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Subject: Truck Driving Lessons 1This is the standard disclaimer. If you are not of the right nymphets girls angels bbs age to be
reading this then you should leave. If your state has laws against this type
of material you should leave. but if you are the least bit curious then stay
and read and tell everyone that you left.This is a story that nymphets password includes sex between men, if you don't want to read
about it then LEAVE this site. If not hope you enjoy the story and any
comments are appreciated at
Truck Driving Lessons My story starts on a long lonely stretch of highway somewhere out
in the western states. I had tried to make a go of it in college in New
York, but had failed miserably. I had attended college in New York against
my stepfather's suggestions of me attending a junior college for a year or
so to be sure I was going into something I wanted. Of course being a young
high school graduate, I knew everything and wouldn't listen to him. The
talks had gotten heated and I left home in Georgia with the understanding I
was not to return if I was only looking for financial help.
Well as you might guess I passed one course my first semester and
was put on academic probation. Still knowing more than my teachers and
parents did, I continued the late nightlife and missing a few classes.
When my grades came out the second semester I was informed that they didn't
think I was college material and suggested I find somewhere else to waste
my life away. I knew I couldn't return home so I figured I would take my
old clunker of a car out west to California and find my fortune.
The first few days weren't bad as I took my time driving until I
got tired then finding a hotel to spend a day. I was in no hurry since I
wasn't even sure where I was headed. I had managed to get half way across
one of magazine fashion nymphets those states that have nothing but tumbleweeds and a few jackrabbits
running around with the dust devils.
My car started acting up and I was hoping I free child nymphets would make it to the
next town but ran out of luck. I had been waiting by my car for over three
hours when finally I noticed an eighteen wheeler approaching. I felt so
tired that I didn't care who or what was driving the truck. It passed little boys nymphets
me but when the driver noticed me I heard the breaks as he applied them.
It took the truck a couple hundred feet to come to a stop and I grabbed my
bag of clothes and belongings and was running after the truck before it
started backing up.
I jumped upon the step and reached for the door handle. When the
door opened I took a step up and was engulfed by a ls nymphets gallery cool breeze that was
being put out by the air-conditioner. I closed my eyes as I soaked in the
cool air and didn't open them until I heard the driver ask if I was going
to get in or not.
I quickly climbed into the seat and closed the door. I looked over
to see who my naughty teenage nymphets savior was. He was your typical idea of a truck driver. He
had on a hat that had the name of his company or some truck related
company's logo on it just above the oily rim of dirt and sweat. He had
been a couple of days without a shave, but had a mustache, which appeared
to be much older. He had on an old T-shirt that appeared dirty but was
more stained than dirty. It only covered half of his belly that almost
touched the stirring wheel. He had a large round belly that was covered
with more than enough hair.
I noticed his blue jeans were unfastened right along with his belt.
I figured nymphet pics video it was more comfortable driving that way. His pants were well
worn and were just before developing holes in several places. He had on
some work boots nymphetes pussy that had seen many years of wear. He noticed me checking
him out as he gave me the once over before he asked where I was headed. I
let him know that I was just heading west with no particular place in mind.
He asked if I wanted to stop at the first place we saw with a phone so I
could call someone to pick up my car. When I told him I couldn't afford to
get it fixed even if someone could fix it.
He just grunted and started shifting gears as the truck jumped and
then set into an increasing movement.
I looked around the truck and noticed a few porn magazines lying
between the seats. The driver told me that I could look at them if I
wanted that he kept them for something to look at on the long trips he
took. Not wanting to seem to good to look at the magazines, I picked one
up and started thumbing through the pages. There was nothing I had never
seen before until I came to a picture of a young boy tied up and
spread-eagled with a big man's arm forced up his ass. I sort of did a
double take, as I couldn't believe what I was looking at.
My cock immediately started growing so I shut the magazine quickly
hoping to stop my cock. The driver giggled a little as he said the purpose
of those magazines is to get your cock hard, what was I expecting when I
picked it up. I was able to get my cock under control, as the vibrating acrobatic nymphets com of
the truck was not helping.
I leaned back and closed my eyes as I figured I might be able to
get some sleep before we entered some town.
"Go ahead and rest, we want be to a town for another hour or two."
The trucker said as he shifted to another gear and the truck roared on down
the highway.
I was asleep in a few minutes and didn't wake until the nymphet non nude underage trucker was
yelling for me to wake up. We were pulling into a truck stop when nymphet girl tgp he said
he had to get some gas and check the oil and water in his truck. He told
me that if I wanted to get something to eat that he would be about twenty
minutes before he would be ready to leave, and if I wanted to ride on with
him to nymphets youngest be back when he was ready.
I climbed out of the truck when it came to a stop and walked around
and noticed the trucker as he grabbed the sides of his pants and with a lot
of force was able to fasten them around part of his large gut. He zipped
his pants zoo nymphet as he forced some of the fat back inside the fly. I told him I
was going to grab a sandwich and wanted to know if he wanted one. He said
sure but I didn't have to get a drink because he had a cooler with some
beer up in the sleeper.
I went guestbook nymphets
inside and order a couple of their biggest double
cheeseburgers and underground nymphet pics
went to the restroom to clean myself up before returning
for the food. I grabbed a couple of chips and paid for the food. When I
got back to the truck he was closing the hood and wiping his hands off. He
told me to go ahead and climb in that he had to go take a piss and wash up
but would be right back.
When I climbed back in I noticed the corner of the cooler sticking
out of the side of the sleeper nymphet gymnist and pulled it to where I could reach inside.
I grabbed a couple cans of beer and opened one for myself and unwrapped my
sandwich. By the time the trucker returned I was halfway through my
sandwich and almost finished with my beer.
The trucker looked at me and asked if I had found everything I
needed as he popped the top on his beer and with one long gulp finished it
off. As he settled into his seat he unbuckled his belt and let his pants
open to give him some relief. He then reached amsterdam nymphet pics back and grabbed a couple
more beers and tossed one to me. He grabbed his sandwich and unwrapped it
as he started up the engine. He managed to get the truck back on the road
and was going through the gears before he had taken one bite.
We rolled on down the highway without saying anything as we
finished our sandwiches and he finished off his second beer as I began to
sip on mine. As he grabbed a third one he said that three was his limit
while he was driving and said there was nothing to worry about. The beer I
had drank was working on young nude nymphets models me as my head started to feel a little light and I
was getting that floating feeling associated with being drunk. I leaned
back in the seat and was really nymphet stranky statistika enjoying the buzz along with the vibration
of the truck. I reached down and picked up one of the magazines and
started thumbing through it as before.
My cock started growing again as the beer left me feeling a little
braver. I reached down and rubbed my cock a couple of times not caring if
the truck driver noticed or not. He took a couple of big gulps of his beer
and then asked if I wanted part of another one. He said he was still
thirsty but didn't want to drink a whole one. I was feeling good so I said
I wouldn't mind having some more. I heard him pop the top on the beer and
then pour some in a cup and hand it to me. I was too engrossed in the
magazine to really pay attention to him.
I took the cup and with a couple of quick drinks had finished it
off. The trucker seemed to lean back and just watch the road as I flipped
through the magazine. I felt myself getting sleepy but just figured it was
the beer.
When I woke up the truck was not moving and somehow I had managed
to get into the sleeper. When I shook my head to get the fog out of my
mind I noticed that I was naked and so was the trucker that was snoring
next to me. When I moved I felt the soreness around my asshole and then
realized that the trucker had fucked me while I was passed out.
My moving around had woke him up american nymphets
and he started rubbing his chubby
hands across my back and down to my ass. pthc illegal nymphets He slowly massaged my cheeks as
he asked me how I had slept. I asked him what he nymphet nude tiny had done to me during the
night and he just nymphete in thong giggled as he continued to rub his chubby finger in the
crack of my ass.
"Well you had worked up such a boner looking at the magazines and
when I moved you into the sleeper you moaned a couple times so I helped
myself to your little virgin asshole." He said as I felt his finger slid
up into my asshole which still had some kind of lube on and in it.
I was amazed that his finger was able to get so deep in my asshole
without causing me any real pain. He started pumping it in and out and I
felt myself spreading my legs to allow more of his fingers inside.
"Yeah, that is real nice." The trucker define nymphet
said as he raised himself
up and moved in between my legs.
He grabbed my hips and pulled me up on my knees and pushed my legs
further apart. The next thing I felt was the head of his cock as he forced
it inside my asshole. He then lifted his large gut up and placed it on the
top of my ass as he started ramming his apparently large cock deep in my
"Push back against me." The trucker said as he continued to thrust
into me.
I pushed my ass back toward him and felt his cock as it went even
deeper inside me. I felt my cock as it started to pulse and then shoot cum
all over the sleeper.
"Yeah, I knew you would like this." The trucker said as he picked
up the pace.
I was trying to catch my breath from my on orgasm as he was almost
pounding my head into the side of the truck. I could feel the truck
swaying from the motion of 13 nymphet nude
the two of us. The trucker was moaning and
grunting but it didn't appear he was near cumming yet as nymphets 12 yo
I watched the
sweat start rolling down my arms and knew it was from him and not me. nude girlies nymphets I
could hear the squishing noise coming from my asshole as his cock slid in
and out of me. The sweat had contributed to the slapping sounds between
his thighs and my ass.
I heard someone pound on the door cute candid nymphets toplist of the truck and said for us to
hurry up.
"Just a minute." The trucker grunted as he slowly pulled his cock
out of my asshole.
He told me to get my pants on but not to worry about the underwear.
He pulled on a T-shirt and a pair of pants, which he had a hard time
fastening. He then climbed down out of the sleeper and looked out the
window to see who had interrupted him.
"Why did you have to bother me now?" The trucker said as he rolled
his window down.
"Nothing really, except I noticed your truck moving from side to
side and decided to let you know that several of the truckers are going to
party at the old truck stop later on today. Was hoping that if you had a
willing partner with you we japanese nymphets movies might be able to raise a little money to pay
for his or her services." The man outside the truck said.
"We will see." The trucker said as he looked over at me to see if
I had finished dressing.
As I looked around I noticed we were parked at a large truck stop
that had a restaurant and shower facilities. The trucker looked at me and
told me to follow him so we could finish what we had started. We headed to
the shower rooms, which had a few truckers inside. He motioned for me to
head to the back shower stall as he started removing his shirt and pants.
I followed suit and stepped into the shower.
I started to turn on the water but the trucker stopped me and said
not until he was finished. He pulled the little plastic curtain across the
doorway and then spun me around and bent me forward. He slid his finger
inside my asshole and then said it was still ready for his cock.
He placed his large gut upon my back and then found the entrance to
my asshole with his cock head. He pushed his cock inside my asshole and
all I could do was moan as it entered. It felt so good and right being
buried deep in me. I felt him adjust his gut on my back before he started
pumping into me. As soon as his dick started sliding in and out of my
asshole my cock jumped to attention and was very close to cumming.
"Oh, yeah, Oh, yeah." The trucker said as he started getting
faster and faster.
Just as I felt nymphette password my own cum shooting out of my cock I felt his
spreading all through my asshole. underage gallery nymphets He pumped a few more times and then
leaned back against the wall as he pulled his cock out of my asshole. I
could feel the cum running out of me and down my legs as the trucker pushed
his index finger inside me and held it there.
"Boy you are so hot and tight." He said, "Don't know if I want to
let the other truckers at this or not."
"Tell you what boy, if you want me to let the other truckers at you
then don't suck my cock." He said. "Now if you don't want them to tear
this nice bbs nymphets messages tight pussy hole open then you will give me a blowjob right now."
I raised myself up as he turned his finger into a hook and pulled
up on my asshole. The pain was almost too much to take and I readily
decided that I would nymphet cheerleaders
attempt to give the trucker a blowjob even though I
had never done it before. He relaxed his finger in my asshole and asked me
what it was going to be.
I reached out and took his limp six inches in my hand. I then
dropped to my knees as he let me slide off of his finger. I placed his
cock into my mouth and tasted what I figured to be his cum on his cock. At
first I just sucked the head nymphet preeteens in but he said I had to do a better job than
that. I forced the rest of his cock into my mouth and felt it porn nymphets pics as it
started growing. I thought nymphet portal bbs I was going to choke but managed to swallow,
which allowed his cock to slide down my throat. His cock was still growing
and I was beginning to wonder just how large it was. I had to take a look
at it so I pulled it out of my mouth and was looking right into the piss
hole of his nine-inch cock.
I could not believe I had just pulled that monster out of my mouth,
but before I could think about it he forced it back in. I started sucking
as nymphets nude magic I swirled my tongue around as much of the shaft that I could. He lifted
his left leg up on the side of teenage nymphet land the wall, which gave me more access to his
cock. I was having to really squat down japanese little nymphets to get below his belly. I felt
him start to thrust at my face and figured it was safer to let him control
the action. He started pumping faster and faster and for some reason I
reached up and grabbed his balls and played with them as his cock slid up
and down my throat. I found that if I pulled his cock all the way out of
my throat I could take a deep breath through my dirty collection nymphets nose before he rammed it
back in.
I felt his little nymphet sock
balls pull away from my hand and knew he was about to
cum. I heard a deep grunt that started deep inside him before I felt his
cum blasting down my throat. I swallowed several times and was able to get
all of his cum. He grunted a couple more times and then let his leg younger babes nymphets down.
I heard the plastic curtain as someone moved it to one side and then heard
another man speak.
"You going to bbs nymphet xxx
pay for the use of my showers with money or service."
The man said.
"How about a blowjob?" The trucker said as he stepped back out underwear nymphets
the shower.
I looked up at an elderly man who was looking down at me. He
unzipped his russian nymphets non nudes
fly and told me to go ahead. I looked over his shoulder and
the trucker motioned for nymphets pedo porno me to service the man. I reached inside his pants
and located what I would call a normal dick and pulled it out of the pants.
It was uncut and I slowly pushed the foreskin back as I got the whiff of
his manly odor. It was musky but exciting as well. I felt my on cock jump
when the aroma filled my nose.
I instantly sucked his cock into my mouth. It started to grow as
the old man grabbed the sides of my head and started pumping into my mouth
as hard as he could. I was able to keep up with him as I felt the head of
his cock start to grow just before it shot its load down my throat. I
swallowed several times but was not able to keep all of his cum in my
mouth. Some of it dribbled out the side of my mouth and the old man took
his cock and pushed it back into my mouth. I cleaned his cock off with my
tongue as he pulled away and put his cock back in his pants.
"That was pretty good I probably owe you some change." The old man
said to the trucker as he walked past him.
The trucker entered the shower and turned the water on and started
soaping himself up. He then handed me the soap and turned around and told
me to use it on his hairy back. I did the best job I could on his back and
then moved down to his ass. My hands seemed to be drawn into the deep
crack in his ass and even into his asshole. It littl nymphets
was apparent by how easy my
fingers entered his asshole that he had let something else enter his
asshole before. I started pumping my fingers in and out of his asshole and
he let me play for a little while before he had me stop and said he might
let me finish what I dancing nymphets
was doing later.
We managed to get cleaned up and nude horny nymphets the trucker ordered us some
breakfast to go as I headed back to the truck. When he returned we took
our time eating breakfast before we pulled back out onto the road.
"Make a deal with you." The trucker said. "I will let you ride
with me as far as you want, but you have to let me have that ass and mouth
of yours whenever I want." He concluded.
"Sounds all right with me, but you have to promise that you want
let other men at me that might hurt me." I said. "I also would like to
have a go at your ass too."
"Deal." The trucker said as he shifted gears and adjusted his

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