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From: Mr Wildguy1
Subject: Truck Stop InnThis is a true story of what happened to me while I was in college.
This ocurred in 1989, not too much about AIDS was known then. Had I
have known back then what I know now, I would never have done this.
However, this is one of the most fulfilling events that have taken place
in my life, and I only wish I could do it whenever I wished.This story involves alcohol, pot, and unprotected sex. If any of this
offends you, please do not read any further.
I was a 19 year old freshman in 1989 attending college at Butler
University in Indianapolis. I was on my way home to Minneapolis for the
Thanksgiving break. I hadn't been home yet that year as it was a fairly
significant drive so I was really looking forward to being back at home.
I headed to the bank to get some money for the trip home and then headed
back to the dorm room to pack my things. I said good bye to all my
buddies and headed out for the long trip home. It was now about 6:00 in
the evening but I thought I'd drive the whole night and crash once I got
to my parents house.I got to the other side of the Chicago area when it was time to gas up.
It was about 8:30 now. I found a rather large truck stop with a
restaurant and a small inn on the lot. I pulled in to the gas station
and filled up my car and then started looking for the bank envelope of
money that I had withdrawn earlier. I searched and searched but could
not find it anywhere. After about 10 minutes of searching I knew I must
have left it back at the dorm room. I had 3 dollars in my wallet and my
gas came to $18.50. Being a freshman in college, I didn't have any
credit cards either. I knew I had to go into the gas station and tell
them what happened and hoped that they would be understanding and maybe
have a way for me to nice nymphets thumbs repay it.The cashier was a tall, about 6'4" black man that had quite an athletic
build and a shaved head. He had one of those tribal band tattoos around
his bicep. He was at most 23 years old. He had a few lil nymphet nude
customers that he
was waiting on so I just kept walking up and down the aisles until the
station was empty. I kept watching the black stud. I mostly had sex
with women these days but I had a few experiences with men too. During
high school, a friend of mine and I would suck each other off. It
wasn't until college when a frat guy got me drunk that I first
experience a cock in my ass. I ended up getting it a few more times
from that same frat guy. However I had never messed around with a black
guy before, yet this guy was turning me on.The store was clear now. I swallowed hard and walked up to the cashier.
I said, "Buddy, I have a problem. I filled up my car with gas and then
realized that I had left my money envelope back at my dorm room in
Indianapolis." He smiled at me and told me that I would need to go talk
to the manager who was in room number 1 of the Inn that was on the lot.
He winked at me and told me good luck.I headed to the Inn to talk to the manager. He must have been called by
the black stud because I no sooner knocked when the door opened. He was
a blondish-brown haired guy, had the sides of his head shaved close and
the top cut squarely. He was about 6'2" and probably weighed about 175
pounds. He was quite hot! He sexy nymphet pictures
had a tank top on and a pair of umbro
shorts and white socks. The women I was attracted to tend to be about
my height or taller. I'm about 5'9, 140 pounds. The men I am attracted
to tend to be much taller and heavier. He certainly fit the mold!I told the manager that the gas station cashier sent me to talk to him
about the gas money I owed. He told me to come on in. He introduced
himself as Matt. He got me a Coke while I explained to him that I left
my money back at the dorm room and was on my way to Minneapolis for the
Thanksgiving break. He asked me if I had nymphet messageboard to be home in 16 yo nymphet tits the morning. nymphet hot I
said no and that my intentions were to leave the next day anyway but all
my buddies at school had left so I thought I'd go ahead and leave
tonight. He said that a buddy of his was suppose to come over and drink
and watch the Chicago Bulls play the Lakers. He told me if I would stay
and watch the game and drink with him that he'd pay the nude nymphet models pics bill. He asked
me if I drank. I replied, "I'm a freshman in college, of course I
drink." He smiled.He pulled a tank top and a pair of boxers from the drawer and told me I
looked like I need to take a shower and cool off to get the nerves out
of my stomach. He was right. My stomach was all knotted up because of
the situation I was in. I headed into the shower while he went to the
gas station to settle my bill.When I got out of the shower he asked me if I ever did shots and if I
liked Goldshlager. I said yes to both. I really loved Goldshlager. It
is a cinnamon schnapps that had gold looking flakes floating around in
it. He poured me some in a small glass and I downed it immediately. It
tasted so good! He said "Damn, boy! You must really like that stuff."
I said "You bet I do", and he poured me another. I ended up having 5
shots of Goldshlager before he finished his first Bud Light. He reached back into the drawer of the dresser and pulled out a joint.
He looked at me and asked if I smoked pot. I told him I never had yet
but that I was curious. He said that the pot he had was really mild and
would be the best kind to start with. He showed me how to take a drag
of the thin joint and that I was to take a deep breath to fill up my
lower lungs and to hold it in as long as possible. He told me it would
take about 3 of these joints to get me baked, but that he liked the edge
that they gave him. He handed me the joint and I inhaled a deep breath
off the joint and could feel it fill my lungs full of the smoke. I had
a hard time keeping myself from coughing but I did. I let out the smoke
and didn't feel a thing. He told me it takes a lot of this kind of pot
to feel it.I took about 8 big, deep drags of the joint within the next five minutes
and started to feel the effects. He smiled at me and said, "It feels
good doesn't it." I smiled my agreement and he told me to take about 6
or so more drags of the joint and that would finish it off. He poured
me another small glass of Goldschlager. I finished off the joint and
downed the shot and started feeling really, really good. Although Matt
looked really good when I first saw him, he was looking more fine by the
minute. I wanted nymphets 13 yo
his cock so bad that I was aching.Matt smiled at me and said, "Are you ready to earn that naked nymphets drawings gas money?" I
asked him what he had in lollita young nymphets mind. He pulled out 4 leather belt-like cuffs
from his drawer and asked if it was ok if he put him on. nymphets asian erotica Although I was
somewhat objecting to it, he had them on my ankles and wrists in no
time. He told me to stand up and to straddle the corner of the foot of
the bed so that one knee was touching the side edge of the bed and the
other was touching the foot edge. I did but he told me to do it on the
other corner of the bed so that my back was to the door to the room. I
stood straddling the foot of the bed while he got on his knees and
pulled something from under the bed and connected it to the ring on the
ankle cuff. He did the same to the other ankle. He stood up directly
behind me, wrapped his arms around me and started grinding his crotch in
my ass. He started licking and nymphet thumbs
kissing my neck and his hands roamed all
over the front of my body. He felt so good!At this point I still had the tank top and boxer short on so I didn't
know what he was going to do. He poured another shot for me, came up
behind me and put the glass to my mouth. I eagerly finished it off. He
leaned me forward until I fell onto the bed. Whatever was attached to
my ankle cuffs kept my lower legs from moving so I was forced to bend at
the underage sexy nymphets
hips while I was laying down on the bed straddling the corner. My
ass was right at the corner and my dick and free youngest nymphets balls were now nymphetes child porno asian under me
which was a little uncomfortable. He must have known because he pulled
them out from under me so that my cock was pointing down to the floor.
He went to the corner of the bed that I was now facing and pulled nymphet child
out a
rope. He artistic nymphets nude
threaded it through the 2 metal rings on the wrist cuffs and
pulled it back tight up to the top corner of the bed and secured it.
For the first time I realized that there was a full nudeart preteem nymphet length mirror
leaning in the corner near the bed. I could see what position I was in
and it was a very vulnerable position that he had me in. I didn't care.
I was so drunk, high and horny right then that I would have done
anything he wanted me to.He got behind me, put his crotch in my ass, laid on top of me and
whispered "are you ready to earn your gas money from me?" into my ear.
I said, "I'm ready to earn that and more!" He told me I was a good boy
and walked over to the drawer and took out a pair of scissors.He got behind me again and proceeded to cut off the boxers and then the
tank top. He walked back over to the drawer and pulled out a bottle of
lube and pumped some into his hand and started lubing up his cock. I
said, "You will use a condom, right?". He replied, "With a condom, you
only earn 10 dollars. Bareback you will earn the $18.50 that you need.
Which do you want?"He was right. I needed the full amount. I told him I wanted it
bareback and he told me I was a good boy again. I felt him lube up my
ass and was anticipating 12yr old nymphets feeling a finger slide in but it didn't
happened. He positioned his cock at the entrance to my hole and told me
to relax. He slowly started pushing his cock in me and I groaned and nymphet cgi
told him he was hurting me. He said he knew it hurt a little but that
he liked the tight feel of an unopened ass and told me to clamp down on
his cock with my ass and that the pain would go away soon. Although it
hurt for a little bit, he unde nymphet bbs was right, nude young nymphetnasty nymphettes the pain had left and my moans wombat bbs nymphet
now of pleasure. He started pumping me harder and faster and leaned
over and told me how good my tight, wet, warm ass felt to his cock. All
I could do was moan my pleasure. The frat boy back at school never felt
this good. I was in ecstasy. He leaned over again and asked me if I
wanted to earn some more money. I said "Fuck yeah buddy!" He said
"Good boy" to me again and then started pumping fast and hard. It felt
so good!I could tell he was getting close because of how vocal he was getting.
It was hot watching the stud ride me in the mirror. He asked me if I
was ready to be flooded with cum and I told him to go for it. His moans
got loader and nude boys nymphets loader until I saw his body start to jerk in the mirror.
He yelled, "Take it buddy, take my cum, milk the cum from my cock." I
could nymphets naked forum feel his cock pumping me full of his juice. He collapsed
exhausted on top of me, his cock going limp, but still in my ass. He
whispered into my ear, "Good boy, you paid off your gas debt, now let's
get you some money". I didn't know what he meant. nymphets movies free He got up, poured
another shot and had me down it. He picked up the phone and made a
call. I could hear him talk about if it was busy bbs nymphet nude
and how much gas was
sold, so I assumed he was talking to the black stud at the station.
Then Matt said, "Well, I've got the boy ready, get the underage nymphet toplist
calls made." It
kind of startled me, but I didn't know what he meant. Matt pt nymphet toplist lit up another joint and asked if I wanted a puff. I wanted it so underage rompl nymphets

bad and he let me take all the drags I wanted. It was kind of hard to
get my lungs full due to the position I was in, but I succeeded.
Getting an ass full of cum always feels sexy lolta nymphet good, but being high and drunk
and getting your ass filled young nymphets free was fucking hot! It wasn't but a few seconds after I finished off the joint that I heard
a knock at the door. Matt answered it and a tall full-beared guy who
was probably in his mid 30's walked in, shook Matt's hand and said, "How
you doing Matt?". Matt said pretty good and the tall guy said that he
could see why. He pulled out his wallet, handed Matt some money but I
couldn't tell how much, and then started undoing his belt and taking off
his clothes. I asked Matt what was going on and he said we were earning
some money. It didn't sink in that he had said that "WE" were earning
some money. I told him I didn't think it was bikini nymphets a good idea but by this
time the guy had his cock lubed and at the entrance to my hole and I
started to moan my approval.This guy must have been a little more hung than Matt because nymphet forum ru I could
feel the difference. He was pumping me hard and fast when another knock
came at the door. While the first guy rode me hard, the second guy
shook nymphet model Matt's hand, handed him some money too and stripped naked.It wasn't long before the first guys started moaning louder and I could
feel his cock shooting his sperm deep inside my ass. I kind of wished
he would have fucked me longer because it felt so good, but it didn't
matter. Almost as soon naked nymphets photos as he pulled cam nymphet
his cock photo teen nymphette out of me, the second guy
had his inside me. This guy nymphet russians didn't lube up his cock before hand,
although it didn't matter at this point because I had enough juice
inside me. The first guy got dressed and I saw him sign a sheet of
paper and then tell Matt thanks and he left. At the next knock I saw a
young short boy walk in, he had to have been younger than me, maybe 17
or 18. He talked to Matt but I didn't see any exchange of money. While
the 2nd guy fucked me, the young boy stripped naked and got on the bed
so that his crotch was near my head and he started jacking off. Matt
told me that I needed to let the young boy shoot his load in my mouth,
but that I didn't have to swallow it. I told him ok. It didn't take the boy long before he presented his cock to my mouth. I
wrapped my lips around his cock and sucked him until he fed me his load.
He pulled his cock out of my mouth and I was about ready to spit out his
come when he quickly covered my mouth with his hands, looked into my
eyes and said, "I think you want to swallow my cum." nymphets teens 12 yo I looked at Matt
and Matt said, "He wants you to swallow it". I didn't and Matt told the
young boy that it looked like he'd have to make me swallow it. The boy
kept my mouth tightly covered and pinched my nose shut. He looked in my
eyes nymphet kindersex
and told me if I swallowed he'd let me breath again. After about
30 seconds, I had to swallow his cum so that I could breath again. At
about the same time, the guy fucking me filled me to the guts with his
huge load. I knew some of it had to be running down my leg. Both the
guy and the boy got up, dressed, signed the sheet and took prepubescent nymphet off. Matt
asked if I need a drink to wash the cum taste out of my mouth and I said
please. He poured some GoldSchlagel into a bigger glass and had me
drink all of it.After about 10 minutes, I felt as if I was on the edge of passing out.
A knock at the door came and in walked 3 young black men. They didn't
say a word. They just handed money to Matt, took off their clothes and
the first one immediately went to work on my ass. I had never had black
cock before, but at this point, I didn't care what color it was. He russian underage nymphets
fucked me for a few minutes, then pulled out and let one of his buddy's
take a turn. The room started spinning for me and I knew little nymphet sexy I was going to
be passing out soon. The Goldschlagel, the pot and all the fucking was
getting to me and I wasn't going to be awake much longer.I awoke the next morning still tied in the same position and still with
a cock pumping my ass. I looked up in the mirror to see the black stud
from the gas station. He must have been hung like a horse, it kind of
hurt when it was all the way in and it must have been very thick. My
ass was hurting. I couldn't tell if it hurt because of the black stud
or because it nymphets room was overused and abused all through the night.The black stud pumped his load in my ass for what seemed like 2 minutes.
His load was massive. I could feel it in my ass.He got up, signed the sheet of paper and told Matt that he'd see him
later. Matt asked me how I felt. I told him I was so fucking sore! He
said that I should be. He untied me and told me to take a shower. I
knew the first thing I was going to do was to take a shit. I sat on the
stool and liquid poured out of my ass for what seemed like forever. I
knew a little of it was lube, but that the bulk was a mixture of cum
from pedophilie rape nymphet gallery all the guys. I nymphetfreerussian felt sleazy and took a long, hot shower.When I got out of the bathroom Matt was standing there. He told me I
was one fucking good boy and that he was proud of me. He handed me 3
crisp one hundred dollar bills and a sheet of paper. I was shocked. I
couldn't believe he gave me $300. I asked him what the paper was. He
said that was a list of all the guys who shot their loads in me that
night. It had 13 names on it. I couldn't believe that many guys fucked
me and shot their nude nymphets thumb cum in me. I asked him why most of them had the
number 1 next to their names, a few had 2, and one had 3 next to theirs.
He said bbs gallery nymphets
that is the number of loads I took from them. I notice the name
with 3 by it was Matt and asked if it was him and he said yes! I told
him I needed to go and asked if I could stop by again and he said most
certainly!I headed back to Minneapolis with a huge smile on my face, $300 dollars
in my pocket, and one hell of a sore ass! I have not slept with a woman
since then.
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