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From: Randy
Subject: trucker sam and slugger eric, chapter 1"Trucker Sam and Slugger Eric", Chapter 1
Copyright 2004 by Randy Parrish and "Mr. Jackinsox" (anonymous pen name).
All Rights reserved.=====================================================Disclaimer: These stories are a work of fiction and
contain descriptions of homosexual sex. Any
resemblance to real people or events is coincidental.
If this type of material offends you, or if the law
forbids you from accessing this material, please exit
the story now.Email comments may be emailed to: Flames will be deleted without
comment.Thanks to WhiteTgr for his editing assistance.Please feel free to join our yahoogroup at: We'd like to dedicate this story to any
and all survivors of childhood abuse due to their
sexuality and to those who have had a consensual
relationship with a relative. Our hope for the reader
is not only that they enjoy the story but also get
them to think of relationships of this type in a
different and perhaps more favorable light and that it
may bring the reader some peace or healing in their
lives.=====================================================His mind filled with thoughts of curiosity, Eric
stepped outside onto the patio behind his
grandparent's house. He had been talking with various
folks in the house for the past half hour, ignoring
the bustle of the 50th anniversary party for his
grandparents when his Uncle Sam had suddenly asked him
to step outside to catch some air and quietness."Mmmm, nice night out," mentioned Sam, stretching in
the cool air of the night. Watching the blonde-haired
and blue-eyed Eric in the dim light as he relaxed, he
marveled at the strapping man his 20-year-old nephew
had become."Yeah, it is. No snow yet, I guess we should feel
fortunate," replied Eric. Copying Sam's actions, he
stretched his 6'1", 170 pound muscled frame as far as
he could go, luxuriating in the pleasure of feeling
his muscles loosen up.Licking his lips unconsciously while watching Eric,
Sam answered back, "Yeah, we are. I wonder how long
that will last, though. Usually we got something on
the ground by now.""Yeah, we do. I'm not going to complain, though. When
you play college ball in Texas, you get used to the
heat in a hurry. This acrobatic nymphets ru is quite different from normal
for me. I like it.""I still can't get over how long it's been since we've
seen each other. It's been a long time and you've
certainly grown," Sam said. Walking over to near the
fenced-in pool, he looked up and watched the stars
twinkle for a moment. As he turned back, he saw Eric
sizing him up."You wanted to talk to me out here. I don't think
we've talked tonight, so now is a good as any to catch
up. So what's happening with you?" asked Eric, looking
at the 5'9, 180-pound black haired man.Looking back at Eric with hazel-colored eyes Sam
answered, "It's been a long time since I've seen you
or even talked to you.""Something like 10 years, I think.""Yeah, must've been at least," Sam acknowledged,
looking Eric up and down closely.Blushing, Eric said, "It's nice to see you again,
Uncle Sam." Giving Sam a cool look, he slowly edged
away."Yea, it's nice to see you too, man. Jus' working on
the road mostly. Last I saw you, you was playing
little league ball."Sticking out his tongue at Sam, Eric replied, "I still
am. Working on the road? You're a truck driver?"Grinning, Sam teased, "Nice tongue there, kiddo," and
winked. While Eric blushed, he continued, "Yeah, I
drive trucks.""That must be your rig out front, then. It must be
rough traveling so much. I know I get sick of it
traveling with the team so much," Eric responded."Yeah, it can be rough. It does have its benefits
though," Sam answered back. "What position are you
playing for your team?"Stretching again he replied, "Third base. I think I
did pretty nice this year."Sam licked his lips, watching Eric stretch and asked,
"What did you do this year?"Shrugging, he stated, "Lead the league in homeruns and
RBI's.""Oh, cool! I'm not surprised, you're looking good. All
that hard work is paying off.""It's fun. I'm always getting chased by girls," Eric
replied with an unconscious grimace, still stretching
and working his muscles.Watching Eric stretching, his cock stirring a bit, Sam
softly said, "Oh, heh, that must be ruff, getting
chased by girls.""Sometimes it is, particularly when you don't want...
err... when you're tired and trying to cum nymphet keep your
grades up," nymphets small pussy Eric answered.After seeing the knowing look Sam gave him, Eric
asked, "Why the look? And can we please look at your
rig? I've never seen the inside of one before.""You slipped up, kiddo. I saw the choker and I
understand the meaning. It's okay, toplist usa nymphet
really."Eric froze in place nearly nude nymphets for a moment and started to back
away a bit, looking uncomfortable."What's wrong, Eric? I didn't mean to make you
uncomfy. Come on, we'll go look at the rig," Sam said
in a reassuring tone."I'm not sure how you feel about gay guys. When my
parents saw my colors, they threw a fit about it,"
Eric spoke resentfully.With Eric following, Sam smiled and went to the truck
saying, "Let me put it this way, I'm bi, so you're all
set with me."Smiling, Eric answered, "Cool. How did you find out
about the meaning?"Walking up to the shiny black Pete, Sam opened the
door. Eric climbed in and looked around curiously,
taking in the various gauges, peering into the sleeper
portion and whistled."Boy, that's a nice setup you have here. You sure have
a lot of things."Sam grinned and quietly said, "You're kidding, right?
Hey, I like dick, so I've seen the colors flown."Grinning, Eric started to relax as Sam continued,
"Yea, it's sorta home away from home."Climbing up into the rig and over Eric, Sam went into
the sleeper area and sat on the bunk. Eric followed
him with his eyes, watching, adjusting his pants
without thinking."Plenty of room as you can see," Sam mentioned. "Come
on back and check it out if you want."Grinning, Eric moved back and hopped onto the bed.
"Boy, this is comfy. Then again, it would have to be.
Bet you get guys in here all the time."Standing up, pointing to the left side towards the
head of the bunk, Sam explained, "There's the closet
and places to keep other clothes on top and under it."
Laughing, he continued, "Not as much as I'd like!"Looking in, Eric replied with a blush and shaky laugh,
"Not much room. Then again, my teammate Mark and I
don't get much room on our trips either."Sam smiled and explained some more, "On the other side
I got the TV, microwave and foodstuffs. Under the bunk
I got my fridge and coolers and I got a Coleman stove
out in one of the side boxes.""Whoa!" Eric exclaimed. "Never knew you could get so
much stuff in here. How often are you on the road?"Laughing lightly, Sam answered, "Well, you learn to
pack it in when you're running the roads. Not much
room on your trips either, huh?""Not really. Sometimes my roomie and I wind up sharing
a bed," Eric replied, adjust his pants again without
noticing.Sam watched Eric for a moment, then sat down next to
him and listening as Eric frowned a little and
continued, "Which is great! Unfortunately he's
straight."Sam murmured, "Aww, I'm sorry, babe."Eric sighed, "No else on the team seems to be gay,
which sucks."Adjusting his shorts, trying to hide his growing free asian nymphets cock,
Sam replied, "That's ruff."Catching the movement, Eric looked at Sam's crotch and
grinned, "Nice boner!" When he realized what he had
just said, he blushed, "Errr... Oh, what the hell. At
least I have an apartment off campus."Laughing, Sam looked at Eric's crotch and mentioned,
"Yea, you look like your sportin' a nice one too. Oh,
that's cool on the apartment."Frowning, Eric replied, "At least I don't have
roomies. I can't exactly have someone stay nymphet girl photos all the
time in a one-bedroom apartment. People would get
suspicious and I'm not out yet."Placing his hand on Eric's hot tiny nymphets thigh Sam said, "I
understand, I ain't out either. Hell, your dad would
pitch a fit like he did with you. And grandpa... I'm
afraid he'd drop dead from a heart attack. He'd be
really disappointed, I know fer sure."Licking his lips, Eric replied in a soft tone, "I
know. My dad isn't exactly happy I'm gay. He just
found out three weeks ago when he caught me with a
friend. He threw a bitch fit.""Ohhhh, he musta been shocked!""He was -- he swung at me. I blocked him and sat him
down on his ass. He's not talked to me since.""Well, give him time, he'll come around. I mean,
you're his kid. Yikes, that sucks," Sam replied,
rubbing Eric's thigh.Hugging Sam, Eric said, "It's hard. My mom talks to me
some, but it's not the same as before, not that there
was much to begin with. Danny, my younger brother,
who's 15... won't even get near me. Fucking sucks. But
enough about me. What about you?"Hugging back, Sam said back, "Ain't much to tell...
single, on the road most of the time."Eric grinned and said, "You take whatever you can
get."Sam smiled back, "Thanks for the hug. Yea, I kinda
find a guy here and there to enjoy when I find the
time between loads."Thinking aloud and shaking his head a little bit, Eric
replied, "Must be hard not having a boyfriend or
someone regular. It's been... what, 3 months since I've
had sex?"Sam sadly said, "Yea, it's hard sometimes, but you get
used to it, I reckon. Wow, that's a while."Eric looked at Sam, "I'm not sure I could. I have to
be careful. That friend of mine and I were kissing, we
had just started and Dad came in without warning." He
rolled his eyes and then looked at Sam asking, "Do
you, um.... wanna do something?"Looking back, Sam replied, "Um... well if you... err...
sure."Looking scared and confused, Eric asked, "What's
wrong, Sam? Did I say something wrong?""Well, I'm like twice as old, and your uncle... you
wouldn't mind foolin' around with an old geezer like
me?"Answering, "Age doesn't matter to me." Looking down,
Eric continued as Sam smiled, "Uh... I blew one of my
college professors back in February. He was older than
you were. He was a nice guy, but a little rough about
it, so I didn't keep that up with him. Age honestly
doesn't matter to me."Fondling Eric's bulge and hearing him moan a little,
Sam asked, "Cool, so did he return the favor?""No, he kinda ignored me after that. Don't understand
why either. At least he gave me a good grade in
class."Sam said in an irritated tone, "Oh dang, he needs to
be taught a lesson. Ain't no way I'd ever ignore
this," he said, squeezing Eric's bulge.Eric responded by squeezing back gently and moaned,
"It's been some time since I've touched someone's
crotch. Man... I can't wait to do something."Sam got up and discreetly locked the doors and closed
the curtains in the sleeper entryway for some privacy
while turning back to Eric. He smiled and shed his
shoes, sitting next to Eric and watching top hardcore nymphet as Eric
slowly unbuttoned his shirt. When Sam started to take
his shirt off, Eric bent forward slightly and pressed
his lips against Sam's, delighting in the sensation as
Sam leaned into the kiss and held Eric tiny small nymphets close. Breaking
off the kiss, Eric slid his shirt off, revealing his
tanned smooth chest. As Sam finished taking off his
shirt, Eric stared in open fascination at the matting
of hair that Sam sported and ran his fingers through
Sam's hair, grinning in delight at the feeling of hair
on his uncle's chest.As Sam smiled, Eric said, "It must be nice to have
that much hair." Smiling back, he continued, "The guys
on 12 16 little nymphets
the team have some, but not as much as you. It's a
real treat."Sam groaned, "Oh, your hands are like electric shocks.
I love that."Eric slowly rubbed his hands up and down Sam's chest,
briefly resting on his nipples and rubbing them with
the palms of his hands. Sam moaned as Eric leaned
closer and nibbled on the trucker's neck, his hands
moving lower, stroking Sam's skin. After kicking off
his shoes, Eric slid a little closer while Sam allowed
Eric to do whatever he wanted. Eric's hands slowly
moved downwards, stroking warm fur-covered skin,
delighting in the sensation. Sam reached over and
began to rub Eric's chest and Eric hummed softly,
enjoying the feel of Sam's hands."Oh, smooth skin always drives me crazy," Sam moaned
as his nephew's hands unfastened Sam's pants and his
tongue found Sam's ear, tracing along the ridges with
the tip of his tongue.Grinning Eric replied, "I'm glad you like it," as he
slipped his hand into Sam's underwear. Sam responded
by arching his back and moaning at Eric's gentle
touch. Sam started breathing faster and quickly slid
his hands down Eric's hard stomach to his pants and
opened them. At the same time, Sam lifted his hips as
he felt Eric's touch.Eric moved half on top of Sam, kissing him deeply,
moaning and sliding his tongue into his uncle's mouth
with Sam leaning into the kiss, his tongue dancing
with Eric's, with both stroking each other off in pure
desire. Eric shivered with emotion and started to hump
Sam's hand as Sam dropped his hand lower and fondled
Eric's balls. Sam came to a decision and pushed Eric
gently back into the bunk and tugging his pants down.
Eric looked at Sam in trust, lifting his hips to allow
free passage, running his hands over Sam's hot body,
pulling him down slightly."Oh, Eric, you're so awesome!" Sam said as he pulled
Eric's pants off and leaned down, lapping his tongue
along Eric's thighs, leaving hot tongue trails up
towards his nephew's crotch. Eric moaned, his cock
throbbing, stroking Sam's back. Sam stood up again,
slipping his boxer shorts off, standing in front of
Eric totally nude.Eric grinned, licking his lips, "You look so hot!"Sam responded by crawling up over Eric and hotly
kissing him, his tongue moistening Eric's lips. Eric
moved into the kiss, sucking Sam's tongue into his
mouth, sliding up and down with passion, rubbing Sam's
back, grinding into Sam's crotch and nuzzling his
neck, sucking on the soft skin. Sam moaned into Eric's
mouth as tongues battled for a brief instant and then
Sam moved down to nibble on Eric's neck and earlobe,
Sam's tongue and teeth working all over Eric's neck
and chin, rubbing his cock into Eric's.Eric shivered, his head falling back onto the pillow,
lightly rubbing circles into Sam's back, feeling his
heat. Sam made his way lower, starting with Eric's
chest, moving outwards, kissing and licking every inch
of his hot smooth skin, lifting one arm and then
burying his face in Eric's pit, inhaling, kissing and
licking it. Eric gasped in pleasure as Sam tongued his
way nymphets samples over to Eric's other pit and repeated the motion,
moaning while he did this."Sam, that feels so good," Eric moaned, stroking Sam's
head, neck and shoulders, leaking copious amounts of
precum. Sam softly moaned as he worked lower to one of
Eric's nipples, his tongue circling round and round
it, wetting it, then using his teeth to gently pull on
it, one hand playing with the other nipple, while
holding himself up with his other hand. Eric responded
by rubbing Sam's shoulders frantically, grinding
faster into him, beginning to thrash with passion.Sam spoke to Eric as Eric gazed back, "ohhh, you're so
hot baby, mmm..." and moved to the other nipple, doing
the exact same thing. Eric shuddered under Sam's
touch, his expression glazed, playing with Sam's ears,
neck and throat, stroking his skin. Sam's passion
overriding his desire to tease, he slid down and
licked up the puddle of precum on Eric's stomach,
saving some and moving up to kiss him hard, pushing
his tongue into Eric's mouth, sharing the salty
precum, rubbing his cock against Eric's as they
kissed. Eric tongue-fought with Sam, enjoying the
taste, his hands moving to Sam's ass and kneading his
cheeks, pulling him tighter into him, grinding at
different angles, rubbing cocks together.Sam moaned and ground hard into Eric, sending little
electric currents throughout his body, breaking the
kiss to say, "Eric, you taste so yummy!" Moving down
quickly, he sucked the head of Eric's cock into his
mouth, moaning, tongue dancing around the head
repeatedly, playing with the piss slit, hands playing
with Eric's balls and nipples. He looked up to gauge
Eric's expression and found Eric staring at him,
looking nervous."Are you a top or a bottom, Sam?"Sam stopped working on Eric's cock long enough to say,
"I love bottoming. I hope you'll love fucking me with
this tool of yours."Shivering and looking flustered, Eric lil angel nymphet gallery
said in a shaky
voice, "Okay."Sam kept an eye on Eric as he went back to work on his
cock, sucking more and more of his hot prick into his
mouth, tongue lapping all over it. Eric moaned loudly
and began to tense, his balls shrinking and cock
swelling."Uh, Sam," Eric said, breathing heavily, "I'm not too
far off."Sam slowed, knowing Eric was at the edge and stopped,
holding his cock in his mouth softly. Eric thrust
gently saying, "It's been a long time."Sam pulled off Eric's cock and asked, "Do you wanna
cum in my mouth first babe?""Think it'll help? Um..." Looking flustered, breathing
fast, Eric continued, "I've never had anal before,
Sam."Sam grinned and said, "Oh, then it'll be my pleasure
to let you sink your cock into my ass, babe. I like
your size... I'd say... 7 inches or so?"Yeah."Sam replied with a smile, "Oh, don't worry, Eric.
You'll fit just fine!"Blushing, Eric said, "Just never really had the chance
or wanted to before.""So? It's okay. Relax, babe." With that, Sam licked
and sucked on Eric's balls, slowly stroking the wet
cock above him. Eric shuddered in pleasure as Sam
asked, "I bet you can cum and stay hard for another
one, aye?""Yes. I've jacked off and cum 3 times in 45 minutes
without going too soft," Eric answered, blushing."Well then... let's have some fun," Sam exclaimed, then
wrapped his lips around Eric's cock, and slid up and
down, his tongue lapping everywhere, tasting Eric's
sweet and salty precum. Eric stroked Sam's hair,
moaning, beginning to tense up again, thrusting
uncontrollably into Sam's mouth. Sam worked Eric
faster, his tongue dancing on the sensitive underside
of Eric's head and shaft, his lips clamped tighter
around Eric's throbbing tool, deep throating him, his
nose hitting pubes on each down stroke.Eric moaned, fighting not to shout and then groaned,
letting loose a load of thick white-hot cum, shooting
strongly into Sam's mouth, sending spurt after spurt
blasting in. Sam lifted most of the way off so he
could feel it shoot into his mouth, his tongue working
the underside of Eric's head. He held and massaged
Eric's balls, pinched his nipples with the other hand
and tasted the hot boyjuice as Eric poured it into
him, filling him up. loltas nymphets pictures Eric shuddered, his hands
pounding the bunk in orgasmic pleasure. Sam managed to
keep most of it in, with some dripping out of his
mouth onto Eric's stomach.Sam thought to himself, `Man, if this guy is having an
orgasm like this, I can't wait to feel him fuck me.'Eric relaxed, his muscles unwinding a bit, thinking,
`Oh man, Sam is so good at this... and he wants me to
fuck him. slutty nymphet I hope I don't screw this up and hurt him
somehow.'Sam lifted off Eric's cock and held it in his hand as
he licked up the little bit of cum that had leaked out
then moved up and kissed Eric, sharing what he had
gathered. "Oh, that was nice, Eric!"Eric looked back, grinning, "That it was." He then
kissed Sam, reaching down to stroke him and asking,
"Think you can stay hard?"Moaning, Sam said, "It's you I hope that stays hard.
I'm achin' to be fucked." Looking at his nephew, he
smiled and winked.Looking nervous, Eric replied, "Um... I don't have any
condoms with me. I didn't really expect to be doing
this, heh."Smiling, Sam answered, `I don't mind if you don't.""Are you... uh... clean? I mean HIV negative, sexual
diseases and the like.""Yes, and I test regularly.""I got my last test back a week ago, it was clean,"
Eric replied, looking a little eager."Want to see the last one from two weeks ago? It says
I'm clean.""I trust you; I honestly do not think you would lie to
me."Sam smiled and rolled off Eric, getting some lube out
of an overhead drawer and handing it to Eric saying,
"No, I wouldn't lie about something as serious as
that. Hell, I want you around for a long time... maybe
we can do this again," and winked at Eric.Blushing, Eric replied, "I'd like that."Sam laid there and stroked Eric, watching him, looking
into his eyes and smiling as Eric spread some lube on
his fingers. Seeing that, Sam drew his knees up to his
chest. Eric hesitated, unsure of what to do next, and
decided to squirt some lube into Sam's crack. He
started to rub the lube around the hole and slowly
inserted a finger in, watching as Sam moaned at the
feeling of cold lube and warm fingers."I've fingered guys before, just not with lube. Sorry
about the cold lube, I'm not quite sure how to use it
all that much," Eric said."Oh, no, it's good, keep it up," Sam moaned, relaxing
and enjoying the familiar sensations that were
occurring.Eric slowly worked his finger into Sam, stroking his
muscles, soothing, beginning to slide in and out,
relaxing Sam's muscles. He thought to himself, `This
is just like with Pedro -- only I'm using lube. I like
this.'Sam held his legs, and let his head fall back,
relaxing under Eric's touch, shivering as Eric added
another finger, focusing on Sam's feel, slowly
stretching his muscles and finding his prostate -- and
nudging it, finger-fucking Sam slowly. Sam looked up
with eyes half open, watching, sighing happily.Moaning, "Mmm, yes, Eric, ohgawd, yes..." Sam started to
hump back on Eric's fingers, wanting more. Eric felt
that, looked up and tenderly added a third finger,
easing Sam's muscles open more, finger-fucking Sam
faster, sliding in deeper."Oh, man, I'm ready... mmm, that's good," Sam groaned,
his breath coming faster.Sliding on top of Sam and trembling, Eric spread Sam's
cheeks and maneuvered his head against Sam's hole,
looking into Sam's eyes nervously as he pressed
slightly against Sam's glory hole.Leaning down, Eric whispered, "Ready, Sam? Please tell
me if I hurt you."Sam smiled, reached around nymphet sex photos and held Eric's butt, "Oh,
yes, I'm ready. Don't worry about hurting me. Just
enjoy yourself."Eric took a deep breath, focusing on his feelings as
he slowly slid his turgid head into Sam, groaning at
the intense pleasure he started to feel. Sam looked up
at Eric and moaned, feeling Eric part his muscles.
Eric stopped, slid in a bit more, stopped, looking at
Sam anxiously."Oh, yes, Eric, it's good, push it in all the way,
babe."Taking a deep breath, Eric pushed his cock in all the
way, feeling anal muscles contract around his
throbbing cock, groaning in pleasure, watching Sam
shudder in passion, moaning.Sam moaned, "Oh yeah, Eric, fuck me, yeah, please..."Eric slowly pulled back to just his head staying in
and thrust back in, slowly nudes nymphets underages picking up speed, settling
down into a steadily-increasing rhythm. Reaching for
Sam's hands, he entwined his fingers with Sam's,
thrusting faster and deeper, lost in passion,
experiencing deeper sexual emotion than he ever felt
before in his young life. He dove in deep as he could,
squeezing Sam's hands tightly, urgency in his quick
moving motions. Sam matched his thrusts, nymphet tube
rolling his
hips slightly, wrapping his legs around Eric's back,
hearing nubile nymphets bbs
Eric's balls slapping his ass, groaning and
shuddering in pleasure."Oh.. Eric... so.. mmm.. good... more..."Whimpering, Eric replied, "Can't... hold... much
longer..."Sam tensed and moaned loudly as his cock twitched and
started to shoot all over his belly while his ass
muscles clamped down on Eric's cock causing Sam to
moan out as he orgasmed, "Oh, fuck, yes! AHHHH!"Eric gasped in shock as his cock exploded, sending
fire bolt after fire bolt into Sam's hot ass, filling
him with his fire, pounding quickly, unable to control
himself, squeezing Sam's hands tight.Sam moaned, "Sooooo good!" Oh, yes, fill me up... mmm...
fuck me hard!!!!"Eric held Sam close as asian angel nymphets
he kissed his sweaty face, then
picked up the pace again, driving furiously into Sam,
wanting more of these glorious moments, wanting to
pleasure Sam the best he could with his lack of
experience, lost in passion, blowing a final shot into
Sam, then gradually slowed down his frantic thrusting,
kissing Sam's neck.Sam moaned saying, "Oh, Eric... I can feel it so hot in
there. I love this."Eric, by the way of an answer, kissed him deeply, then
nibbled on Sam's neck, enjoying the afterglow from the
mind-blowing orgasm he'd just experienced with his
first anal experience. Laying on Sam, he kissed him
tenderly, looking into his eyes with emotion."Thank you, Sam. I never knew sex could be this...
awesome!"Sam smiled and kissed Eric back, holding him close,
his hands sliding up and down Eric's sweaty back and
sides."No, thank you, man. I hadn't `spected to have such a
good time tonight.""Neither did I. It's was a new experience and I loved
it.""It's great with me. I loved it too."After kissing Sam, Eric said, "Thank you, Uncle Sam.
At least someone in this family understands what it's
like to be gay."Grinning, Sam held nymphet model links Eric tight and said, "Oh, you're
welcome.""Guess we'd better find our clothes and go back in
before they get suspicious.""Yea, you're safe with me nephew. I'm not a judge you
know. Aw do we gotta?" asked Sam, giving Eric a tight
hug.Hugging Sam back tight, Eric relaxed in Sam's arms,
snuggling into Sam's chest."I never expected fucking someone to feel this
awesome, Sam.""Oh man, you hit all the right spots, you're so good
at it. How long are you home for?""Two more weeks. Then I have to go back to school."
replied Eric."Where was school again?" Asked Sam."University of Texas. I have classes and spring
training beginning January 12, so I have to be back by
then," 16 yo nymphet sex replied Eric.Sam kissed Eric's cheek, snuggling into him as Eric
returned the kiss."I can't believe how this was," Eric shook his head."Well, what have ya got planned in the next couple of
weeks?" Asked Sam.Giving Sam a disbelieving look, Eric replied, "Nothing
much, just helping dad with some house repairs." His
look changed to a disgusted look as he continued, "You
know how he is so cheap about things. He really needs
a professional to fix that roof."Sam laughed agreeing, "Yea, I know.""It's annoying. I'm thankful my baseball scholarship
pays for everything but the apartment and I can do the
odd young nymphet galleries job to supplement my savings. I'm thankful Dad is
paying for the apartment," Eric said."Yea, that's a help.""Sure is," Eric replied laying his head on Sam's
chest. "I should have stayed with Illinois or some
other Big 10 School and not chosen Texas. I only have
one friend down there, Mark. He's a teammate, but he
doesn't know I'm gay. He's becoming increasingly
annoying too, following the rest of the team with the
fag stuff.""You could always switch at the end of a semester,"
Sam softly said."I'd have to check eligibility rules and there's no
guarantee I'd get a scholarship at a different
school," Eric answered. He continued with an eager
expression, "Hey, if you ever come down my way, maybe
you can stay with me."Sam thought that over for a moment and stated, russian petite nymphet "I was
thinking maybe after you got done helpin' your dad,
you might like to go on a road trip with me. I could
probably arrange bein' in Texas when you need to be
back in school. That would give us time to get to know
each other again. I've already missed 10 years of your
life; I'd like to get to know you again."Smiling, Eric answered, "I'd love that. There's
nothing to keep me here the next two weeks.""I mean, if it's okay with your parents."Giving Sam a cool look, Eric said, "They ain't
stopping me. Dad will be just as glad to get me out of
his sight, and Mom and I barely talk. As for Danny,
he's scared to death of me. Might as well leave."Laughing, Sam said, "Hey, I don't wanna piss them off.
We're still family, all of us."Answering in a slightly miffed tone, "Let me worry
about them. He hasn't talked to me very much at all. I
doubt he will."Rubbing Eric's back, Sam soothingly replied, "Aww,
Eric. It's gonna be rough for a while, but he'll come
around. Just give him time.""You know him. It had better be soon. I'm about ready
to pack my bags and just... leave. Permanently."Giving Eric a surprised look, Sam asked, "You want I
talk with him?""Won't that give you away?""Nah, I can maneuver pretty good," Sam smiled.Nodding and hugging Sam tight, Eric said back, "I
trust you, and I love you, Uncle Sam."Smiling, Sam answered, "I love you too, buddy. 'Sides,
I knew he was upset with sumthin' tonight. I'll get
him to talk to me. I'm glad we got together after so
long.""Okay. Yeah, me too. Wish I had known about you
before."Groaning, Sam said, "Yeah, I `spose."Sliding out of Sam, watching him moan in pleasure,
Eric slid down, took Sam's cock in his mouth, and
sucked for a few moments."Mmm... yummy.""Ohhhh... you sneak!" Sam said, winking as Eric giggled.Sliding his shirt and pants back on, Eric answered
with slim nymphets a downcast look, "Of course! I had to be."Moving forward and opening the curtain, Eric giggled
and said, "Man, the windows are fogged up!"Sam hurriedly got dressed, saying, "Aww, c'mon, cheer
up, we'll get along.""Hope no one noticed, heh."Sam laughed, "Naw, it's dark out."Eric scrambled out of the truck through the driver's
side door, smoothing his hair and adjusting his
clothing with Sam following closely.Laughing, Sam said, "Hope no one saw the truck
rocking!"Eric grinned, "Was I pounding you that hard?"Turning to Sam, Eric fixed Sam's shirt and checked his
hair, faltering when he started to feel... What? He
wasn't sure."Oh, it was good, alright. I'm sure the truck was
rocking," Sam giggled.Eric blushed and said, "I can't get past how awesome
that was! Thanks, Sam!"Winking at Eric, Sam replied, "No need to thank me. I
had a ton of fun."Grinning impishly, Eric pinched Sam's ass. Sam grinned
back, putting his arm around Eric's shoulders and
started to walk to the house. Eric responded by
putting his arm around Sam's waist for a very short
time, then letting go."Ouch! Oh, you! I need to get the bathroom and clean
up before it makes a wet spot on my pants," Sam
mentioned."Okay. nymphet gallery youth I need to figure out what to do about Danny, my
younger brother," Eric muttered with a breath of
disgust. He continued, "I'm gonna get a drink.""Hey, get me one too, I'll meet you on the front
porch.""Whatcha want? Beer? I can probably sneak a few out.""Nah, a soda is good.""Okay."With that, Sam let go of Eric and went into the house
first, headed for the bathroom and began cleaning up
while Eric entered the kitchen. Spotting Danny, Eric
glared at him and said, "What are you looking at,
squirt?" Grabbing two sodas and leaving a speechless
Danny behind him, he went outside to the porch and sat
down, waiting for Sam.Coming out of the bathroom and looking around the
house, he passed through the kitchen and seeing Danny.
Ruffling Dan's hair, he asked, "How you doing, kiddo?"Danny smiled and said, "Fine, Uncle Sam. You?"Sam smiled back and replied, "Doing good, I'm glad
you're doing well. Wanna come and join me and your bro
on the porch?"Danny happily said, "Sure!"As Sam and Danny came out of the house onto the porch,
Eric looked up. Spotting Danny, he gave his brother a
hard glare. Sam came over and sat next to Eric."Hey, Eric, look who I found."Handing Sam the soda with a sour expression, Eric
replied, "I noticed."Swatting Eric's leg, Sam took the soda, opened it, and
asked, "What's up wid you two?"Giving Danny a resentful look and answering Sam, "He
started calling me names like fag and pedophile after
dad said I was gay and a pedophile. Every time I try
to talk to him, he ignores me or backs away."Looking at Danny, Sam asked, "That so, Dan?"Danny answered, not looking at Sam or Eric, "Yeah. I
didn't know what else to say or think."Sam replied calmly, "You know, Danny... that ain't very
nice, because he's your brother and just because
someone is different don't mean they ain't a good
person. He's always been a cool kid, and he ain't
never hurt you, has he?"Looking uncomfortable, Danny said back, "No, he
hasn't."In a frustrated tone, Eric ground out, "Then why can't
you admit I'm not going to hurt you just because you
found out I'm gay? I finally realized I was gay when I
was 12. I..."Sam interrupted, "Danny, what business is it of yours
or mine what he does with himself in private?"Danny stammered out, "Um..."Sighing, Eric said, "Dan, if I knew I was gay when I
was 12, 8 full years ago, and I never hurt you... what
makes you think I will now?"Danny moved his chair away a bit in response, not
saying a word.Looking at Sam, Eric said in a disgusted tone, "See?"Sam looked at Danny, speaking in a gentle tone,
"You're a good boy, Dan, and Eric is hurt cuz of this.
He ain't no different than he's always been with you.
He's still your brother, he is just different in one
way than other folk. But that is his private life."Danny answered, "But... I'm just scared that I'll get
hurt."Sam gave Eric a look and then answered Danny, "Yeah,
just calm down, bud. Why be scared? There ain't
nothing to be afraid of. Does Eric look different to
you than before you knew?"Danny replied, "No. He still looks the same."Eric looked away in disbelief as Sam asked Danny,
"That's right, he's the same older brother as always.
He ain't never tried nuthin' with you, has he?"Danny replied, "No, he hasn't. Mom and Dad have been
at me with the same question since they found out
about Eric."Deciding to change the subject, Sam asked, "What's
your favorite Ice Cream?"In chorus, both said, real young nymphet
"Cookies and Cream!" After a
short pause while the boys looked at each other, they
started laughing.Laughing, Sam asked, "Well, why do you like that
rather than chocolate?"Danny exclaimed, "Cookies!"Eric chuckled and said, "You were always the cookie
monster."Danny shot back, "I still am. Mom still makes 4
batches on Sunday, and they're gone by Thursday.""You haven't changed one bit, Danny," Eric laughed.Danny asked Eric with a confused expression, "You
haven't changed either. How elite nudes nymphets come you like guys?"Eric got up, walked over to Danny and knelt in front
of him. "I don't know. Danny, I've not hurt you, I'm
not about to start. You just said I've not changed.
All this time you've known me, have I ever made a move
toward you sexually?"Danny answered, "No."Sam decided to speak up, "Danny, here's a point. Do
you suppose you can stop liking Cookies and Cream and
start liking Chocolate just for the fun of it?"Danny answered, "No. I mean, except for... um... no."Sam took a deep breath and replied, "That's the way it
is with gay guys. You can't change from boys to girls
as much as you might want to. It's like you're wired
to love Cookies and Cream rather than Chocolate. Some
of us like guys rather than gals because that's the
way we're wired. Eric is the hairy nymphets free pics same way. He can't help
the way he feels." He stopped for a moment and said
while starting to laugh, "He likes guys cuz they taste
good."Danny looked at Sam in shock and asked, "Are you gay
too?"Sam evaded with, "Hey, I'm kidding, ok?"While Danny started giggling, Sam reached over and
grabbed Danny in a hug, stating, "Did you understand
what I was sayin'? Eric can't help the way he's wired,
any more than you can help having the likes you have."Danny tensed up for a moment, then relaxed. "Um,
that's the problem, Uncle Sam."Sam asked, "What is?"Not meeting anyone's eyes, Danny softly murmured, "I
think I'm gay."Eric's jaw dropped and Sam asked, "How old are you,
Danny?""15.""You've got plenty of time to figure out if you are or
not. Just be a kid and enjoy it," Sam said with
reassurance.Eric fired Sam a look of comprehension like he had
just fit a puzzle together in his head while Danny
answered, "I'll try."Sam looked back at Eric, who shook his head slightly
indicating he didn't want to discuss it right now. Sam
looked at Danny, observing him looking back and forth
at both of them.Danny looked confused and asked, "What's wrong?""It's okay, Danny. I think I know why you're scared
and it's okay. Hey, get me another soda, will you,
Danny, please?" Sam asked.Saying, "Sure!" Danny scampered off into the house
while Eric sat down near Sam.Looking at Eric, "What was that look for?""Sam, I think I know what he's scared of. He's gay,
obviously.""He afraid that his dad is gonna treat him like he
treated you... that scared him because he don't want
that happening to him too."Sighing, Eric said, "That's what I just figured out.
It has to be hell for him. Now what do I do?""Let him know that no matter what, you love him, and
he can trust you for support in anything if he needs
it. Just like it was hell for you, you can help him
through it.""I know. The problem is going to be that dad of ours."Coming back on the tail end of that sentence, giving
Sam his soda, Danny asked, "What about Dad?""Hey, thanks man!" Sam took a drink of soda, letting
out a small burp, "Excuse me.""You're welcome. What nymphettes russian about Dad?" Danny asked again.Sam asked with a serious expression, "What has your
dad and mom been at you about your brother?""They've been asking me if he touched me sexually or
forced me to do anything with him or his faggot
friends," Danny stated.Eric started to get an angry expression while Sam
asked Danny, "Ok... was them your dad's words, your
mom's or both?""Dad's," Danny answered. He continued, "Mom's not said
much at all around Dad.""Has she said anything just you and her?" Sam queried."Yeah, she told me there was nothing wrong with Eric.
It really confused me because Dad is saying one thing,
Mom another," Danny sadly said.Looking at Eric and sticking his tongue out, Sam said,
"Settle down or I'll give you a nuggie, kiddo."Eric sat on his hands and giggled, "Or something
else?" He then stuck out his tongue at Sam."Your mom is right, Danny. Ain't nothing wrong with
him. The problem here is your dad not accepting his
boy," Sam said watching Eric and grinning.Danny looked back and forth, knowing he was missing
something and decided to sit between Sam and Eric,
absentmindedly snuggling up to Eric. Sam watched them
both, sipping at his soda, smiling when Eric, looking
surprised, put his arm around Danny. Danny tensed for
a moment and then relaxed, accepting Eric's touch.Eric looked at Sam and asked, "Now what?""Look, I'm gonna have a talk with your dad. He needs
to realize Eric is his son, and it ain't nothin' bad
about him," Sam determinedly said.Looking down free pix nymphets at Danny, Eric said, "Danny, I love you
and you know that. I'm here for you, okay?"Danny looked up and nodded, "Okay, Eric."Looking at Sam, Eric mentioned, "I think Dan and I
need to have a little talk."Sam looked back and winked, "Ok, well let me get outta
here a while. This ain't the time to talk with your
dad, though, so I'll just hangout and mingle some."Grinning back, Eric said, "Okay."Danny chimed in with, "Okay, Uncle Sam."As Sam got up, he caught Eric eyeing his ass, then
meeting his look and blushing. Laughing, he ruffled
both boys' hair and said, "See ya in a bit," and
walked inside the house.Both replied back, "OK!"=+=+= Interlude: Danny and Eric =+=+=Watching Sam enter the house and closing the door,
Eric hugged Danny tight. "Well, Dan, we're alone, and
I think we need to talk some about what's going on
with us.""Yeah, we do," Danny answered.Giving Dan a hug and feeling him hug back, Eric said,
"I best nymphets tgp love you, Danny. I just want you to know that I'm
here for you. So you think you're gay. That's cool
with me. If you ever need to know something or want
advice, just talk to me any time of the day and I
will.""I will, Eric. I've wanted to tell you for so long.
Dad really had me scared of you. I still am, but I'm
seeing through all the crap he put up.""I know. We both know how Mom and Dad are. I'm not
close to Mom at all. Are you?""Not really. I stay here with Grandpa and Grandma most
of the time. Mom's drinking has picked up and Dad...
well, he's been acting odd, disappearing for 1 or 2
days at a time. I've not been able to figure out where
he's been going.""That doesn't sound good at all.""I didn't think so either.""So what's been happening with you?""Um... you know Jamie?""Your best friend from next door?""Yea. We're not best friends.""Oh. What happened?""We're boyfriends."Blinking in surprise, Eric grinned and said,
"Congratulations. I'm happy for you.""Me too. You got a boyfriend yet?"Sighing, Eric muttered, "No. I can't risk it either,
not where I am now.""That sucks.""Yeah, it does. Sooner or later I hope I get one.""You will."Both boys looked up as Fred was shoved out on the
porch with Sam following him. Eric quickly got up and
stood in front of Dan, his fists balled, ready to
protect his little brother.=+=+= Story resumes =+=+=After entering the house and closing the door, Sam
looked back and saw the boys hugging through the
window -- and caught Fred, their dad, turning away in
disgust. Watching Fred starting to mingle with the
guests, he walked up to him in time to hear him mutter
to his wife Cathy, "Now he's turned Danny into a
faggot."Cathy gave him a glare and turned on her heel, walking
away into the family room. Sam walked up to Fred and
gave him a hard look, whispering, "You want I smack
that `tude outta you right here in front of our family
and friends, bro?"Looking at Sam coolly, Fred responded, "What business
is it yours? They're my kids, not yours."Glaring back Sam replied, "Maybe they are, and that's
cool, but the whole family and friends ain't gotta
hear about this right now. As far as they know, the
boys are loving brothers. So calm yerself down."His voice beginning to get louder, Fred said, "It's
not your damn business, Sam! I don't want Eric turning
Danny into a faggot like he is."Everyone in the room turned to look at Fred and Sam,
quieting down upon hearing those words.Sam smacked Fred across the face and shoved him out
the door, nymphet litte shouting, "YOU FUCKIN' HAPPY NOW, ASSHOLE? I
don't care if Eric is gay, he's your boy and if you
think anyone can turn anyone else GAY, maybe I oughta
be askin' you what you done to make Eric that way. Did
you play with his dick when he was a lil' boy?"Eric and Danny looked up from their conversation as
Fred and Sam came out on the porch, with Eric getting
up and standing in front of Danny instinctively with
Danny drawing up into a ball for protection.Fred threw a punch at Sam, connecting with his face
sending him reeling back and growling, "Don't ever
speak to me that way again. I never touched the damn
kid! It's not my damn fault the kid turned into a
fucking fag!"Stepping back a bit further and shaking his head to
clear it, Sam taunted, "That all you got? I'll speak
to you any way I want, lil bro. I'll tell you this,
you keep on and you gonna lose both them boys,
straight or gay. Eric didn't choose to be that way. Do
some research and stop being hateful like the rest of
the world. He's your damn son and deserves your love
and support, you fuckin' twit."His voice rising with anger, Fred got out, "Yeah,
right. All guys like you want to do is make it safe
for these pedos like Eric to get their way young nymphet archives with our
kids. I should have known you'd take his side. For all
I know, you could be gay too."Shouting, Eric swung at Fred and sent him to the floor
with, "I'm no fucking pedo, you moron!"Sam became aware of Danny crying on the swing in the
background with family and friends gathering at the
door, spotting Grandpa pushing his way forward. He
pushed Eric out of the way and stood over Fred,
looking at Eric and said, "Eric, get your brother and
get outta sight NOW!"Eric grabbed Danny's hand and ran for the truck as
Grandpa finally got through the crowd and hollered,
"What is going on here?"Looking down at Fred, Sam said, "You best get up calm
and you and I go for a walk away from here." Looking
at Arthur he said, "Nothing, Dad. Just go back inside
with the rest. We're going for a walk."Answering back coolly, Arthur said, "Don't tell me
he's on about this faggot crap again. It's been faggot
this and faggot that since he found out.""Oh, you done heard it already, huh?" Sam asked.Arthur answered, "You keep it up, Fred, and I'll
disown you. There's very little I don't hear, Sam. No,
I don't like the idea, but nymphets free nude pics
it's Eric's life. If he's
happy, I'm happy."Sam answered back seething, "You ain't gotta worry
about disowning him, I'm gonna take him out if he
keeps on about this."Arthur nodded and stated, "Do that and save me the
trouble. Come on, folks, let's go back to partying."
He started to go back into the house after giving Fred
a dirty look.People started to go back into the house as Sam said,
"You're right Dad, and Eric didn't choose to be that
way. It's not somethin' you choose." He continued
after glaring at Fred, "And he damn sure ain't no
pedo."Snapping his body around to stare at Sam, Arthur said,
"He said WHAT?!?!" Giving Fred an incredulous look, he
shook his head and then said, "Get this trash outta my
sight."Sam growled at Fred and mentioned, "He thinks Eric is
going to turn Danny gay too."Closing his eyes fighting to control his temper,
Arthur muttered, "You deal with him, please." He went
into the house, slamming the door behind him. Near the
truck, Danny winced at the sound while Eric held him
close.Looking down at Fred, Sam offered a hand up, which
Fred refused, moving back and getting up by himself.
Sam stated, "C'mon, bro, we're goin' someplace and
talk. NOW!"Leaving the porch, going down the steps and around the
house, Sam looked back to see Fred following him,
looking at the boys. Eric opened the truck door,
boosted Danny up and slammed the door shut, standing
defiantly in front of it, glaring at his father.Walking to near the pool, Sam pointed to a chair and
told Fred, "You sit there."Complying, Fred sat down angrily as Sam grabbed
another chair, slammed it down in front of Fred and
sat down. "Okay, I know you are shocked about Eric,
but this anger, bro... where's this coming from? You
ain't like this."With a bewildered look, Fred responded, "I wish I
knew. It doesn't feel right. It doesn't look right.
It's like... everything I've ever taught Eric, he's
rebelling against. When I caught him kissing that boy
3 weeks ago, it tore me to pieces.""Okay... I hear you. Well, you don't know how bad you've
hurt your boys, man. Eric wants to pack up and leave
forever, and Danny is scared to death. So you and I
gotta figure this out and settle it," Sam said,
looking at Fred evenly. He continued, "No, see, that's
where you're wrong. Eric ain't rebelling."Gritting his teeth, Fred answered, "I'm not surprised
Eric would want to leave -- I don't want him around
Danny, giving him ideas. Like hell, he ain't. What do
you call being like those faggots? I raised him better
than that!""Bro, listen here and listen good, ok?"Giving Sam a look, Fred half-listened as Sam went on,
"Enough of that hate word. You say it again and I'll
knock your head off. Now Eric, I'm telling you, DID
NOT CHOOSE to be gay. It's not something you choose.
Why did you choose Cathy? `Cuz she's blonde and got
the shape that attracted you, right? How come you
didn't choose the black-haired girl down the street
you used to like? She wasn't your type. Well, Eric is
wired to like guys. It ain't something he choose just
to piss you off."Showing hints of uncertainty, Fred responded, "I don't
believe you.""Well, there's plenty of research to document what I'm
sayin'. What's your favorite drink?""Beer of course. You should know me better than that.""Why?""Because I like the taste. The moon is made of cheese.
How the hell should I know?""Did you choose to like it... or you just liked it?" Sam
asked.Showing signs of intense stress and moving restlessly,
Fred replied, "I just liked it, and sexuality has
nothing to do with that!"Sam sighed and said, "Oh, but it does... we don't choose
our sexuality any more than we choose to like blondes
better than redheads, or skinny women as opposed to
fat ones."Struggling to answer the facts that Sam was throwing
out, Fred said pleadingly, "It's not natural!" Getting
up and running, he disappeared into the darkness.
Springing to his feet and chasing, Sam caught up with
Fred, grabbed him and pulled him to a stop.Fred struggled with Sam, shouting, "LEAVE ME ALONE!"
and took a half-hearted swing at Sam.Blocking it, Sam hugged his brother and softly said,
"Look, man, it ain't anyone's fault, least of all
Eric's, he's the way he is. Just accept that and love
him. He's still your son.""No, he's," Fred started to say and stopped. Letting
out a frustrated sigh and hanging his head, he
continued, "Yeah he is.""Fred, stop and think, you know I'm right with this."Looking at Sam with tears in his eyes, Fred said, "I
don't want him to be gay. I love him... and the idea of
him being gay scares me because of what I heard and
read about fag... er... gay people in the news. I don't
want to lose him.""Look at Eric, man. He's such a great kid. He's got
high academic honors in college, he's the top guy on
his baseball team... and is an otherwise regular guy. He
is just different in that one way. Accept him and love
him, man. Life is too short.""Where did I go wrong?" Fred asked and then sighed.
"Wrong thing to ask, isn't it?"Sam answered, "Well, it scares the hell outta me too.
You think I wanna lose a great nephew like that?
You've done a great job raising him, and he's a smart
kid. Yea, way wrong to ask that, but a normal feeling
to have.""So what do I do now?""You didn't go wrong... `cuz there's nothing you horny nymphets naked did to
affect him that way."Sighing, Fred muttered, "I wish I could be so sure.
What an ass I've made of myself.""Go over there, tell him you're sorry, hug him and
tell him you love him and are there for him if he
needs anything. Impress on him that you expect him to
be responsible and nymphet nude model always play safe. Tell him you're
scared for him, tell him how much you love him and
don't wanna lose him.""Is he even going to listen to me? And what am I gonna
do about Danny? He must be scared shitless of me by
now," Fred said."Danny will be all right once he sees you're all
right."Fred starting walking towards the truck, stopping
after a short distance and asking, "You coming?"Sam replied, "Bro...""Hmm?""I love you, you know."Sam walked up to Fred and hugged him tight. Fred
hugged back and the two of them walked toward the
truck with Sam's arm around Fred.Fred apologized, "Sorry I've been such an ass."Approaching the truck with Eric looking at Sam
uncertainly. Sam replied, "Naw, it's okay."Sam looked back at Eric with a smile of nymphetworld reassurance.
Eric started to relax as Sam said, "It's cool lil
buddy."Sam and nn nymphet art Fred stopped a few feet away, as Sam asked,
"You want I stay or give you some alone time?"Fred grabbed Sam's arm and said, "I'm scared. Please
stay." "Okay," Sam replied with a smile.Fred avoided looking at Eric and stated, "I'm sorry I
called you all those names and acted so bad towards
you... I'm scared for you because of everything I heard
and read about f... gay people in the media. I don't
want to lose you, I love you too much. I don't want
you to die from AIDS or some other stupid plague."In answer, Eric replied, "Dad... don't you think you
taught me better than that?""Yea, I did. I just don't want to lose you!""You aren't. I'm still the nymphet stories same nymphet bbs thumbs boy you raised. Don't
you think I'm scared of what's out there too? I know
how to protect myself thanks to you. Dad, I love you!"
Eric stepped forward and hugged Fred tightly.Returning the hug as Sam watched with tears in his
eyes, Fred replied, "Just don't flaunt it around me,
okay?"While Sam laughed at that remark, Eric fired back,
"Agreed. Don't flaunt your straight stuff around me
then."Blinking in surprise, Fred got out, "Uh... okay."Turning around, Eric banged on the truck door, "Open
up, Dan."Backing up and looking through the windows, Sam
observed Danny playing behind the wheel. Danny met
Sam's gaze and blushed, jumping out of the truck and
looking at Fred with fear."You like that truck, lil guy?" Sam asked.Grinning, Danny replied, "Sure do! It looks like fun.
Can I drive it later?"Laughing, Sam answered back, "Um.. I dunno. Maybe in a
couple of years, kiddo."Fred laughed along with Sam and answered Danny after
Sam did, "I've already let you drive countless times,
isn't that enough?"Danny simply said, "NO!"After giving Sam a sidelong look of amusement Fred
told Danny, "Danny, xxx nymphet galleries
I'm sorry. Forgive me. I wasn't
thinking clearly."Danny soberly replied, "That's okay. This time. Don't
do it again."Eric started chuckling as Fred started to retort, then
stopped. "I guess I deserved that, didn't I?"Sam looked around, looking a bit relieved and asked,
"Who's thirsty?"All three of them replied in the affirmative. Sam
asked Danny, "Well, how `bout we go get something to
fix that up?">From behind all of them, Grandpa's voice said, "Glad I
don't have to whip any of you. It would be a shame if
I had to whup your butts. I brought some soda out for
you guys."While Eric sat on the ground laughing hard and Danny
looked confused, Sam looked at Arthur and laughed hard
saying, "You could still do it too, couldn't ya old
man?"As Sam gave his dad a tight hug, Arthur replied
smiling, "Yes, I little nymphets nude bbs could, and you know it."Taking the drinks from Arthur, Sam passed them out to
everyone.Danny and Eric chimed their thanks as Fred looked at
the bottle and muttered, "Pepsi, eh." After taking a
swig, he continued, "Thanks, Dad."Arthur and Sam both took deep drinks with Sam
observing others looking out the windows. Sam turned
to face the windows and put his thumbs in his ears and
stuck his tongue out at them while Arthur measured
Eric up."Well, I still love you. Nothing changes that, Eric.
I'm not comfortable with it, but as long as you don't
make out with a guy in front of me, I'm cool with it,"
Arthur said. He noticed Sam's movements and laughed.After all of them had a good laugh, Eric looked at
Fred and asked, "Dad, can I ask you something?"Getting a serious look on his face, Fred said, "Yeah.""I'd like to come home later, with Uncle Sam dropping
me off. I haven't seen him in a long time. I'd like to
talk with him for a bit."Danny chimed in with, "Me too!"After giving Danny an annoyed look, Eric looked away
with Sam noticing the expression.Fred answered back, "Yeah, that's fine. Just be home
before 3 A.M."Eric looked surprised and asked, "What, a curfew at my
age?"After Fred gave him a no-nonsense look, Eric
capitulated and pointed a nymphets bikini finger at Dan, "Okay, okay.
What about munchkin there?"Danny snapped at the extended finger, causing Eric to
draw it back in alarm and said, "I ain't no munchkin,
you nut!"Sam started laughing hard again and Eric gave him a
look of annoyance."What?" Sam asked.As Sam sipped his soda, Eric answered with a laugh,
"You could help, you know!"Grandpa looked from Sam to Eric with his forehead
furrowed and an eyebrow raised as Sam said while
looking at Danny, nymphets sex bbs "I think it's a little late for you
to be out and about, kiddo. How `bout another time?""Aw man. I always miss the cool stuff," moaned Danny.Sam laughed and ruffled Danny's hair as Arthur looked
at Sam with a puzzled expression. Arthur asked, "Dan,
why don't you stay with us for the night?""Can I Dad?" Danny asked looking at Fred.Smiling Fred answered, "Yes, you may.""Yahoo!" Dan shouted and went tearing off, running
back into the house then over next door to his friend
Jamie's.Muttering "Kids," Arthur gave Sam a sidelong look."Yeah, Dad?" Sam asked."Nothing, Sam. Come on, Fred, you got some explaining
to do," Arthur said, pulling on Fred's arm as he
headed back for the house. Fred went along willingly,
beginning to talk to his father."Ok, Daddy," Sam replied.Sagging against the door, Eric said in relief, "What
did you say to Dad? He looked totally beaten."Whispering in reply, "'Spose I should tell your dad I
let you fuck me now?"With a shocked expression, Eric replied, "What, and
make him go postal?""Hey, I'm just kidding, Eric."After growling at Sam, Eric gave him a tight hug,
enjoying the hug he got in return."Yeah, he was about postal already. C'mon, get in the
truck, Eric.""So I saw. What did you do, stick a dildo underground nymphet up his ass?"
Eric asked, scrambling up into the truck and buckling
up.Laughing, Sam walked around to the driver's side and
got in, buckling up and fired up the cat, hitting the
light switches and watching the gauges intensely for a
moment. Eric followed Sam's gaze, trying to figure nymphet top 50
what to look for."Geeze, I can figure out which way the pitcher is
gonna throw and I can't figure out all these gauges,"
Eric complained.Looking at Eric, Sam mentioned, "Man, it smells in
here. Do you suppose Dan knows that smell?""Oh, he does. He's 15! Not to mention he came in right
after I had got done jacking off this morning and
sniffed the air and said `You been jacking AGAIN?
Geeze.""Oh well, I can come up with a story for him easily
enough.""Good."Eric stuck out his tongue, unbuckled and leaned over
to kiss Sam on the cheek. Laughing at Eric, Sam saw
that all the gauges were in their normal positions and
pushed the clutch in, shifted into third and pushed
the air brake button in and let the clutch out slowly
as the truck started rolling. Eric peeked out the
window to see if anyone had noticed the kiss and
breathed a sigh of relief. Sam shifted up gears with
one foot on the floor and the other on the throttle."Where to, kiddo?""How about someplace to eat? They didn't have much
there I liked, all that fancy French stuff."Still shifting up, hitting the button on the shifter
and going to the high side, Sam looked at Eric briefly
and smiled, mentioning, "Hmm, sounds good, jus' give
me plenty of warning before turns."Smiling back Eric replied, "There's a Denny's that's
open 24 hours near here. The food is crap, but it'll
do. Turn right at the intersection, it'll be on the
right side after the 2nd traffic light.""Okies."Hanging his head and breathing a sigh of relief, Eric
said, "Grandpa was giving you some looks right before
we left. You think he suspects?"Shifting down a couple and turning right at the
intersection, then into the Denny's, Sam parked the
truck out back, pulled the airbrake button and left
the truck running. He answered back smiling, "I got an
idea he might could `spect sumthin'.""And he didn't say anything. That old coot. He's
sharper than I thought he was.""He may be old, but he ain't dumb... how you think he
got so old?"Laughing hard, Eric answered back, "I'll have to be
careful around him, then.""You damn tootin'," Sam said, winking.Unbuckling, Eric leaned over the console and gave Sam
a kiss, sliding his tongue into his hot, moist mouth.
Sam moaned and kissed back as Eric's hands eagerly
caressed Sam's skin, his cock rapidly swelling.Reaching down and shutting off the engine Sam broke
off the kiss saying with a grin, "Oh, now stop. You
gonna make me hard again and we ain't gonna get
nuthin' to eat. Well, not food anyways.""Well, there's more than one kind of hunger -- and this
one needs to be filled," Eric softly said, reaching
down to fondle Sam's crotch, leaning in to kiss Sam
again."Yea, but I don't fancy doin' it where people can see
the truck rocking and start talkin' `round town," Sam
answered."Okay," Eric said, breaking off and sitting down
looking disappointed."That ain't gonna help either of our situations,
Eric.""No, it won't.""Besides, I need a little bit of energy to keep up
with a young buck like you," Sam said with a wink.Laughing, Eric unzipped his pants and jacked off fast
for a moment, then zipped back up, moaning. "That'll
hold for a few minutes," he said giggling."Oh, you little tease," Sam muttered.Sam jumped out of the truck and shut the door, walking
to the back and waited for Eric. Shortly, Eric came up
to him smiling.Smiling back, Sam asked, "So what are you hungry for?""Hmm... wonder if they still serve breakfast at this
hour?"Getting to the door first, Sam opened it for Eric,
stating, "Oh, yes they do!""Thanks!" Eric exclaimed and then held the other door
open, looking at Sam with mischief in young nymphet russia his eyes,
smirking, "Age before beauty."Slapping Eric's butt, Sam walked in muttering, "Smart
ass."Finding a table in a corner, Sam slid into a seat with
Eric taking a seat across from him grinning.Looking at someone and then kicking Sam, Eric said in
a whisper, "Look at that busboy!""Ow!" Looking, Sam whispered back, "Yeah, he's almost
as cute as you are."Blushing, Eric whispered back, "But his ass doesn't
look as good as yours.""Aww, thanks. Flattery will get you everywhere," Sam
grinned, sticking out his tongue at the end of his
sentence.Grinning back, Eric said, "I still want some more of
yours!"The waitress came up and poured two glasses of water,
not giving Sam a chance to reply. "Good evening, have
you guys decided what you would like?"Eric replied, "Yeah, grand slam breakfast, please,"
while rubbing Sam's leg with his foot.Sam replied right after Eric, looking flustered,
"Well, umm, no ma'am, I reckon not, we been talkin'.
Oh, I guess he has... I'll take a coffee and let you
know in a minute."Eric grinned at Sam's discomfort as the waitress
smiled at Sam stating, "Okay, I'll get right back to
you with that.""Oh, take your time, hun," Sam said.As the waitress departed, Eric looked at her,
grimacing, "Women."Sam smiled and laughed softly, looking at the menu,
"Hey, they are good for something. Well, if it weren't
for wimmen ain't either of us be here right now..."Making a retching sound, Eric fired back, "Maybe for
you. I tried to fuck a girl once when I was 13. Ugh.
No thanks. I couldn't even get it up. Forget it."Leaning forward, Sam whispered, "Me either. To tell
you the nymphet models nude
truth, I like guys more'n girls."Grinning at Sam, Eric asked with curiosity, "How old
were you when you first started?"The waitress came back with Sam's coffee, set it down
with some creamers and asked, "Decided yet, sir?"Giving Eric a smirk, he answered back, "Oh, yeah, I
want one of them omelets with bacon, cheese and green
peckers... err... I mean peppers."Eric laughed hard, banging on the table as Sam turned
red and the waitress giggled a bit."I'll be back when your food is done, anything else?"
The waitress asked. At Eric's headshake, she left.Sam looked at Eric and said, "What? It was an honest
slip!""Sure... Suuuuuuuuuuuuuureee... and I'm straight."Sam grinned and rubbed his foot up and down Eric's leg
as Eric bit back a groan, fighting to keep his
expression stoic."Yea, I seen how straight you were just before y

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