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From: Greg Walker
Subject: Truck Stop part IIDisclaimer:
This story is told entirely from my personal experiences and my imagination.
There is only one resemblance to any real person living or dead and that's
me. I hereby grant myself explicit permission to right whatever the heck I
want to about my life. This story does not yet, but will show limited acts
of sexual encounters between boys and boys, and possibly boys and girls who
are underage, so if it is illegal in your state, town, province-- whatever--
to view this type of material then get nymphets sex movies
off this site. Otherwise, have at!Truck Stop
Part IIThe starry mature mom nymphets night sky of Worchester Indiana was full of stars. The Big Dipper
and the Milky Way shown brighter there then anywhere for miles around. The
night air smelled of rain, and a steady wind was beginning to blow. In the
west stars began to wink out as dark clouds crept in over the sleepy town.The big grandfather clock in the Singer home chimed once for eleven thirty.
Mrs. Singer had been to bed. Robin and Anthony had been asleep for nearly
forty-five minutes, their embarrassment forgotten. Robin lay on his right
side young nymphets models facing the closet and Anthony's spot on the floor. He had kicked his
blanket mostly off and was clutching his pillow tightly to his chest. The
blanket draped over his left leg and a portion of his underwear was visible.
He slept with his mouth open most of the time, and again drooled on himself
a little. Anthony was only half covered by his beloved comforter. The
pervasive humidity drove it off of him soon after he was asleep. He lay half
turned on his back, one arm up curled under his pillow the other draped over
his exposed stomach.He wasn't a light sleeper, but wasn't a deep one either. So when he was
startled awake, he wasn't entirely surprised. He glanced around the
pitch-black room and his breathing sped up. The darkness seemed to press in
on him making him feel somewhat panicky. He fumbled around for his watch and
pressed the button to light up the display. The dial read eleven
thirty-three. Anthony shown the light around the room, verifying that the
walls hadn't moved. Sighing, he felt better and cursed himself for his fear.The pale green light blinked out and in the sudden darkness Anthony felt
scared again. He knew the walls weren't closing in on him, but he felt lost
in the darkness, far away from anything safe. He sat up with his knees under
his chin, and pulled the comforter close. He tried to think about something
else, but it didn't seem to help. How come he had this problem? Even at home
in his own room he had a night-light plugged into the wall. When he'd have
nightmares or wet the bed the first thing he saw was the soft glow of the
nightlight.Nightmares weren't all that common anymore, but he would still wet the bed
regularly. It seemed to only happen at home, and it had occurred elsewhere
just twice. He had long since grown out of diapers, and had recently stopped
wearing the pull-up kinds. They fit him fine even though he was older then
they were made for; Anthony being skinnier then most his age. But the
humiliation was too great and he preferred something less obvious. With the
pull-ups he had to wear one every night even though he may not wet the bed,
with a pad under his sheets, he had to deal with it only two or three times
a week.He knew of just one other person who wet the bed longer then other kids, and
that was Robin. He started having trouble after his parents split, way back
when he was nine. nymphets tgp He wet the bed nymphette teen for almost two years after that, but not
quite as much as Anthony did now. He knew this because he had spent the
night with him once and he had done it. Robin was horrified and would have
cried had Anthony russian nymphets list
not told magic nymphets portals him of his own problems. He told Robin that he
had wet the bed until he was ten, which was a lie, but sort of a white lie.
Robin was almost eleven at the illegal nymphets teen time and Anthony was already. They talked
about the embarrassment and humiliation each felt and both felt better after
talking. But Anthony still had the problem and it felt like a big thorn in
his side.Robin. As Anthony's thoughts drifted to him, he became aware of his naked nymphets bbs slow
steady nymphet underage models breathing. When he heard that, feelings of being lost and alone left
him. Robin would always be there for him, and since he had helped Robin
once, maybe Robin could help him. While Anthony was trying to work up the
courage to actually wake up Robin, a blinding light flashed from outside and
seconds later was followed by lo nymphets hc an incredibly loud crack-boom."Ahh!" Anthony gasped. He pushed his face into nice nymphets boys
his knees again, and drew the
blanket closer. As soon as the thunder receded, an equally loud down asian nymphettes pour of
rain began. Through the window, the constant flicker of lightening showed
the land of nymphets top volume of rain pouring down. The lights from nearby houses were almost
blocked out. Thunder continued to follow the lightening, booming loudly nymphets tube and
shaking the windowpanes. A nearer thunder clap closer and louder then the
first startled robin out of sleep. He sat up so fast he nearly fell out of
bed onto Anthony."Wha...," Robin's slurred question was answered by a third lightening
strike, the thunder following almost immediately.
This time Anthony panicked, the intensity of the moment building too quickly
for him, and he peed. He didn't want to, nor did he even know it was coming
until it was nymphets vids
over. BOOM! The thunder cracked again, this time fresh and pink nymphets Robin's alarm
clock on his desk went out. Anthony had had enough, and he sniffled at
first, then began to cry silently. Angry with himself and feeling quite
scared, the tears lovely nymphets rolled down.Robin blinked furiously trying to figure out what was going on. He was
vaguely aware of Anthony sitting up a few feet away when the noise that woke
him up sounded again, nearly shocking him senseless. He glimpsed the clock
just before it went out, eleven forty. Robin pushed off his blanket, and sat
up, free nymphet nudes the close fitting underwear pulling a little tighter. A yawn over came
him and as he recovered, he saw Anthony again, sitting up with his face
buried in innocent sweet nymphets his arms. His knees were pulled close as well as his blanket, and
he was shaking.Robin stepped forward to crouch or kneel next to him, figuring his scrape
was the problem. His right foot touched ground first then his left, but he
stopped as his right foot made contact again. The carpet beside Anthony was
soaked. He suddenly realized the thunder meant rain, and the ceiling must
have leaked and woken up Anthony. Why was he shaking? Was he cold?"Hey," Robin whispered, "you all right?" He expected a quick reply, but
instead Anthony slowly raised his head. Robin saw his tear streaked face,
and suddenly felt care toward him and awkward at the same time. "Anthony,
really, are you okay?" Robin asked again uncertain of the response."I...I'm..." Anthony stuttered through tears, unsure whether to say how
scared he had gotten, and still was, a little, or to plead guilty."Whoa, calm down," Robin soothed, "Geeze Anthony, what's got you so upset?"
There was a flash, and then thunder, Robin looked out the window at the
torrent feeling glad he hadn't stayed in the tree house."Robin I...was scared, and the stupid dark, and then the thunder... and
then I... I couldn't help it," Anthony admitted.Robin then realized several things all at once and his mind became a frenzy
of thoughts, all conflicting for his immediate attention. First, after
hearing Anthony's obviously difficult confession, he understood what in fact
he was stepping in. Second he realized the weight that his next words to
Anthony would carry, and the need to be encouraging and supportive. And
third he realized that it was indeed raining and that meant his shoes and
shirt were getting soaked way out by the tree house. That wasn't so bad he
thought, they would both dry out, but something tugged at his memory...
wasn't there something else? His watch! It was the first wristwatch he'd
ever had. It had lasted him nearly three years now, but it was not
waterproof or even water-resistant. If it got too wet, it would short out.He decided to deal with the most pressing problem first, so he moved his
foot. This turned out to be pointless because where he set it next was just
as wet, he moved it again. Ah, dry carpet! Then, he tried to comfort
Anthony. In an all too serious tone of voice he said:"Oh, I see." Shouldn't have said that... Anthony shook again with more sobs.
"I mean, I know what happened but I don't get why. Didn't this stop a while
ago?" Bad again... This was sounding like he'd done something wrong, and he
hadn't. It wasn't his fault for heavens sake."It happens when... when I get scared," Anthony's voice quavered. He did not
like how this little overnight was turning out. First the scrape, and now
this."Okay, tell you what, I'm sure you want to change, and get your blanket
cleaned, so lets start there, Okay?" Yeah! Robin felt better about that.
Anthony may be older, but Robin could think clearly in situations like this.
Flash, BOOM!"Yeah, I would. Um.. Robin, I don't have any clothes to change in to." He
had ruined his shirt, he was wearing his boxers, and his shorts were square
in the middle of the puddle.Robin smiled, "I gotcha covered!" He smirked at his own joke, and Anthony
even smiled a little. Robin went over to his lamp and flipped the switch.
Nothing happened. "Oh, yeah," he said aloud, "I mean, I forgot the power's
out.""But it's so dark..." Anthony got upset again."You're kidding right?" Robin asked him. "This is my room remember, I know
where everything of mine is. And you know where everything of yours is, so
don't worry." He meant it as a joke but Anthony seemed to miss the humor.
The rain was still pounding down, just as hard ukrain nymphet as it was to start. Flash,
BOOM! Robin figured rescuing the watch was hopeless, but he'd taken care of
two problems and two out of three isn't bad.With very nymphets photo little nymphets
little light it was difficult even for Robin to get Anthony some
clothes. Anthony was a bit smaller than he was so he knew his boxers, which
were loose on him anyway, would fall right off of Anthony. All he had that
would fit was a pair of briefs. He dug through his drawer and couldn't find
a single pair. He was wearing the only nymphet angels ones `fairly' clean. He debated how
to handle that, sure he could find a tighter fitting pair of boxers, but
there had to be fifteen of them in the drawer. They'd be there forever
trying on underwear and his watch would get wetter.He decided to delay the decision. He pulled a pair of pajama bottoms off his
shelf and set them on his desk. He had to walk passed Anthony to get to his
closet to get a shirt. The one his mother hadn't recognized had gotten peed
on too. He pushed the shirts back and forth until he found another one. It
was a black tee that he had forgotten about. It looked like something he
would wear more often if he'd known about it. He turned around to set the
shirt on the bed, and saw that Anthony hadn't gotten up yet. Flash, BOOM!"C'mon Anthony, the sooner you start the sooner it'll be over." Not very
encouraging but true.Anthony stood up and let his blanket fall off. As he stood up Robin heard
the wet squish as Anthony step in his own pee. nymphet cute kitten He stood still for a minute,
and then pulled of his shirt. Uncertain where to put it he held it for a
second before dropping it onto the blanket. He sighed a nervous expectant
sigh, and then in the dark Robin saw him reach for his boxers. Robin turned
his head away, more out of reflex then necessity. He heard him step out of
the underwear, and heard him drop them on the shirt."Um... Anthony, all I have that will fit you is briefs." liitle nymphets com Robin ventured."Yeah... um, sure," Anthony sighed uncomfortably."Well you see all that's left is the one on me. Is that okay?""They're on you?""Well... yeah, but of course they're clean," Robin said awkwardly, "really.""Okay." Anthony said. His voice wavered some, but it was steadier than
before.This was what Robin wanted, nymphet bbs pthc
to quickly get Anthony taken care of so he could
retrieve his watch, but instead he took a little time to pull off the
underwear. It felt ceremonial, or ritualistic, and when they were off, he
quickly pulled them close enough to sniff them. They didn't smell bad, but
smelled like Robin. A kind of warm and soft, mild sweetness. He handed them
to Anthony who then pulled them on. He stood bare, the only visible part of
him was the pale reflection of the gray/white briefs."Here's a shirt and pants." Robin pointed out.Anthony took the pants first and bent down and lifted one leg to pull them
on, as he did so, Robin noticed that the elastic on the back of the briefs
was turned over."Let me nymphet pubescent video get that," He whispered and before Anthony stood up Robin hairless nymphet tgp
hooked a
finger inside the back of his Briefs and slid it from side to side and fixed
the band."Oh, yeah, thanks." Anthony managed.Robin was about to get Anthony's comforter when he remembered his own
underwear. He turned quickly and dug through the pile of socks and boxers
for a pair. His hand closed around a pair. But instead of boxers, it was a
pair of white briefs. There was a clean pair after all. More then a little
embarrassed, he slipped the clean one's on. He also put on a pair of pajama
bottoms for when he went outside.When he was dressed Robin went to put Anthony's comforter in the washing
machine. When he had grabbed it, he accidentally bbs nymphets ls got the pee spot right in
his face. He didn't get it on him, but he could catch its scent. It had a
strange pleasantness to it. One that Robin couldn't identify, but as gross
as it was he wished it were stronger so he could smell it better. Lightening
illuminated the side yard through the laundry room window. Then thunder,
just as loud as the first. To Robin the rain seemed to surge even harder.When he returned, Anthony had gotten a towel and laid it on the floor to
soak up the pee. This wasn't enough though, he'd need to spray something on
it the next day. Anthony was taken care of however, so Robin could go out
and get his watch."Anthony, I left my stuff out by the tree, and I'd wait till no nude nymphettes
morning except
that my watch is out there, you know, the one I've had so long, and I'm
going to go get it, okay?"You're going out in that?" Anthony asked bewildered."I have to get that watch.""I'm coming with you.""Why? Stay here, I'll only nymphettes teen be gone five minutes, I promise. Plus that's all
the dry underwear that will fit you." Robin pointed out."Ah, C'mon, please!""Underwear, man.""Well... fine, I'll take them of and put on my other clothes.""What! No, Anthony, I'll be right back, really.""If it will prepubescent nude nymphet
only be a minute, let me come."Robin didn't want to argue the point any more, "Fine, just take off the
underwear.""Thanks Robin," Anthony smiled.Anthony Stepped back and dropped his pajamas and underwear. Flash, BOOOOOM!
>From the light from the bolt of lightening, Robin saw Anthony's penis
silhouetted against his leg. When Anthony was again dressed, sort of, and
the underwear safely dry teens nymphettes
on the bed, they crept from Robin's room. Robin put
an ear to his mother's door listening for the TV or the Radio to see if she
was awake. He could discern no sound from within, despite the thunderous
rain.. Lets go Robin mouthed to Anthony. At the kitchen door, Robin was very
careful to turn the handle slowly and step over the first creaky step.
Anthony did the same.As soon as they were outside on the enclosed deck they were struck with a
strong breeze that chilled them instantly. There wasn't a real strong wind
so no rain had been driven through the screens around the deck. Robin headed
for the little nymphet org door and looked for something to put on his feet. There was nothing,
his only pair of play shoes were swimming around a tree about a quarter mile
away, along with his watch."Anthony, Anthony! Look I don't have any shoes to wear, and I don't think
you want to wear your white ones. So... I guess we are roughing it.""Okay. You first. Oh, and you might want to roll up your pants, like this."
He pointed to his legs."Oh, yeah, sure. Good idea."The first step was horrible, straight into thick squishy mud. It oozed up
between his toes, and would have made a nauseating sucking sound when he
pulled them back up again if not for the pounding rain. He'd been out in it
less than ten seconds and already he was soaked to the bone. "LET'S GO!" He
yelled over the din. Anthony's first steps were no more pleasant than
Robins. It was a funny sight to see the two boys scurrying across the yard,
slipping and sliding, all to save a three-year-old watch.Anthony kept having to pull his pajamas up because with no underwear on, the
water heavy pants slide right over his bottom. Robin had the sense to tie
his in front with the pull strings, but even then it was hard to hold them
up. It took about three minutes of walking to get to the tree line. In all
the rain however, Robin had a difficult time locating his tree. A few
seconds later Anthony stumbled up beside him."WHERE IS IT?' Anthony hollered."BEATS ME! LETS GET CLOSER."It took some work but they found the tree, and below it was erotic nymphets pics
his shirt and
shoes half buried in mud. The watch however was missing. Robin was already
fed up with the rain and mud, junior nymphets models and the thought of having to search for who
knows how long before he found it, made him ill. He and Anthony did it
anyway, but they tried to nude nymphets 12 years find the best path the water might have carted his
watch away to. Though it bbs nymphets
seemed the entire forest floor was just one big
shallow creek.Another ten minutes of looking and Robin found it caught in a tree root
about halfway down the nymphets doll
hill."OKAY! LETS GO BACK!" Robin called out. In a bigger hurry this time both
boys slipped and fell. Once was caused by Anthony's pants sliding down and
sending his bare front solidly into the mud. Robin simply stepped funny on a
leaf in the mud and fell flat on his back. When they got back to the house
and onto the deck, they realized there was no way they were going inside in
these clothes. They were both muddy and underneath as well as on the out.Robin had an idea though, "Anthony, its raining, why not hang up the muddy
stuff on the clothesline?""Yeah, good idea!"Shirts came off both boys first and then pants, and Robins underwear.
Robin's arms and face were muddy, and Anthony's stomach to his knees was
muddy, yes in every nook and cranny. When they looked at each other in the
pervasive darkness, they really couldn't see the other. They walked out into
the storm again and quickly discovered that being naked is not the best
raincoat available. The rain was hard, and they ended up laying their
clothes on the kids nymphets picnic table. The rain-washed them off well, but it hurt too
much to stand in it for very long.As Robin peeked inside, he said, "Go downstairs." They went around to the
right of the kitchen door and headed down the stairs. Robin's house only had
half a finished basement and on the far end in the pedo land nymphets unfinished part where the
laundry used to be was shower head that came up the wall and hung over a
drain. It was perfect for the boys to wash with. Robin had used it before
when he was this filthy before, and he knew that it would come out cold
first. They waited while the water moved through the pipes. When it warmed
up some they took turns stepping in to wash off the mud. Soon though the
water pressure began to drop. Before either Robin or Anthony had finished
the water had slowed to a drip.Standing naked in cold leaking basement when you are wet is not the best way
to stay warm. While Robin fiddled with the knobs, and finally turning them
all the way off, Anthony was shivering."Why did the water stop?" Anthony asked."I guess the electricity being out means the water doesn't work either.""I'm cold Robin.""Yeah so am I. I still have mud on me though.""What should we do?""Well the best idea I have is the bottled water my mom saves. I could dump
it while you wash and you can do the same for me.""Sounds good to me," Anthony replied.So Robin pulled out two gallon jugs, and opened one for Anthony. He jumped
when the water hit him because it was so cold. He got in long enough to wash
the mud from between his hairless legs, and all of it from his hair. Robin
was next and he shrunk really quick when the water rolled down his front. He
managed to clean off all the visible mud also.Robin put the jugs away and the naked boys crept upstairs. They stopped at
the bathroom across from Robin's room to get a towel to dry off. When Robin
hung the towel to nymphet toples dry, they went back to Robin's room. Anthony sat on the
bed, still naked, and looked at Robin pulling out another pair of boxers.
When he noticed Anthony's gaze, he asked:"What?" He was embarrassed even though Anthony really couldn't see him well
in the dark."Thank you," Anthony spoke sincerely, "You really tried to help me, that was
nice.""Oh, well, your welcome," Robin said. "I'm your friend that's what I'm here
for.""Your more then just helpful, Robin, You make black african nymphets me feel safe. Even with the
storm, and me ...you know," Anthony smiled, "I'll be less immature tomorrow,
really.""You aren't being immature, you had a problem and you solved nymphet nonude it, that's
being grown up. Thanks for saying thanks." Robin smiled, and Anthony smiled
back. Anthony stood up and walked over to Robin. Robin in his boxers, preeteen nymphet sex
Anthony naked, he hugged him. Not a hug like you give someone else's mother,
but a real embrace, a close intimate sharing of genuine feelings, and hurny nymphets Robin
returned it.And in sweet little nymphet pics the dark for a brief moment, they were more mature then ever, but as
all things with young boys, it gave way to silliness. Anthony pulled away
first, sensing the seriousness of the moment and feeling awkward at it,
said;"I bet its passed midnight... all this over a silly watch.""It is not silly," Robin said, and as if it would emphasize the point he
reached out tweaked the end of Anthony's penis.He smiled awkwardly and started to go to bed.Anthony stood still. He could still feel Robin's hand. On an impulse he
wondered what Robin's penis felt like. And decided to find out."Hey, that's not fair," Anthony whispered quieter."What isn't," Robin said feigning ignorance. He knew exactly what he was
talking about, but was already feeling guilty for doing it, and didn't want
to talk about it."What you just did. You... You know, touched me.""Oh, that, What about it.""Well, then... I... I... wanna touch you."Robin sighed, "Okay."
Neither one moved for ten seconds, then seeing that Anthony wasn't coming to
him, he would get up. He stopped in front of Anthony expecting him to just
reach in. Instead he gently pulled Robin's boxers down and then softly took
Robin's penis into his hand. Anthony got a longer feel then Robin did, a lot
longer. Robin was getting hard when he finally pulled up his boxers. As he
went to bed he tossed a pair of boxers young child model nymphet
to Anthony.
"Put'em on."
"Sure Robin, good ls nymphets pictures night pal."
Robin smiled, "Good night, don't let the bedbugs bite."End of part II
This is the second installment of Truck Stop. I haven't written the rig in
yet and we barely know anything about Mr. Singer and why he's out driving a
truck instead of at home with his family. Also we know that Anthony is
afraid of the dark, and is frightened of loud noises and confusion. Robin
shows his clearer thinking. Both share intimate moments separate from any
physical attractions they may have for each other. Okay there's the recap.
As always, for questions or comments email me at gwalker66hotmail.com, be
sure to type the words `truck stop' in the subject line or your email may be
deleted. Look for part III soon! virgin nymphets world
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