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Subject: Truck Stop Fill UP ( Piss n Go )Truck Stop Fill Up
Piss n Go The bright head lamps of the truck that had just pulled in went off,
but I could still see the flashing red light on the ground behind the
trailer where I stood. I thought I could hear some talking, but it was
hard to hear with the low nymphette land pedo
rumble of the diesel underage nymphet porno video engine. I stepped over,
and looked around the back of the trailer. The interior light of the
truck cab was on, and I could see the guy up in the driver's seat with
the cb in his hand. He leaned forward, looked out; then, over to his
side. He looked in the side mirror before I seen him reach over. The
interior light of the cab went out with only the exterior parking lights
of the truck on.
I seen the bright head lamps on the truck behind my car where I had
parked come on; then, off again, and back on before I seen the truck move
forward. I seen the emergency flashers come on the truck right in front
of me just before I heard the cab door open; then, close. I watched as
the truck pulled out from behind my car.
I didn't see anyone around. I stepped cautiously back toward my car
with my shoes slipping off my feet while holding my pants up with one
hand. I was behind the cab of youngs nymphets
the truck that had just parked and could
see my car. The guy didn't exactly take any time to parallel park. His
trailer was pulled in at an angle with the rear of his trailer parked
only a few feet from the front driver's side of my car. I'd have to back
out to get around his trailer.
I seen the head lights of the truck stop. The truck stopped near
the rear tires on other side of little nymphets password the trailer from where I stood. I waited
for a nymphets underage sex moment; then, began to step back toward the end of the trailer to
my car when I seen the head lamps of the truck move forward again. I
stopped and bent down to see up under the trailer. The head lamps passed
by as I watched the red tail young nymphet clips lights of the truck pass and pull away
toward the highway. It was dark except for the parking lights and the
red flashing tail lights on the rear of non nude nymphet
the trailer. I raised back up
and walked to the back of the trailer. I walked around the rear of the
trailer; then, suddenly stopped when I seen a guy standing behind the
trailer not more than four feet from me. I looked over at my car; then,
back at him.
I could see from the red tail lights on the trailer he was holding
his dick in his hand with his balls youngest nymph xxx hanging out thru his unzipped pants,
but his pants were still buckled. Even as I looked at his dick I could
see there was only a few feet between the trailer and my car. If I
wanted to leave I would have to walk right by him, or walk all the way
around the rear of my car and back around to the driver's side.
"Sorry nymphet snuff bud,.. gotta piss," he told me which got my attention. nymphet art pic
looked up at him. I wasn't sure if he had seen me staring at his dick,
or not. "Uhhh,..... no problem," I replied as I stood there. The guy
was just pissing. I've seen, and done, that before. He wasn't much
taller than me, and a young guy probably in his early 30's. He was
slightly unshaven, but from what I could see he was clean looking for the
most part. I noticed his hand comics nymphets
move, and looked back down. He was
pulling back on his dick. He had four fingers under his dick with his
thumb on the top. There was still a good three inches of dick hanging
from his hand. I could see the folds of dick skin hanging well over the
head of his dick. It was sexy nymphet bbs obvious this guy still had his dick skin intact
even as he tried to pull the skin back some to piss.
"That yer car?" he asked. "Yeah,...... uhhhh. I was,.... uh, jus'
stretching my legs," I replied as an excuse for being away nymphets girls pics from my car
even though he didn't ask me what I panties nymphet
was doing. "Yeah, I know the
feelin',...... been drivin' all day," he stated as he looked down at my
chest. I looked down to see what he might be looking at and could see
my shirt was still wet and stained with spit and slobber.
I could see his dick slightly begin to swell as he held his dick in
his hand near the base of his cock. I could see the outline and raised
crown of his dick head, as the head of his cock swelled, under the cover
of his dick skin. The folds of skin hung well over the now pronounced
defined head of his dick. The skin slowly unfolded and rolled up toward
the head of his cock as the shaft of his cock lengthened. His cock began
to slowly raise up in his hand as the skin pulled back and unfolded. nymphet pedo galleries
skin slowly raised up and unfolded over the round end of his cock head
and exposed the piss hole. His dick raised nearly straight out in his
hand nymphetsnaked
and was considerably longer and thicker as the skin stretched
around, but still covered most of his dick head. The tight stretched
skin unfolded and rolled up over the head of his dick. His cock head
pushed out from the covering of skin. There was a slight pinkish color
as the skin rolled back over the soft pronounced crown of his dick. The
thick fold of skin bundled up behind the crown of his dick head. The
loose folds of bundled dick skin rolled and folded out behind the crown
of his dick along the shaft of his cock like a horse cock. His dick had
lengthened nearly twice as long and was more than twice as thick.
I guess he felt, or knew, his dick had swelled; because, he looked
down at his dick. He kind of laughed a little. "Kind'a hard to piss
like this,.... huh," he stated as he shook his dick; then, looked back up
at me for some kind of response. There was a short pause without an
answer from me. "Hey, what can I say,........ when nymphets cartoons ya ain't had any
pussy,.... it happens," he said laughingly as I glanced down at his dick
without moving my head to look down. I had an obvious interest in
looking. Just looking but didn't want to seem apparent. I wasn't
certain if he had noticed, or not.
"Been on the road,....... fuckin' ain't dipped my dick en any
pussy," he stated. "Huh," I replied as some kind of answer as I looked
back up at him. "Not en awhile,..... fuckin' goin'on four days,... n
ain't shot a fuckin' round off," he stated more serioulsy. "Fuckin' nuts
r backin' up on me," he stated as an excuse; then, paused for some kind
of response from me before he spoke again. "Man,.... I could use some
fuckin' pussy right now!" he huffed as he reached down and grabbed smal black nymphets his
balls. His dick was sex nymphets jpg sticking straight out, but not fully hard or arched
up. I was surprised how fat the base of his dick was when he moved his
hand. His cock tappered back and was a thick as a beer can at the base,
if not bigger. The base of his dick was twice as big around than the
head of his dick.
"Let me tell ya what,........ I russian nymphets fuck like pussy,....n,... uh,....don't get
me elite nymphet biz
nymphet sex top
wrong. I ain't no queer. Ya know,...... but, sometimes a guy's
gotta get some releif," he stated with some pause. 'En the way my
nuts'er feelin',.... let me tell ya,.........I'd let'a guy suck my
dick, problem there,...... ya know, jus' ta get a nut,.......
n',....blow a round off," which he stated as an invitation.
He let his hand loose of his balls. For the most part I didn't see
much hair on his balls which were good size. They looked like two good
sized extra large eggs hanging in a tight skin pouch up close around
the base of his dick. This guy had a nice fucking pony dick. He slapped
the bottom of his dick several times with the opened palm of his hand as
I watched his dick bounce.
"You,....... uh, wanna help a guy out?" he asked as he pointed a
finger to his dick. My ass was sore. My legs hurt just standing there,
and I was standing there holding my pants up with my shoes half off. I
thought he would have pissed by now, and I could have passed by him. He
gave me shocking nymphet jpegs an open invitation, and there was no doubt he wanted his dick
sucked. Any other time I would have dropped to my knees, and as he so
politely asked, helped the guy out.
"Uhhhhhhhh,.... I gotta go," I told him as I turned to walk back
around the other side of my car. I felt him grab the waist of my pants
with his hand. My pants slipped from my hand, and dropped down onto my
ass. My shoes slipped off and I stumbled. I let loose of my pants and
fell to the ground with my hands out and down onto my knees right in
front of my car.
"That'll do," I heard him say as I looked back behind me to see him
looking down at my bare exposed ass. He dropped to his knees behind me,
and grabbed my waist with both hands. I tried to raise up as I reached
back with one hand. I grabbed and pulled his hand off my waist. He
twisted his wrist around and grabbed my hand. He pulled my hand around
my back, and pushed my arm up behind me. I couldn't hold myself up and
fell forward with my face on the gravel. I felt the length of his dick
jab between my legs with his belt buckle pushed up against my petites nymphetes ass
cheeks. His dick slide up between my ass cheeks just before I felt the
head of his dick push right into my wet open ass hole.
"Ahhhhhhhh,....... fuck yeah,....... there it is!" I heard him say
as he shoved the full length of illegall nymphets his russian nymphet com
dick into lovely nymphets pics
me all in one shove. I
felt the head of his dick tear thru the inner muscle ring up inside my
ass. "Uhhhhhhh,.. fuck," I grunted as he pushed and held the full length
of his dick in me. I felt the thick fat base of his dick stretch my ass
lips and the outter muscle ring of my ass open. "Yeah, that's
it!........ I got that fuckin' hole now,.... faggot!" He told me angels nymphetes
as he
pushed himself onto me harder. He pulled his dick back young underage nymphs
some, and I felt
the head of his dick pop out of the inner ring up inside me. He stopped
and held his dick there. "Damn, that's a wet fuckin' hole........tighten
up. Com'on 10 yo old nymphets
cunt,..... tighten that fuckin' cum dump!" he told me as I
knelt there. He pushed my arm nymphets land free up behind my back which caused me sexy nymphets
to move
forward and tense up. "Yeah,... that's it," he shouted before I felt him
take his other hand from my waist and slapped my ass cheek hard with his
opened palm. I jerked forward. I bd company nymphets felt my ass muscles contract around
the thick base of his dick; then, relax some. I felt him push his dick
back in my ass hole. The head of his dick popped back thru the inner
ring up inside me. He pulled back, and his dick head popped out from the
inner ring.
He slowly slid the length of his dick back with just the head of his
dick spreading my ass lips open; then, quickly shoved the full length of
his dick nymphets topsites
back into me. My body jerked and my ass little boys nymphet muscles pushed open;
then, tightened up when he ripped back thru the inner ring up inside me.
My ass lips opened and the outter muscle ring of my ass stretched out
around the thick fat base of his dick.
I couldn't relax and my ass muscles child nymphet thumbnail
just pushed open in a natural
reflex to try and expel his dick from my ass. I felt him pull his dick
back some; then, pushed forward. The head of his dick popped out; then,
back thru the inner ring up inside me. He pulled back, and push in
again, and again. All I could do was push my ass muscles open which
pushed the inside of my ass out against the shaft of his dick. My ass
was sore, my ass lips were swelled up and I could feel my ass lips
protruding out around the shaft of his dick when he pulled his dick
back. The base of his fat dick was to big to clench my ass muscles
around. young nymphets xxx He dropped his hand from my waist and reached around my
chest. He dropped his chest onto my back, and wrapped his arm tightly
around my chest as he held my arm up behind my back with his other hand.
He pulled me closer to him with a tight grip against my chest. His knees
spread my legs further apart. He began to hunch his ass as his dick head
popped in, and out, of the free nymphettes porn
inner ring up inside me. I could feel my dick
swinging back and forth between my legs when I seen head lamps coming
toward us from beneath my car. I looked over beneath my car and seen the
bright head lamps of a truck pulling in from off the highway. I seen
the head lights were moving quickly toward us; then, noticed the truck's
emergency flashers were on.
I wasn't certain if the guy behind me seen, or knew, another truck
was pulling in as he continued to hunch his ass with his dick poking in,
and out, of my inner fuck ring. I could feel my ass muscles deep inside
me ache, and begin to spasm uncontrolably. His breathing was heavy, and
he was jabbing his dick up in and out of me with quick short thrusts
before I felt him tense up. He pulled me back all the way onto his dick
with the thick base of his dick stretching my ass hole open.
"Ahh fuck!...... Here it comesssss,.... here it comes," he shouted
and with only a nymphet pleasure grunt I felt the base of his youngestnymphets little nymphs
dick swell and jerk up
inside me. "Ohhhhhhhh yeah! ........ that's it!......... that's
it! it is!" he shouted as he held me still. I felt a
hot blast of sperm shoot and splatter the insides of my gut. "Ohhhh
yeahhhhhh!" he shouted as I felt his dick pulse ukrainian nymphette and another hot blast of
sperm shoot off in me. "Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkk yeahhhhhh,..... that's it," he
grunted as his cock throbbed and shot off in me again, and nymphets tiny tits again. He
grunted, and moaned as his hot sperm shot off and filled my gut. I could
still feel the thick base of his dick throbbing as his hot cum pumped up
into my cum filled hole. "Ohhhhhh yeah,......... that's it,....that's
it,......finish'er off u fuckin' cunt hole," he shouted as he pushed and
shook his ass with his dick up in me.
There was some pause as the throbbing of his dick subsided.
"Whewwwww,.... that'll put a baby in yer belly," he said as he laughed
some under his breath. He loosened his grip on my arm and chest before
he dropped down and laid his chest on my back. He laid there for a brief
moment breathing hard over my shoulder when I heard the sound of tires on
the gravel and the low rumble of a diesel engine slowly pull up near us.
The guy behind me didn't entirely let loose of my arm which was
still behind my back, russian acrobatic nymphets
but quickly raised. His dick head popped thru the
inner ring, but was still up inside me. I heard the deep rumble of the
diesel engine as the guy in the truck down shifted and slowed.
I could feel some of this guy's blog ukrainian nymphets cum running out around my swelled
up sore ass lips as his dick softened some. I heard the tires come to a
quick stop, and slide on the gravel. I put my arm out and raised myself
up. I looked back to see the cab of the truck stop raygold nymphet about eight feet from
us and only a few feet from the back end of the truck trailer. If the
guy in the truck didn't see this guy hunched over fucking my ass before,
he could see him raised up on his knees behind me now. I heard a quick
release of air as he set the brakes on the truck. I seen the head lamps
on the truck go out; then, heard the truck door open, and slam shut. It was dark again except for the parking lights and emergency
flashers which were flashing on both trucks. The guy behind me didn't
seem alarmed, or panicked in any way. He stayed behind and didn't move
even as I felt his dick soften some. The thick fat base of movies pictures nymphet his dick
wasn't nude nymphet model stretching and plugging my ass nude nymphet list hole. I could still feel my ass
muscles spasm as they pushed to expel this guy's dick from inside me. I
could feel my protruding swollen sore ass lips around the shaft of his
dick as the cum ran out around his dick, and down the crack of dirty little nymphet sex my ass. I
could feel his dick being pushed, and expelled, from my used fuck hole.
His sperm squirted out of my gapped open ass hole with some naked love nymphet pics air that had
been force fucked into me. Even without his dick in me I could still
feel my ass muscles spasm, contract, and push, up inside me. It almost
hurt, but I couldn't stop it.

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