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Subject: Trucker DoucheThis story is true and depicts acts of a homosexual nature underage russian nymphettes and include
frank descriptions of watersports and raunch. If you are underage or
offended by this type of behavior, please do not read any further. If you
like the story, please send me an email.I nymphet petites
guess I was just born to be a lot lizard. One of those people who hang
out wherever truckers park, hoping one will be horny ls mag nymphet
enough to throw me a
bone. You see, my parents own a small trucking company in south Texas and I
grew up hanging around the office, lot and shops. I guess growing up in
this atmosphere child nymphets models made me really appreciate the look and personality of a
real rugged man. I was pretty young when I realized that my feelings for
these men went deeper than just liking them. Long before I even knew what
sex was, I was already fantasizing about being naked with them, though I
never did anything about it until I was around 17 or 18. After I got old
enough to drive and hang out, I did start experimenting free pre nymphets cp nymphets little oral
with sex with men
and gave a couple of blowjobs to truckers that worked for us. It was with
these guys I finally realized where my true place was... serving a real man
in any way he wanted me.Late one evening, my mom asked me if I would run some paperwork down to the
office and put in the drivers' boxes so it would be there when they came in
to go out for the night. I was bored and any excuse to get out of the house
was good enough for me so I said, "Sure."I got down to the office and put the memos in the boxes and was just about
to head to my car and go home when a light on in one of the trucks caught
my attention. It didn't happen very often but sometimes teenagers would
break into the trucks to steal the radios and stuff, so I thought I should
investigate. I quitely walked toward the truck following the shadows of the
trucks and building to keep from being noticed. As I got close to the
truck, I noticed the door was open and there was someone standing dirty nymphet
beside it
near the fuel tank but I couldn't little nymphets illegal tell who. I sneaked a little closer and
realized that it was Johnny, one of the drivers. I walked up to him and
said, "Hey Johnny, what's up?""Taking a leak if ya gotta know," he said, looking a little startled but
covering it well. I was more than a little embarassed, having interrupted
him. But he seemed unfazed as he continued to piss a manly stream into the
dust of the lot. "What the hell are you doin' down here this time a night?""Boss wanted me to put something about vacation requests in your boxes." I
replied trying not to sound too much like a mama's boy. "I saw the light on
in your truck and thought someone may be breaking in." Johnny was one of
those guys I had noticed on more than one occasion and I liked what I
saw. I knew enough about him to know he was married and had three kids. So
I figured I didn't have a chance in the world. "What about you? Little
early for you to be goin' out ain't it?""Yeah, I guess. But the wife is pissin' and moanin' at home. On the rag
again. So I told nymphettes photos nude
her I had to go out early just to get a little peace," he
said. He was silent for a few moments and then asked, "you got a
girlfriend?""Naw," I answered, "I guess I just ain't got time for one. Besides they
ain't fightin' each other to go out with me.""Well, take my advice and avoid it as long as you can," he said as his piss
stream finally slowed to a trickle and he shook his cock and put it away.
Turning toward me as he did, I think he caught me glancing down at his
cock. He leaned back against the fuel tank of the truck and continued.
"Yeah, them bitches are never satisfied, they're constantly on your ass
about shit they want you to do and once a month they turn fuckin' psycho on
you. I'm beginning to think the little bit of pussy I have gotten over the
years ain't worth it."I just kinda nodded awkwardly. I really didn't have much experience with
that kinda stuff, but I was kinda turned on by the fact that he felt he
could just talk to me like one of the guys."It's a little cold out here, if you don't small little nymphets have anywhere to be, hop on up
in the truck and we can keep talkin' up there," he suggested. "It's nice
just hangin' out with someone who ain't screaming her fuckin' head off."Not one to pass up an opportunity to hang out with one of the big guys, I
climbed on in. He sat in the driver's seat across the doghouse from nymphet story me and
turned off the interior lights. He lit up a cigarette and asked me if I
wanted one. "Sure, I could handle that." I said, expecting him to get me a
fresh one from the pack, but he pulled the one from his mouth and passed it
to me. I hesitated a bit but accepted it and took a drag on it as he lit up
another."Yep, pussy is just too damned expensive when you think about it," he
said. "Not in money... well money too I guess, but mostly the trouble it
causes.""Yep," I agreed, trying to sound as grown up as possible as I smoked.
"Nothin but trouble."There was kind of a long silence, like he was trying to think of something
to nymphet young naked say. I guess it was more like he was trying to figure out how nymphets guesbook bbs
to say
something though. Finally he broke the silence. "I was talkin' to Bobby Joe
the other day..."Shit! Bobby Joe was one of the drivers I had blown once. My mind was racing
trying to come up with a good reaction if he said anything about it."He said you had helped him out with a little problem a few weeks ago.""Wha... what do you mean?" I stammered. I gotta be real careful not to play
with someone who's gonna get me in trouble with the folks."Hell boy, you know exactly what I mean," he laughed, "he said you suck
dick better'n a fifty dollar whore.""Man he's bullshittin' you." I protested, but not convincingly enough. "I
ain't no queer. He's just feedin you a load a shit.""Really? Well that's too bad." he said, erotic nymphet bikini "I can't afford me no fifty dollar
whore, but I need to get rid of this load somethin' fierce. Besides, I
didn't say you was queer or nothin'. I just said you helped a bud out."
With that, he reached down and gave his cock a squeeze, knowing damned well
I was lookin'. "So, you think you could... help another bud out?""I don't know," I said looking out african nymphet the window at the deserted lot. "I could
be in a pile a shit if I got caught.""You think YOU would be? I'd be gone like a fart in a dust storm if I got
caught havin' the bosses kid blow me. Besides, I got a real impressive
chunk a meat here. I bet you'd just love to get yer mouth around it." With
that he unzipped his fly and pulled out a mammoth sized cock, just
beginning to pump up a little and gettin semi-hard. "Can you handle this
one?"My jaw dropped as I took in the size of it. I was a little scared of a dick
that big, russian nymphet sites but my mouth watered just the same and my cock sprang to
life. "I... I think I could handle it.""Well, thinking ain't quite enough. If you say you're gonna take it, you
are gonna take it. Once it gets hard, it is gonna be cumming in you. There
ain't no turning back." He squeezed it and wiggled it at me to punctuate
the last sentence.I was beginning to become transfixed on it. Like I was staring into the
eyes of a cobra or somethin'. "Sure... I'll help you out." I said, not even
realizing it was coming out of my mouth."Well boy, you best strip and get yer ass back into the sleeper. Dick's
almost all the way up and it is ready for a hot mouth on it."I stripped quickly crazy nymphets top and left my clothes in the floor of the passenger side
as I climbed philippine nymphet into the sleeper. He stripped too and climbed back in there
with me. He leaned up against the side and spread his legs. Absent mindedly
stroking his nutsack and cock. It was a nice sized dick, but most
impressive was the head. The damned thing was huge, with a big flared ridge
separating it from the shaft. "What you waiting for boy? This cock ain't
gonna suck itself."I crawled over to between his legs and took the big head into my mouth. As
it pushed it toward the back of my throat, I gagged, but kept trying to
force more in.He chuckled, "You ain't never had one this big, huh?" I shook my head to
say no. "Hell that scrawny litte pecker of Bobby Joe's probably didn't even
reach the back of your tongue. Just relax and keep tryin' kid. We got
plenty a time."I kept suckin' his cock and gradually got better at gettin' it in my
throat. But still gagged occasionally. He reached down and grabbed my head
and started to fuck my head pretty forcefully. I gagged some more and
started trying to pull away. He smacked me on the side of the head with his
big meaty hand and pulled my face up to look at him."You ain't trying to quit are ya?" he asked. "Cause you said you'd help me
out. Wouldn't be very nice of you to quit now with me bein' all hard up
like this." With that he pulled me up off his cock and I gasped for air."It's just so big. It's hurtin my throat." I complained. "Can I just jerk
you off?""Fuck! Pussy boy, if I wanted me a hand job I would a done it myself," he
said raising his young hairy nymphet voice a little. "This dick is hard and it's gonna cum in
one of your holes."I flinched. Surely he doesn't intend on stickin' that thing in my ass, I
thought. I mean, I had been fucked a couple of times and had even nymphet nubiles galleries
put a
cucumber in my ass. But the thought of that thing going into me was
downright scary."You've had a cock in your asshole ain't ya boy?" He asked."Yeah, but only a couple of times, and nothing anywhere as big as yours." I
said honestly.He laughed out loud. "Well son, I think you are in for a real treat. You
ain't doing nymphetes list
much of a job a gettin' me off with your mouth, but I do love
me a tight hole too. Why don't you get your mouth back on it and get it
nice and slobbery. You're gonna need all the lube you can get, and top 100 nymphets net
spit's all that's goin on it."Worried, I nymphets rompl jpg did as I was told. I took it back inside my mouth ls mag nymphets
and tried to
get as much spit to stick to it as I could. This time I was busy trying to
figure out how the hell this thing was going into my hole without killing
me. He grabbed my head and started pumping again and watching as I drooled
all over his shaft. Trying to make it as easy on myself as I could."That'll do slut." he said, turning me on as he talked. "Get on your knees
and turn your ass up this way." I did as I was told and he pushed his
duffel bag under my belly and used his knees to spread my legs wide as he
knealt behind me. "You ready for this, cunt?"I just nodded my head. Bracing myself for what was definitely gonna
hurt. He hawked up some spit from deep in his throat and spit it onto my
asshole. He rubbed it around with his thumb. After a little of this, he
placed his big cock head at the door to my shitter and began to push."Push back on it boy. Like you are taking a dump." I did and his head
popped in. I swear I saw stars. "Just breathe boy, the pain will pass in a
few minutes." It did begin to subside and as my breathing calmed down, he
began to slide more into me. Finally after what seemed like an eternity of
pain boys cocks nymphets shooting through my shit chute, his pubic bush started to scrape
against my ass cheeks."Fuckin' nice tight hole!" He growled into my ear. "Just made nymphet pics gallery to take my
cock." With that he started to pull back out."What the fuck?" He growled soundin' pissed off. I heard him sniff a couple
of times. "Fuckin' dirty cunt!" He pulled his cock all the way out. "Get
your fuckin mouth around here."I spun around, not liking the tone in this voice. As I did I saw what he
was talking about. That big ol' head of his had dredged out a little ring
of shit that was clinging to the ridge underneath."Every fuckin' lot lizard knows if she's gonna hang out on the lots, her
cunt had better be clean!" He growled at me.Not being one who was too well versed in how to clean out my hole, I just
kinda stared at him dumbly."Get your mouth over here and clean this shit off a my cock. Skanky nymphets younger
cunt!"I guess my surprise registered all over my face."You heard me whore, get down there and clean up after yourself." He
growled, grabbing my hair and forcing me closer.I had never even imagined anything nymphet nonnude art like this and the smell was making me
wanna puke. "I can't do that." I managed to whimper.""Oh you will, and you'll thank me later for the opportunity." He said as he
pushed his head toward my closed mouth.It was about then that the smell hit me like a ton of bricks. Something
snapped in my mind and I suddenly though that this can't be too bad. I
opened my mouth up and allowed the stinky head in. I tongued a little
around it and suddenly felt like I was gonna hurl all over him."Don't you throw up you little fucker. You do and you'll regret it."I managed to keep the bile at bay and tried to get him cleaned up as fast
as small nymphette teen
possible at just get it top nymphet tgp
over with. When all the shit was gone, he pulled
my head up to face him."You done boy?" I nodded. "Open your mouth." I did and teen nymphet sex he saw the spit and
shit I had collected in my mouth. "Swallow." he commanded. I didn't do
anything. "Fuckin' swallow it cunt. You have once already." I did, fighting
the urge to puke. "That's good boy. You like that?""No," I whined."Yes you did." lovely nymphetes He demanded. "Tell me you did.""I.. I liked it." I lied."Thought so. You like the feeling of my dick in your ass?" He asked."Yes." I said. russian nymphet list No lie there."Fuckin' little lot lizard whore." he growled. "Get yer nasty ass out of my
truck." Stunned I just sat there. "Now you fuckin' cunt!" I scrambled out
of the sleeper and into the cab. I started to pull my underwear on. "Leave
your fuckin clothes alone and get your ass out of here!"I was scared shitless. The tone in his voice was enough to make me jump
out. At this point I didn't care if anyone saw my naked ass. I shimmied
down the ladder to the ground and just kinda stood there, not having any
clue what to do next. As I kinda shivered there, he came around the corner
of the truck, teenmodel nymphets pics still naked. He had his belt in his hand."Lean over that fuel ukrainian nymphete
tank boy." He said. I did so, thinking I was about to
get an ass beating for the first time in years. He leaned up against my ass
and held me in place with the weight of his body as he reached around and
tied my wrists with the belt and then lashed me young twink nymphets to the frame of the
truck. Stepping back he seemed to be admiring his handiwork. "Boy you got a
lot to learn about servicing men. And lesson number one is always keep yer
pussy clean. Just in case a real man wants to drop a load in ya. Now this
is where ya learn what happens to lot lizards with dirty cunts. They get
themselves a trucker douche."With that he leaned into me again and slid his cock back into my dirty
hole. "You just hold yerself nice and still." Not like I could go anywhere
anyway. "Here it comes boy."I suddenly started feeling a full sensation spreading into my lower gut.
Holy nude ukrainian nymphets
shit! He's pissin' in me! I tried to protest and to squirm away, but
he clamped his hand over my mouth and growled into my ear. "You just be
still boy and after your cunt's clean, I'll drop that nice load in you that
I nabokov nymphet
promised."After what seemed like an eternity, the flow stopped. He said, "Okay boy, I
am about to pull out. You just clamp that hole down beautiful non nude nymphette good and keep all that
trucker douche in there till I tell you model nymphettes
you can spray it out." He slowly
pulled out and as the head popped out, I clamped down hard. "Good boy."
With that he reached around and undid the end of the belt that was attached
to the frame. "Now squat down and clean my dick off again."I did as I was told, this time tasting his bitter piss as well as my own
ass flavors."Okay boy, Just let it out nice and slow." I did, starting to hear the
trickle of piss splashing into the dusty lot. "Boy you sure do look a
sight, sqatting to pee from your dirty cunt just like a woman. You just
keep lettin it out nice and slow. And suck on this while you do it."He slipped his dick back in my mouth and I kept letting his piss spray out
of my ass. Humiliated to be in this position. But my own cock nymphet amateur models
was standing
at full attention."Looks like your clit nymphets illegal xxx is rock hard. You must be enjoyin' this." He
taunted. "you might wanna slobber that dick up some more. It wants to play
some more."After he was satisfied that it was wet enough, he pulled me up with the
belt and tied me back to the frame. He slammed his cock back home in my
sore hole and began to ride it hard. His illegal nymphette model nude pumping got faster and faster
until finally he growled in my ear as he shot nymphet underage cp his hot cumload deep into my
bowels. "Take that fuckin' baby batter, cunt. Awww fuck yeah!" He spasmed a
few more times and finally let his softening prick nymphets naked top slide out of my ass with
a slurping sound."Looks like you need to do a little more cleaning whore." he said as he
untied me again. "Get to work."This time I had the tastes of my own shit, his piss and his cum to
savor. And savor it I did. I was horny as hell and the tastes were turning
me on even more. After he was completely cleaned, he said, "Squat down
there cunt, with nymphets ukrainian jpg tgp your back against the tank. I did and he ran his fingers
under me and across my abused hole. He stuck a finger in and wiggled it
around. He pulled it out and put undressing nude nymphets it to my lips. "Suck it." This time there
was no hesitation. The shit, piss, cum cocktail was sending me right into
orbit. He repeated it a few more times and then he untied my hands. He
stood back and commanded, lol nymphets non nude
"Shit my cumload out into your hand."I reached under my hole and did as I was told with a slurpy fart sound."Lick it." he said and I did. "Now jerk on your clit until you cum. And
keep eating my spunk and your ass juice."I grabbed my cock and beat it like a madman. After a few good strokes I
blew my load all over my hand. My spunk mixing with all the other flavors."Guess you better eat that too." he said.I did so as he reached into his cab and grabbed my clothes. He tossed them
on the ground in front of me and started to walk back to the driver's side."You best get dressed and get out of here before some a the other drives
see and nymphets topsite smell ya. And next time you come beggin' for my cock, your cunt
better be clean or the trucker douche is gonna be the least of your
worries."With that, he got into his rig and locked the doors.I struggled to hurriedly get dressed and walked back to the shop. I went to
the driver's john and looked at myself in the mirror. I was filthy and
smelled like a bus station men's room. (A scent I have learned to love.)
There was no small nymphets bbs
way I could go home looking and smelling like this so I got
undressed and headed into the driver's shower room. I was just about
finished when I heard the door open. Then Bobby Joe walked to the opening
in the shower stall."What the..." Bobby Joe said with a grin."You son-of-a-bitch." was all I could muster.
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