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From: SCASS3254aol.com
Subject: On the road with Trucker Jack On the Road with Trucker Jack
By scass3254aol.com
Jack Armstrong was exhausted, exhausted from hauling produce from
one coast to the other and when his energy level hovered around empty, he
got cranky. Normally, he was even tempered but the morning had started out
badly and the day had gotten progressively worse and by the time he pulled
in for the night he was dragging his ass and in a very foul mood. Was it the torrential rain that never seemed to end or the asshole
that had cut him off and that nearly had "Miss Cherry", his rig coming
around on the busy highway? His strong, muscular arms ached from gripping
the wheel tightly and his clear green eyes were bloodshot from straining to
see the road ahead. Listening to the whooshing sound of the windshield
wiper for eight straight hours was hypnotic with a lulling white noise that
nearly put him to sleep. He would be glad when this day was behind him. His
ass was sore from sitting all day behind 400 HP of a throbbing and thumping
Peterbuilt diesel engine and all he wanted was a hot shower and a warm bed. Jack hadn't eaten since early that morning except for a thermos of
coffee and he was starved. Miss Cherry, was now gassed and hosed down as he
plopped himself down at the worn table that was scarred with initials and
graffiti at the roadside stop where he was staying the night. The rain had
finally stopped and sun was beginning to set. Reds, oranges and yellow,
streaked the fading blue sky and brightened the landscape before darkness
descended. Was he getting too old for this? His body ached and he was
finding it tougher to get up every day and go teen nymphet room nonstop for twelve hours. At this time of evening, truckers poured into nymphet set
the diner in waves,
talking loudly after pushing their loads all day. Rosie's Roadside was
known for good, hardy food at the right price and the rooms were clean and
the water hot. The men bantered, laughed, smoked and hit on Rosie, a large
woman in her sixties and the two waitresses who were use to these big,
gruff men who were unwinding. Jack compared hauling a rig to solitary
confinement and these guys were chilling out relieving their tension. He
wondered if people realized or cared how hard these guys and gals worked to
put food on their tables. He looked around the room at tired faces. They were all in uniform,
dressed alike in tight jeans, cowboy boots and T-shirts. Many of the men
had tattoos that had faded with age. Jack wore sneakers and khakis, as they
were comfortable. free nude little nymphets Tight boots played havoc with his flat feet and at his
age, comfort was much more important then looking the part. Some men
breezed in wearing shorts as it got awfully hot sitting up in their cabs
for hours on end. For the first time that day, Jack smiled as he thought of
the times that he had stripped down to his tighty-whities on hot, humid
days when the temperature hovered around ninety-eight in the cab. With the
vents and windows wide open, the bouncing of the road always gave him a
woodie. Many young nymphetes pics a time he jerked off as he raced towards his destination. He
reasoned that hoggers were always horny from the bouncing rhythms of the
road and the sights they saw sitting high up looking down at the cars that
passed them by. Hank Williams, "Lonesome Highway" played adolescent nymphets tgp on the jukebox. "Hoggers"
played that song a lot, and for nymphet free bbs some reason that tune always galerie photo sex nymphet depressed
Jack. He didn't know why but Old Hank knew about the road and being alone
and lonely. Jack had lived with that his whole life. That was the life
style that he chose and he loved what he was doing although he bitched a
lot. Some guys liked being alone day after day, but Jack wasn't one of
them. Maybe that's why Hank drank himself nymphet porn little
to death. He just got tired of
cheap motels, badly cooked meals, one nightstands and worried what the old
lady was doing and with whom. Jack rubbed his chubby fingers through his
white beard that needed trimming and ordered the meatloaf special and sat
there with his coffee mug and bit on his full and juicy bottom lip. "Hi, stranger," he heard a loud voice exotic nymphet and turned to see nude nymphet 10 years Boomer
Elliot standing there. Boomer and Jack often made the same runs and had
become friends over the years. Boomer was young and muscular. He was hot
with blond hair that he wore long and had sexy deep-set blue eyes. Sweat
stained his armpits and the veins on his strong arms ran down the length of
his bicep. He was wearing tight jeans and Jack's eyes moved down to
Boomer's basket and Boomer laughed. Jack and Boomer shared a pay nymphets sites bed on
occasion until Boomer decided that he was straight and married a cocktail
waitress on one of his cross-country runs. "How's it going, Boomer," Jack smiled and shook his hand. Boomers
hands were calloused and he had "Love" tattooed under the knuckles on his
right hand. "Beat like you. That rain nearly killed me today. I'm tired, need a
hot shower nymphet pics tgp
and lots of loving." "How's the wife?" Jack asked, his voice smooth and dripping honey. "Fuck that bitch", Boomer roared and eyes turned in his direction.
"She split six months after we were married with a freaken car salesman."
He rolled his eyes and Jack felt sorry for him." A freaken car salesman,"
he repeated. "I knew that she was cheating, but gaawd damn, a skinny assed,
car salesman. "I'm so sorry kid." Jack didn't know what to say. "Don't be. I'm glad she's out of my life. Can I ask a big favor?" "Sure. nymphet doujinshi But it better nymphet thumb galleries not be money as I am running on empty myself." "There's no room at this inn and I was wondering if I could bunk in
with you tonight. Who knows, nymphets childs
we might get something on if you want." Jack smiled and his green eyes danced with life. He had a chubby
face with rosy cheeks and dimples when he smiled or laughed. "I thought
your days of being gay were over." Jack's tone was sarcastic. "If I
remember correctly and it was a while ago that you told me that you liked
munching rug more than you liked sucking dick." Jack normally didn't talk
this way but he was giving it to Boomer who went on how he only let guys do
him because he was horny. Jack knew that the few times that they were
together were not mere quick blowjob but real loving. "I prefer to let a
man share my bed who wants me for me and wants to share and underagenymphets mutually enjoy
our time together." "Are you telling me that I can't share your bed tonight?" Boomer wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed and besides he snored
so loudly that Jack knew that he would never get any rest and he had a long
haul tomorrow and needed to be at his best. art nymphets photography "That's right sweetheart and besides I have somebody that I'm
bunking with tonight. Somebody that likes sucking dick and taking care of
business." One thing about Boomer, he didn't get mad or hold a grudge. He
hugged Jack and moved on and knowing him with that handsome face and tight
body he would find a place for nymphet hardcore bbs
the night. Jack sat there and wondered why
he had not let Boomer share his rack with him when he heard russian ukrainian nymphets a voice. "Sorry for listening in on your conversation but that was one, cute
man you let get away." ls nymphets series
Jack smiled and looked to see a guy that he had passed on the road
earlier that day. He was middle-aged and taller then Jack and stocky. He
had a moon face with large brown eyes and closely cropped hair that was
beginning to gray. He wore a cut off sweatshirt and his nipples protruded
through his shirt. "I know that sometimes the law says you got to put the fish back
because of the size," he smiled nymphets catalog and his teeth were straight and even. "But
my oh my, that was mighty fine. My name is Cory, Cory Baines. Nice to meet
ya, " he ukrainian nymphets child said in a smoky voice. "I'm teenage nymphet Jack, Jack Armstrong, once the All American Boy but now a
tired, old fat man." "You look mighty fine to nymphet mpegs movies these old eyes. I've been guilty of
staring at you all through dinner and was hoping nudist nymphet bbs that you would turn down
Boomer so I might get a chance to say hello. No offense meant and nymphets cunts galleries if I'm
out of line please tell me." "Out of line?" Jack looked at Cory as if he was appraising a piece
of art. He was broad shouldered and nymphet nude pix had a belly but not as large as Jacks
and he was good-looking. "Oh, you mean you're interested in me? Forgive me
but tonight I'm not too swift. Come and have another mug of coffee with
me." Cory nearly flew out of his seat and shook Jack's hand. His smile
was warm and ingratiating. "I never come on strong as I don't like to get turned down. Tough
enough hauling all day and don't need the ego shattered also." He
smiled. "There's something about you that," his hand reached across the
table and touched Jack's belly. "I kept looking at your body and that
handsome face and wondered what you looked like nymphet 12 15 naked. Don't be angry with
me for speaking my mind. I don't even know if you're gay. I'm lonely and
for once wanted to share a bed and myself with someone that I was attracted
to. I'm not much for rest stops or glory holes." Jack reached across the table and put his hand over Cory's. "I like
your honesty and I also want a man that I can make love to and who responds
to me. What are we land nymphets underage waiting for?" Jack paid the bill and they went nude nymphs gallery to his
cabin. Jack closed the door to the room and turned on the light on the
nightstand. He came over to where Cory was standing and kissed his sweetly
on the lips. He brushed his tongue slowly across free nymphet links Cory's lips and his mouth
opened. Jack's tongue found it's way inside. It was done with slowness as
they held each other and kissed. There was a tenderness nymphet nude ru
and sweetness as
their bodies entwined and tasted one another. Jack helped Cory out of his
shirt, his fingers soft against Cory's smooth chest. Lightly, he rubbed his
fingers across his chest and his belly and then to his fleshly nipples that
were large and brown and needed to be loved. Jack's mouth found the nipple and began to suck and Cory cried out
as Jack's tongue and mouth made love to it. Jack's chubby fingers massaged
the other nipple and felt it grow in his hand. Jack reached down and
unbuttoned Cory's jeans and could see the tent in his shorts. A wet spot
formed and Jack said softly. "Let's get you out of your shorts before you mess yourself." They both undressed and Jack led Corry who followed like a hungry
puppy into the shower where they let the hot steaming water run over their
bodies as they kissed and groped one another. They cleaned each other,
feeling, russian nymphet virgins
touching and bringing pleasure that they both wanted and
needed. Jack watched the rivulets of water as they ran down Cory's back as
he soaped it. His fingers probed Cory's ass and Cory pressed his ass into
Jack. Cory turned and kissed Jack with a sensuality that made Jack weak in
the knees. Their kisses steamed like the toilet mirror as they stood and
let the water relax them. When they were finished, they dried each other
off and headed to bed. They lay on the bed and held each other close, the
warmth of their bodies taking the chill from the night air. They kissed
exploring places that brought them enjoyment. "You make me so hot," Cory said as he licked at Jack's nipples
until they were tender and hard as a dried out pea. His tongue moved slowly
down Jack's body and his hands softly moved across his belly until he felt
the silkiness of Jack's pubic hairs. Cory was an eager lover wanting to
please and put his face into Jack's mound and then found his cock and
balls. He slowly tongued Jack's balls licking them and tasting the
saltiness along with soap. His mouth was eager as he ran his tongue up the
shaft of Jack's cock and his mouth found the waiting head. Cory licked the
head until it was slick with saliva and then russian pictures nymphet placed his mouth on it. Jack
called out his name as Cory began to suck. He was an expert and dream nymphets bbs pictures his mouth
brought Jack pleasure that he hadn't known in a long time. His fingers
played with Jack's balls as he sucked greedily. Jack wasn't large but thick
and Cory hand was wrapped tightly around the shaft as he worked the nymphets models rapidshare
his tongue twirling around the ridge making Jack lift his hips as nude wild nymphet he fucked
Cory's mouth. Jack had strong legs and Cory lifted them and Jack obliged so
his perineum was exposed. Cory tongued it slowly from the crack of Jack's
ass to his balls driving Jack into waves of ecstasy as Cory's tongue made
love to him. pillowcase nymphet art They took turns bringing each other pleasure. It was two men that
needed and wanted each other. Jack took Cory's uncut piece into his mouth
and licked the precum that leaked like a running faucet. Jack tasted the
sweet clear liquid and forced back the foreskin with his tongue to expose girl nymphet nude a
purple, meaty head. "Oh, baby," Cory, cried out as Jack began to suck. He touched
Jack's hair and face gently as a mother her child as Jack moved up and down
Cory's free nymphets pole at first slowly and then quicker until he had Cory on the
edge. "Fuck me please," Cory moaned. "I need you inside of me. Jack stopped what he was doing and moved close to Cory and hugged
and kissed him. He felt his round buns against his cock that was now ramrod
hard. Cory prepubscent nymphets photos
ground his cheeks against Jack's dick and then spread them. Jack
placed his finger against Cory's rosebud and pushed gently. He heard a soft
moan from Cory who took a deep breath and Jack felt Cory relax. Jack's
finger slid inside Cory's warm, wet ass. Jack moved his finger within Cory
who was now moving as Jack's finger that was now fully in Cory's ass. Cory
took Jack's other hand and began to suck on one finger and then the
other. From his shaving kit on the nightstand, Jack took out lube and a
rubber and greased Cory's ass. He carefully put on the rubber and then
greased his cock until he was satisfied. Kissing nymphettes photo nu Cory's neck, his hands
rubbed Cory's cheeks as he spread them apart. His finger had made it easier
to penetrate Cory and he pushed gently not wanting to hurt free cute nymphets him. Sweat
glistened on Cory's shoulders and beads of sweat rolled down his back and
settled in the crevice of his crack as Jack entered him. "Oh, Oh, Cory uttered as Jack was inside of him. They didn't move
as Cory relaxed. He began to move his ass slowly and Jack let him do the
work as Jack's dick snaked into Cory's ass and got accustomed to Jack
inside of him. "Are you all right?" Jack asked concerned and Cory kissed Jack's
fingers. "I'll be better when you're completely inside of me and loving me." Jack felt his balls against Cory's ass and he began to move. It was
done slow and sensuously and Jack felt the heat and wetness of free nymphet thumbnail
Cory's tight
ass. The friction of rubbing his dick against the walls of Cory's ass had
him ready to pop and he stopped. His hands tweaked Cory's nipples and he
began nymphet art photo
to play with Cory's cock that was stiff as a broom handle. little nymphets thumbs Jack began
to move again hearing Cory young child model nymphets call out as he was being fucked. "Oh, Jack, love me. Give me your load. Oh, baby, sweet baby, you
feel so good inside of me. And it felt good to Jack as he began to move faster and Cory thrust
his hips and ass into Jack who wanted this man. "Harder," Cory yelled and Jack obliged. "Make me cum with you." Sweat poured down Jack's face and body as they moved as one and he
knew nymphet tgp that he couldn't hold out much longer. He moved quicker and heard the
loud moans that were coming from Cory. "Don't stop sweetheart," he cooed. "You're going to make me cum. Jack had never fucked a man who came while he fucked him and it was
a turn-on. Jack moved inside of Cory and knew that he was ready as Cory's
sphincter closed down on Jack's cock and Jack cried out. "I going to cum and he planted his seed child baby nymphet into Cory's ass. Cory kept
thrusting his buns into Jack's meat and then cried out, began to shudder
and shot a load that Jack thought would never end. It spurted out of Cory
onto his fingers, chest and the bedding. Cory licked his own cum and gave
Jack a taste. It was sweet as he licked the thick load from Cory's
fingers. Jack then pulled out and they lay there both nymphet teen hardcore exhausted. When they were sufficiently rested they headed into the shower and
cleaned up. They held each other and both knew that sometimes you do find
love on the road. It isn't often but when it happens, you really savor it.

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