gonna watch daddy fuck daddy's lil' whore,
My lip quivered as I inhaled deeply, pulling my asshole tight just
to feel it press against itself...craving the feel of having his mule-dick pressing
inside instead. God, I wanted to feel him filling me up and stretching me out
He misread my reaction, "Don't worry..."
He grinned, drunkenly, putting the cigar back between his teeth
and grasping my hips to align his baseball bat cock to my hole that'd been
slowly tightening back naked asian nymphets up.
"You'll be alright, boy, Daddy's gonna throw you a ride that'll
make you remember my cock for the rest of your life!"
He nudged his cock against my teen asshole as his grip tightened
on my hips.
"Yeaaaaaaaahhh," he illegal russian nymphet snarled as he pushed forward, but only half
his crude cockhead pressed in.
I gasped and clawed at the door, rising up on my toes as my jaw
dropped in unexpected pain!
"Hell, son, m' juice must'a dried up some on that tight lil' boy-tail!"
He chuckled evilly, "Well, y' know what they hottie nymphet galleries say, 'no pain..."
He thrust forward more brutally, shoving several more inches past
the dry swollen tissue he'd already pounded and punished earlier.
"...no gain!"
"Aw FUCK!" I cried...jerking my head back to look straight
up above me, tears forming in my eyes and streaming down my cheeks.
"Look in the door, boy." Uncle Dave ordered, keeping the
pressure constant as his cock continued to try to push through my dry asshole.
"I said, look in the door Robbie!"
I looked. I looked and saw my own russian child nymphets cp
face...my tears running down
and mixing with the globs of cum he'd spewed all over it less than five minutes
"See that, Robbie?" He asked, putting more pressure against
the resitance of my tortured butthole.
"That right there's daddy's boy. That's daddy's lil' whore gettin'
what he asked for. When a horny teenage boy sets his sights on his grown-up
straight uncle with a wife n' daughter at home, teases n' provokes that man
into baring his cock...that boy gets this right here..." And, he shoved several
more inches of that massive cock inside me.
"Oh god, oh god...please Daddy," I cried. dancing on tiptoes,
trying to ease the soreness throbbing through my ass...not even realizing I'd
just referred to him as 'Daddy.' "I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Pleeeeaaase...."
"Don't look at me, look at yourself, boy." He pulled the six inches
he'd forced up inside me back out, its length gliding this time on the precum
he'd coated my insides with earlier...the smoothness of his natural lubrication
easing the intense discomfort I'd felt through every inch of his brutal entry.
I licked my lips, dry from the desperate heaving breaths coming
from my young tormented body...thanking him and silently asking him to be
more gentle as I looked pleadingly into his eyes through the reflection in the
glass of the door.
"Watch yourself n' see what Daddy sees when he feeds his big
cock back up into his horny pantyhose nonude nymphets lil' boy-whore."
When I finally moved my eyes back to my own face, one of his
big rough nymphetsyoung hands wrapped over my shoulder and held me in place as he thrust
forward and buried his full length back in to the hilt. The first six inches slid
in easily, the last five unwetted inches grabbing at the tender flesh of my ass-
ring and dragging it inward ruthlessly.
"OH GOD !!! JEEEEEEESUS ! NOOOOO!!!" I bawled.
"Open you're eyes, boy. Open your eyes, Robbie!!"
I did as my breath came in hiccups.
"Look at me, son. Look at 'cher big dicked daddy."
I looked up as I felt him slide that long, hugely nymphette pic thick cock smoothly
back out of me. His eyelids dropped halfway as he sucked in his breath.
Then, he groaned as he slid it back in in one easy fluid stroke.
"Tight...soooo fuckin' tight...." He muttered almost as if I ukrainian teen nymphet gallery
"Big," I said quietly, looking into his handsome face, ruddy with
His eyes half opened and glared down at me, "What'd you say,
boy?!" He asked with a snarl in his voice.
"Big," I gasped, as it slowly slid it back out...every furrow of that
heavily ridged gristle rippling across my puffy tenderized hole, making sparks
fire off in my brain as each one pulled through...forcing my ass-ring to expand
and contract repeatedly around the monstorous girth of it.
"So fuckin' BIG!" I groaned, circling my hips against the exit of my
uncle's thick horse-cock.
"Y' like that daddy-cock up that tight teenage boy-butt?" He slid
it back in with a little more speed, making my nude nymphets ped hole vibrate as his grooved shaft
telescoped back into my insides.
"Oh god," I groaned again, dropping my head between my shoulders
with the intense sensations barraging my body and mind.
"No..........no, Uncle Dave...'DADDY!' No....I..." I lifted my
head to look at him through his reflection, "...fuck...I LOVE IT, DADDY, I
FUCKIN'..... It's....it's...."
I shoved back against him, burying that last of his cock up my
chute, grinding back against him, consumed with depraved need and with nymphets bbs board nn
room in my sex-crazed body to feel ashamed or shy any more.
"...it's fuckin' in......CRED......IBLE!" My voice rose in heat and
"Oh yeah, that's daddy's boy," he growled, proud and satisfied
with my giving in to the delirium his incredible cock was generating as he
stroked it deep inside my bowels. "That's daddy's lil' boy-whore hot for his
uncle's fat hog!"
He picked up a rhythm, driving his cock into me and pulling it
back out. A shudder wracked my body each time his massive cock tunneled
inside me, stroking and manhandling the sleeve he'd made of my insides to ac-
comodate that nymphets getting fucked long fat steely shaft he was shoving into me.
He began changing angles...driving in first from the left, and then
from the right...every stroke now rearranging my insides rapturously as I felt
my mind starting to break into pieces.
"OH magazine nymphet sex JESUS.....OH FUCK....OH GOD....DADDYYYYY!!"
I wailed, trying desperately to cling to my sanity as I plummeted toward losing
control completely and screaming at the top of my lungs in ecstasy.
I looked up at him with pleading eyes. Pleading for him to slow
down some and let me regain at least SOME grip on my sanity, sweet nymphet sex or to just fuck
the hell out of me and take me over the edge.
He let go of my hips with one hand and wiped it over his face from
forehead to chin, clearing away the sweat pouring down his strong features.
He looked down at me and then up into the glass door.
"Come 'ere, boy," the arm shot down and a calloused gorilla-sized
hand wrapped around my neck under my jaw. He nymphet adolescent pulled me up and back
against him. All the sweat coating his hairy body and hanging in droplets
through the coarse wiry fur compressed and ran down my skin in salty rivers
when he crushed my back against his heavily muscled chest and stomach. The
sensation of his sweat soaking my back and rolling down my thighs somehow
added to the knowledge that the man shoving his cock up my ass was all man
and all animal, everything I wanted.
He sidestepped us both to the side of the picnic table, creating a
clear view of the two of us.
He stood a full head taller and twice as wide, his tanned hairy
physique framing my pale smooth one. He still had his wide strong hand
encasing my slender neck as tiny shaved nymphet he eased his cock backward.
I stared at our reflection as his body moved behind mine, flexing
at the knees to lower himself to the level of my asshole. When he pressed
back inward, the broad head of his cock hit something in this new position
that caused me to lurch against his grasp and rise up on my toes in shock.
Unbearable pleasure jolted through me with no warning.
"Hmmmmmm, I'd forgotten about that..." Uncle Dave chuckled
with amusement.
"That's your nut, boy. Your prostrate." He informed me. "Women
don't have that, so I'd forgotted all about it."
"Here, son, watch this." He pulled back out and then drove back
in slowly, carefully just until my body spasmed to let him know he was back
at that place again.
"Watch your cock..." He pressed his cock downward and pushed
Immediately, a stream of cum bubbled from the head of my dick and
catching the the light from the porch as it ran down my rigid dick and I thrashed
against him once more.
"AAAAAGHHHH!" I cried with the intensity of the pleasure.
"Fuck, you're hot, boy! Look little nymphette fuck atcha! All slender n' tight, lookin'
like a lil' tennis pro, blond n' smooth..." he went on as if talking to himself
while he stroked only a little of his huge cock in and out of me, "young dick
droolin' all over them hairless lil' balls..."
Then, he looked from my body back up to my face...pulled his
cock almost all the way out...and, slammed it back in, driving me back up
onto my toes, shoving another yell out of my throat as he punched past that
place again and caused more cum to bubble up from the head of my dick.
"And, soooooooo, fuckin' RESPONSIVE !!!"
He arched his back wrapping one arm around my waist and
pulled me off my feet to plant me firmly on his hips.
"Wrap your feet back around my legs, goddamn it!" He demanded!
His hands reached down to grip my hips, and then he illegal nymphet galleries began
fucking his massive cock in and out of me again as he raised and lowered me
to meet his thrusts.
I felt like he short-circuited my brain! My own weight caused
me to slam down on the base of his cock harder than before, feeling like his
impossibly thick cock had just gotten even thicker!
On top of that, every stroke had the head of his cock punching
over that place inside me and had my dick smeared with a steady of cum!
The heavily ridged shaft now rippling against both my asshole AND that
mysterious place he'd found inside me!
I was thrashing and foundering against him as he pounded my
ass like a piledriver...thrusting, punching, and pounding my hole like an angry
"Look in the door, boy! LOOK IN THE FUCKIN' DOOR!!"
He yelled demandingly.
I opened eyes I hadn't even realized I'd shut, and was met with a
sight that turned me russian nymphets forum inside out. I knew how what he was doing to me felt,
but wasn't prepared for the sight of it.
In this nymphet forum nonude position, the light shone underneath my ass...a spotlight
on what was pree teen nymphet happening there...what was happening not seeming physically
I watched as eleven inches plunged in and out of my teenaged
ass!! Not just eleven inches of length, either. nymphet websites I could see that if I held a ruler up
to it, it would measure at least three inches across!!!!!! No wonder my jaw
was sore! No wonder I felt like I had a baseball ball shoved up inside me!
No wonder I little nymphets girls felt filled...stuffed...COMPLETE!
It was too much!
The feel of his hairy wet body sliding against mine, his bearded
chin digging viciously into my shoulder, the steel grip of his hands slamming
my ass on and off his monstorous cock, that furrowed shaft itself savaging
my young brutalized hole....and then the sight of that monster cock spreading
my ass wider than possible as it slammed into me over and over.....
It was just too much!!!!
I clamped my own hands onto his arms to brace myself as elec-
tricity shot off deep within my balls and ass, sizzling up to the head of my dick.
yelled with my eyes glued to the staggering sight of that massive cock assaulting
my battered hole as my own dick began shooting ropes of cum three feet into
the air and back down across my face, chest, stomach, and thighs!!
"Fuck, boy, you're ass is clampin' down on me like..."
He yelled as his knees shook and then buckled. I felt his cock swell even
thicker as the jets of his cum hit the walls of my insides with enough force
for me to feel the impact as he poured his load inside and flooded my belly!
He dropped to the ground, falling forward and on top of me as
he continued pile-driving my violated hole!
He continued punching his cock deep inside me, forcing my own
dick to drool even more cum out onto the grass, even though I felt I couldn't
possibly have even one drop left in me.
Finally he began easing off, now only slowly humping my torn up
ass until he came to a complete stop.
Above me on his hands and nymphet girl bbs
knees, chest heaving, he quietly
said, "Get up."
I laid there not knowing how with him bent over me.
"I said, GET UP!" He demanded.
Fear pushed me to scramble out from underneath him and up
onto wobbly feet, grabbing at the picnic table for support to keep me from
sinking to the ground again.
He rose up one one knee, head still down toward the ground,
sweat dripping from his hair to the grass underneath.
"Get inside, boy. N,' turn off that damned light." He said,
without looking up.
I did as I was told, stepping into the middle of the dining room
where I could see him through the door.
He rose up onto his feet and wiped his hand across his face,
looking down at the ground and shaking his head.
He grasped the door opening as he stumbled inside and past me,
never casting a glance in my direction.
He went into the living room and gathered up his clothes, then
lumbered to the beginning of the hallway.
"Git'cher clothes n' git t' bed." Then, he swayed down the hall
and into my room without another word.
I stood there for nymphets land toplist a minute knowing things had just taken a very
bad turn, and I felt miserable...and scared.
I gathered up my clothes...then, went outside and put the picnic
table back. I also picked up his drink and found his cigar laying in the grass.
When I got to my room, I layed my clothes over the chair for
my desk and then went over to where Uncle Dave layed in my bed.
I knelt down and put his drink and cigar on the bedside table.
"I brought the rest of your drink, Uncle Dave, and I found your
cigar. I put 'em both right here beside you." I said quietly, cautiously.
"Don't be nice, Robbie. Jus' get into bed."
"But, Uncle Dave..."
"Just get into bed."
I went around to the other side and climbed in. Like Uncle adorable nymphet girls
I didn't get under the sheets and layed on my side to look at him.
His head was all the way up against the wall and yet his big feet
still hung off the other end. His dark, furry, naked body standing out against
the white of the sheets. One arm draped over his eyes and the other layed
across his stomach. He should have looked relaxed and sleepy. Instead, he
looked tense and troubled.
I laid there trying to stay awake just to drink in his handsome face
and long sexy body, but the emotional and physical exhaustion of his forceful
taking of me had me drifting off long before I intended.
Later, from somewhere far off, I heard a deep quiet voice say my
name. I was reliving in my sleep what'd happened earlier, and hearing my
name fit it with what was going on in my dream.
"Yes, Uncle Dave...Daddy..." waking up slightly, I was aware of
rubbing my dick into the wiry hair of his thigh,
"...don't stop....feels too good." I mumbled in my half-sleep and
snuggled closer to him.
"Robbie, please." I heard, closer this time.
"Anything, just don't stop," I mumbled, kissing the skin against
my face...feeling the coarse hair tickle my nose.
"Robbie, you have t' stop..."
"No, please," I stretched up and felt my lips touch his as I came
closer to the surface.
My arm was wrapped around his wide chest and one leg was
thrown across his waist. His hard cock was pinned between my thigh and
his stomach as it throbbed against me.
"Oh god..." I heard and felt as the breath passed his lips and over
His lips opened and I slid my tongue inside. He just laid there and
accepted it, but didn't respond.
"Mmmmm," I groaned underage sex bbs nymphet at the taste of the liquor and tobacco on
his tongue...so, rich...so, masculine. The feel of his hairy mouth against my
upper lip and chin increasing the intensity.
Then, his tongue swiped lightly against mine.
"Robbie..." he said, into my mouth sweet hot little nymphets as my eyes drifted half open
and I realized I was no longer dreaming.
He rolled onto his side and slid a hand behind the back of my
neck, tilting my head to the side as his tongue swept through the inside of my
"Don't do this to me," he whispered as I lapped my tongue across
and around his. I slid my hand across his chest, curling my fingers in the hair
springing thickly across the wide expanse of it....realizing this was the first time
I'd actually gotten to touch anything but his cock.
I slid my leg down his cock, past his balls, and wrapped it
around the thigh already against me. The hand on his chest explored down-
ward, sliding through the fur on his taut belly, and into the thick froth of hair
surrounding that huge cock and heavy balls.
His mouth stretched open as he gasped without breaking the kids porn nymphets kiss...
my fingers stroking lightly down the eleven inches of solid cock rooted between
his muscled thighs.
"Robbie, I can only take so much..." he rasped.
I wrapped my hand nymphet nymphets ukrainian
around as much of his shaft as I could and
squeezed as I slid it up and down his length as far as the looseness of his skin
would allow.
"Aw fuck..." He pulled away and rolled me on my stomach. He
rose up onto his knees and those rough calloused hands spread my thighs
much more gently than earlier in the evening.
He moved between them and spit into his hand, next applying it
to my still swollen ass. He spit in his hand repeatedly, slicking up my hole
and his cock.
I felt him place it against my ass-ring as his hands slid up my hips
to my shoulders.
"Are you sure this is what young nymphets share
you want?" He asked quietly...still
slurring his words and feeling the number of drinks he'd had over the night.
I twisted my head over my shoulder to look back at him as I
arched my back and forced the head of his cock painfully inside.
"Ahhhhhh!!!" I cried quietly before I could stop myself.
But, without breaking our gaze, I added, "More than anything."
"God...." His hand went to the back of my head and stroked
my hair affectionately as he began easing that huge cock back up inside my
I pressed my head into the nymphet blue teen pillow, biting down on it and clenching
it in my fists as he spread my ass back open with the girth of that mighty
monster between his hairy legs.
"Should I stop?" He asked.
"Oh please, no." I looked over my shoulder and straight into his
eyes. "...Daddy."
"Oh, fuck, Robbie..." His eyes drifted half closed in pleasure as
he resumed stuffing all eleven inches of that battering ram inside my already
tenderized hole.
"Oh god! Oh god!" I groaned when he bottomed out, rising up
on my arms, my legs stretched out rigidly with feeling as if a telephone pole
was pushed up inside me!
"Are you okay, lil' man?" He asked, the concern in his nymphets bbs forum voice
pouring over me in a warm wave.
"I'm fine. I'm fine. I just... It's just hard t' believe you're that far
inside me!"
"I know," he dropped his forehead onto my back, "women can't
take it all. Not from the front anyway. N,' not many'll take it from the back
either...your aunt included. So, bein' all the way up inside you...well, it's pretty
incredible t' me, too, son."
He dropped nymphette pedo his full weight onto my back and wrapped his arms
around my chest. Pulling his cock out with his hips and then sliding it back
in, he nuzzled my ear.
I melted. This brute of a man that had so savagely raped and
battered my ass earlier was now being so gentle, sweet, and loving. It made
my head spin. I didn't know which side I actually liked better, but I did know
the combination was mind blowing!
He picked up the pace, turning my head back to lock his mouth
onto mine. Kissing me deeply, his cock began to piston in and out of my ass.
The load he'd spewed inside me earlier coated his cock and
soothed my raw tissues as the power of his strokes became more insistent.
He pulled back, holding me on the end of his enlarged meat, and
flipped me over onto my back without coming out.
He hooked his arms under my knees and bent me double as he
flattened clip video little nymphet
his hairy chest and belly against me...diving down to take control
of petites nymphettes extreme
my mouth again...and drilling that huge cock deep inside my belly!
I cried out into his mouth as he bottomed out, stuffed in to the hilt,
my eyes crossing with the impact of each stroke.
I didn't usually precum much until just before cumming. Sand-
wiched between his furry stomach and my own, though, a steady stream
pumped out of my dick as he sunk his trucker-meat into me over and over.
The feel of the head of my cock moving back and forth inside all that coarse
hair was making my body shudder as much as from the deep free ukrainian nymphets thumbnails drilling Uncle
Dave was throwing into me.
He continued kissing and shoving me full of cock till he picked up
speed, grunting into my mouth as he began pounding my ass again with that
animal strength he'd punished my ass with earlier.
He broke the kiss, finally, and raised up on his arms...continuing
to slam that huge cock into the tunnel of my ass.
He hung there over me, his eyes brasilian nymphets seeming to search mine, sweat
dripping from his hair, nose, chin, and chest...the smell of him filling the room
with that scent that was half man, half wild animal. Mixed with that scent was
the smell of cum, cock, and balls...but I wanted to smell him, just him.
Before I had a chance to consider what I was doing, I buried my
face in his hairy sweat-soaked arm pit. I inhaled deeply of what I'd come to
know as "his smell"...dust, cedar, leather, and musk. I wanted more somehow,
and opened my mouth to lick and suck at the sensitive flesh.
This brought a roar rumbling up from deep within his chest, as
he pulled back and flipped me back over onto my stomach. "GODDDDD-
He fell on top of me and rolled onto his back, taking me with him
till I was laying with my back against his chest. He pulled his knees up with
my legs falling to the side...ass spread wide and nymphets porn nude young
tight as he resumed hurling
that massive slab of beef in and out of my over-stretched hole.
Now, though, it was hitting that spot he'd discovered again!
I began flailing on top of him, going out of my mind as electricity
shot through me twice on every stroke. The first when his murderous cock
punched past my prostrate and the second when he jarred my spine slamming
into me with the full force of his powerful body.
I'd already been on the edge, and this thew me over!
FUCKERRRRRR!!!! FUCK !! FUCK!! FUCK!!!" My cock began spew-
ing cum everywhere as by body thrashed with the impact of my orgasm.
Almost at the same time, I heard Uncle Dave roar in my ear again
and begin half growling and half yelling as he grabbed my hips and rammed
into my ass so hard my teeth were slamming together.
It seemed free nymphet bbs
like forever that both of us laid there thrashing and
yelling though the raging impact of our mutual release.
As both our orgasms began to ease off, he took to slamming me
down on his cock with a loud grunt and a longer pause between each crashing
When he finally came to a complete stop and layed beneath me
with his chest heaving in labored breaths, he rolled us both to the side and
grabbed the t-shirt he'd worn when he arrived from off the floor. Dropping
back into our previous position, he flopped the shirt onto my chest.
"Here," he said in between gasps for air, "use this...........t' clean
After I'd wiped magical cgiworld nymphet down my crotch, stomach, chest, and face I
asked him if he needed it.
"Um, yeah," he answered, still trying to catch nymphet europe jpg his breath.
When I twisted to look down at him and put the shirt in his hand,
I saw that he was looking at me through one eye. The other was squeezed
tight and my cum was splashed from his beard up to his hairline on that side
of his face.
He wiped his face and hair clean, and then tossed the t-shirt back
on the floor.
He looked at me a while, then growled and rolled us both over
onto our sides...long thick cock still buried up inside my battered hole.
He snaked one arm underneath and around my chest, while
wrapping the other over and around my chest as well.
He pulled me tightly against him and pressed his hips forward to
firmly lodge his softening cock firmly inside me.
"Now, boy, will you please fuckin' go t' sleep?" He growled
against the top of my head.(To be continued)
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