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Subject: Re: Truck Stop Raunch by joe wilson Truck Stop
by joe wilson
I was driving south on 14 out of Ridgecrest on my way to Lancaster. it's
kind of facial nymphets
lonely up there, so I had my pants unzipped and began a slow
jack-off.A gentle beep from the truck passing me. It was a hunky guy---no shirt,
broad shoulders, big smile with great white teeth that looked like they
were capped. He was staring in my window. Wow! Baby! I smiled, pulling
my hand away from my swollen cock so he had a good look.He pursed his lips, like a kiss, and he veered to the side of the highway
and stopped. I pulled up behind him, stuffed my you know what back into my
pants, got out and walked up to the cab. Shit! That guy was naked! Hot
and hard and ready. Jesus! Was he ready.His nips had to be two inches long, erect and rubbery, kind of the color of
rust. Beautiful hair, golden in the sunlight, all over his body. nymphet modeling pics
He was
strong, strong and lean, like an olympic swimmer. His cock rose from his
lap like the goddam Washington Monument. His legs were spread apart,
whirly with taut muscle and carpeted with fine golden sweet angel nymphet hair. Just looking
at him made me want to come."Where're you going," he asked in a loud voice as though he wanted the
world to hear."Lancaster." I shouted back."So'm I. You want to meet in there tonight?""Yeah man! Just say where.""Shit!""No shit man. I'm so fucking ready right now.....""Well get up here and show me you really mean it."I climbed into the truck. He was naked, and he pushed his cock in my face
and I touched it and loved it and played with it....wet lips and tongue,
sucking mouth. it was all solid tough nymphets modeling and real and full of electricity.
After a while, he pulled my head away."Shit!""Better cool it, sweetheart. I want more'n a quick blow. The Town Motel.
Tell the clerk you're spending the night with Randy. I got me one more
stop, then I'll be there. just hold it for me, Okay?"
The motel was low down. Not the kind of place you'd want to check into.
Only ten or so rooms. From the outside the whole setup looked small and
needing repair. The parking area was large though, macadamized model preeteen nymphet and with
seven or eight eighteen wheelers parked there.The room clerk was a sweet, lisping, limp-wristed, nelly queen with blue
blue eyes and heart shaped lips. Tight jeans hugged a well-rounded ass and
bulging basket. he fluttered as he lisped, "We're all filled up. Sorry
man.""I'm staying with Randy."The change in him was real noticeable. he looked at me with love and
adoration. His hands drifted to his loins and played with his packed and
growing box. On impulse, I bent over the counter and kissed him. His
breath was moist and sweet as violets. His lips, soft, like rose petals.
Suddenly I wanted him. How nice it would be to fuck that tight little
rotating ass.A demanding moment of hunger, nymphet sex vid of understanding engulfed us. We separated
and he handed me the key. He stood back appraising me. Undressing me in
his turned-on mind. I felt russian nymphets free videos
he liked what he saw. "Room 4," he said, and
then, in a voice, low and quiet, a musical whisper, "Perhaps I'll be seeing
you later."
I unlocked the stocking nymphets door and stepped into a wet-dream fantasy. The room was
mirrored. Totally. One giant reflection bouncing back and forth illegal russian nymphets from wall
to wall, ceiling to floor. Blood surged to my loins in one overwhelming
wave.I took off my shirt and there staring back with a familiar leer, were
twenty images. Liquid movement as I stripped. Shoes, socks and pants fell
to the floor in counts of twenty or more of everything and then there I
was, naked in twenty uncountable images.My body rushed with excitement; my cock hurting in its swollenness,
repeating itself so many times. I danced, twirled about, waving my cock to
and fro. Adding to my excitement, i twisted my nips, and ran my hands down
my naked torso, around my buttocks, to my warm and moist hole.I lay on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Looking at myself, I saw a
beautiful naked male, slender and graceful, yet masculine. Abundant hair
in all the right places, aereoles the size of uncensored nymphets
quarters, full lips and
flashing eyes."I love you," I whispered to myself, "I love you," I shouted.The door opened and there he was. Naked as when I saw small nymphets angel him in the truck.
Red lamps reflected on illegal pedo nymphet golden hairs like a tahitian sunset. Blue eyes
sparkled. Expectation abounded. His smile was all I needed."You're here!""Yes.""I figured you would be.""Yeah. Quite a place you picked out. Mirrors and all.""It's mine. I nymphette little own it.""Jesus!""Willie's mine too. The fairy queen at the desk. He's my body slave.""Must be nice."He centered his eyes on my cock, towering and hard and swaying back and
forth just a little bit. The foreskin stretched and pulled back over the
glans, red and shiny. He bent forward for a quick, wet kiss, sucking nymphets
but that was
all. A tease of things to come."He likes you.""That's nice. Yeah, that's little nymphet free gallery real nice. But I don't need words. I gotta
get it off man. The pressure's driving me up the wall. Shit! I need it
fucking bad...""We're going to keep it that way for a while. Come here to the door. See
those trucks out there?" He pointed to the 18 wheelers. 100free young nymphet pics "The drivers are
in their rooms waiting for head. You like cock? Well, there's some nice
fat juicy ones for you. Look here a minute. Let me show you something."
He turned on the TV. The picture showed a hairy guy sitting on the nymphet tgp xxx home side of
a bed. Another guy, young, brawny, deep-chested, hunched in a chair
watching the News on their TV. Both were drinking Bud out of the can.
Both were stripped. The ls forum nymphets hairy one leaned back on the bed, his huge nine
incher was hard and stretched past his navel, "Shit! I'm so fucking horny.
When's he goin' to get here?"My gold adonis turned his handsome head and looked at me. "Watch this," he
said and he nymphet paradise pic slipped out the door.Before I realized that he had truly left the room, I saw the door that was
pictured on the TV screen open, and he entered the room in all his naked
glory, his cock leading the way, swinging to and fro. It was a
closed-circuit TV."Well the cocksucker's finally got here," the hairy one said.I watched as Randy knelt down before the huge cock and began to worship it
like a priest at the altar. Excitement took over, and the suck fest
ignited the hairy man's body which thrashed back and forth with pleasure.The young man turned from the screen and watched, quite caught up nymphets models pics in the
excitement of seeing his buddy get his cock swallowed down the beautiful
naked cocksucker's throat. Then Randy pulled him to the bed and took turns
sucking one and then the other. Their obvious pleasure reached
uncontrollable limits---humping and gasps and quick thrusting motions of
hairy hips --- and each exploded cum into Randy's open mouth. sweet nymphet galleries First the
hairy man, and then the brawney young one.I watched the door close as Randy left them supine and spent, their cocks
shrunk to nothingness, and my own cock soared as Randy, turgid and hot and
smelling of sex returned to our room. His smile was charming in it
bashfulness. He came to me and kissed me, and deposited a great wad of cum
from his mouth into mine, still warm teens littles nymphets
and sticky, a gift from the hairy man
and the brawny young one."Jeesus Cheeerist" was all I could say as the luscious cum seeped down nymphet 14 yo my
throat."That's the way it is, fella, Guys in all those rooms waiting for us to get
their rocks off. Just you and me and Willie, and a total of twenty guys.
You ready for one? Look here!" and he touched the TV remote. The picture
showed a black man stretched dark angels bbs nymphets out on a bed. He was so tall his legs hung
over the foot of it. His head was cradled in his hands, elbows to the
ceiling. Like the others, he was naked. I recognized him. He was Kareem,
the basketball player. A black ebony nude nymphet little body slightly built. No hair, even
in the pits just a patch around his enormous cock. A body long lean and
muscular, a face, beautiful like a nubian idol. Even his head was shaved.
His cock was soft sleeping on his thighs, hanging almost to his knees. It
appeared to be as thick as his thin wrists."He's yours, pal," he said."Jesus!"I stepped outside in a nubile nymphets porn great anticipation. A wind had come up, warm and
dry, off the desert, and it played around my naked body. It was wonderful
being out doors and bare-ass.I noticed a male shape standing at the window of #8 watching me, and that
added to my excitement too. What a fantastic world did I suddenly fall
into? I felt like Alice in Wonderland. Then the figure in the window came
into full view. It was a nymphetts porn pics beautiful young boy, 16 maybe 17. he seemed
disappointed when I reached the door of #10. I almost did too. That is,
until I opened it and stepped inside. Kareems's smile was most welcoming.
Bouncing white teeth. Pink lips thick with passion."Ah! he said, "Come here man, I need you bad." And he spread his legs and
reached for my arm pulling me to him. His hand was very large and
dominant. He pushed me down so I knelt on the floor and, bending forward,
buried my face in his crotch. I inhaled teen nymphet model his smell. The smell of an animal
in heat. His black cock began to little nymphet pretty harden as I kissed it, loved it adored
it, worshipped it. I licked it and teased it and sucked it, its size
growing to enormous proportions in thickness as well as length.He bent forward, reached down, and putting his huge hands into my armpits,
he pulled me onto the bed."Lick me, lick everywhere ----O.K. Whitey? Kiss this niggers' body."And I began with my tongue in his ear and traced it down his long black
throat to shoulder, nymphet photo angels
armpits, narrow chest and swollen nipples. he had a
salty taste. Was that sweat earned in the gym? His abdomen was hard,
spare and muscular, the belly button deep, elastic muscles on the surface
of the skin, no body hair, but swollen suckable nipples. I licked and
sucked and kissed every inch of him. I kissed his ass nubile nymphet teenies with an
out-of-control tongue, probing, forcing asian nymphets sex it past the slick membrand to the
sphincter.When I had watched him play, so many times on the TV, I was in love with
him. Now here he was. My idol. Giving his naked body to me.I traced my tongue to his balls and took them into my mouth, one at a time.
I knew how sensitive they can be, so with loving tenderness I pleasured
them. Then I slid my tongue up to his erect cock, so long and hard, yet so
resilient too. My tongue slithered up the shaft with kisses and abandon
and, at the head of it, I probed the piss slit. In my mind I kept saying
"I love you, Kareem. I will do anything for you, just ask."His great hands surrounded my head in total control, and held it over his
crotch. free nymphets pussy Skinning back that great cock, I kissed the slick skin that
covered it. Then I sucked the head of it with my tongue and tightened my
lips. I was sucking positively now, with no intention of stopping.
Knobbing up and down, sucking, playing with the underside, and then, a deep
low moan came from him, and with a sudden violent lurch, he ejaculated
great gobs of bittersweet cum that splashed down my throat, filling me with
his essence, and I swallowed and it filled again, and I swallowed, and nymphets gagging it
filled again and again. Finally, I fell to the floor my body covered with
the sweat of taking his cream away from him.I opened the door and left, stumbling into the courtyard, blinded by my own
unsatisfied little fetisch nymphets
lust."You come back later, you hear? I want this nigger nymphet small cock up your white
asshole."Jesus Christ. I needed to cool down somehow.
The door to number 8 was open. The lovely young boy ru incest terra nymphets
was leaning in the
frame. His body was shapeless. Underdeveloped. The shoulders were
narrow, long arms, tiny rasberry nipples, pink and virgin. he had no hips,
and his long legs tapered to narrow ankles. Except for a small patch of
pubic hair, his skin was smooth and transparent. His freshness was
appealing. His cock was long, narrow and hard.His head was bowed as I passed his room, as though he was afraid I would
reject him, for certainly he was offering himself to me. I stopped in
front of him and bending down took the whole of his cock into my mouth, and
instantly, his sweet cum struck the back of nymphets free gallery my throat with an exciting
force. I had forgotten little ukrainian nymphets the secret pleasure of chicken-cock. His
excitement brought him real tears. He regretted his lack of control, but I
knew he would soon be ready to come again. As he slipped back into his
room, and closed the door, I heard him say, "It's okay Uncle Fred, I'm
coming, I just stopped for a minute, but I'm ready to do you now." and the
door closed.Randy was waiting for me in #4. The TV was on. It showed a clear picture
of willie on the floor. Two hairy amazons stood over him, urinating."All this and heaven too," I said wryly."He loves it. Don't you?""Yes," I sighed, "There's little I don't like. Let's go and help him photo nude nymphet out."Room #6 was larger than any I had been in so far. Like #4 it was fully
mirrored and lit only by red lamps. The smell of grass and poppers and
piss was dominant. This was rough stuff. Not sweet and innocent like #8.Instead of two men as shown on the TV there were 4, adding Willie, Randy
and myself there were 7 of us all together. Yet the room was not crowded.
There was no furniture. Just a few mattresses scattered around.I felt the warm slimy piss on my feet as I stepped into the room. What
Willie hadn't taken was puddled on the floor. On a mattress off in a
corner there were two men, partners in a classic 69, so caught in their own
passions that they seemed unaware of Willie and his golden shower.Randy and I knelt down, supplicants in prayer, and raised our tilted heads
upward. It was quick and instinctive. Each of the two men pointed his
stream at us, and when they were dried up, we were quite as wet as Willie.
Their cocks tasted salty as we kissed them. Their shafts, hard young nymphets porn and
leathery encased with bulging veins of hot blood, their assholes tasted
like coffee.The sounds that emanated from the two men in the corner attracted me and I
sidled over to where they lay gasping and twisting their bodies in their
private pleasures.The man on top was young, in his late teens. His back was long, with
rippling muscles, shallow and to the surface. His shoulders were not
broad, but his hips were so narrow that they seemed to be. There was a
small richly colored tattoo resting on his shoulders.He was willowy in his slenderness. His skin, tight and smooth, with a deep
tan except for his nymphets land
beautiful, molded and firm ass cheeks, which were white
and reflected back thaimisc dreamwiz nymphet
tiny nymphets
the red glow of the lamps. His buttocks and head moved
back and forth in a rhythmic tandem as he fucked his cock in and out of his
lovers' mouth and sucked on his lovers' cock at the same time.I knelt down and kissed nymphet clip his ass. Lovers kisses. Sucking hickeys that
would remain for long time as a reminder of this days orgy.Tracing my tongue down the back of his legs, then up to the firm, fleshy
globes of his ass for more sucking. He reached behind him and with each
hand on a cheek, pulled the crack of his ass open. There was no hair in
his slit. Either he was too young or it had been shaved and the puckered
anus, pink and tight, beckoned me. Bending forward I kissed nymphets galleries child
it working my
tongue into its tight doorway. And as he sucked and rolled his ass, I
fucked his hole with my tongue. His increasing excitement was evident by
his violent thrusts and motions which transferred to his love partner.
Soon the great simultaneious climax was reached with a mutual shudder and
their bodies, clinging one to the other lay still, their passions spent.I sat back on my haunches and surveyed the room. My cock seemed locked in
its hardness. The swollen testicles imprisoned the vast quantity of sperm
that demanded release. Across the room, Willie was standing, his legs
spread apart. He was bending at the waist and sucking on the hairy man
with gnarled muscles. He was one of those who had pissed on us. The
other, a black man, was fucking Willie."Suck on my cock Willie.""Fuck me man!""Get me off please," I cried silently, and then there was a light tapping
on my shoulder. I turned. Randy, his blue eyes warm and moist, looked at
me. He put his arms around me and as his silky skin touched mine, he
kissed me with nymphets naked gallery soft open lips. As his beautiful erect cock touched mine, a
drop of pre-cum sparkled in the red light on his piss slit."Let's go, teenart nymphet " he nymphet teen teen
said pulling me away, "We're finished here. At least for
an hour or two. It's our turn now, gymnastic nymphets
and I want to fuck you." And he led me
across the courtyard to #4.......
I hope you liked my adventure
if you did please let me
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