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From: jim ford
Subject: TR's Tale Chapter NineI wasn't about to say no to an offer like that. I made tiny east european nymphets a mental note to ask
why he little nymphets collection didn't get a brain freeze when he was chill licking my cock. Just as
we were getting closer Bill's frank nymphets
phone rang like a European siren, "WAA uh,
WAA uh". Ok, so I'm not good with sound effects.He grabbed his phone, said hello and mostly listened. When he hung up he
was already opening drawers to get clean underwear. As he dressed he
explained there had been a bad wreck on the interstate and he was needed at
the scene of another accident on the old state highway the other side of
town. Unaware, I began to dress with as much haste as Bill.When he noticed I was hurriedly dressing, he said, "Tar, you're more than
welcome to stay here until I get back." He stepped up close and in a slow
Texas drawl that just sounds like home said, "It might be a lola nymphets
while, but I
like the idea of you waiting at home for rygold nymphet me."It was obvious that we were on the edge of forgetting the accident and,
climbing back into bed. I knocked on his Kevlar vest and said, "Straight
Trooper, you have work to do and I need to go home. I nymphet russian galleries will sleep better in
my own bed." I wondered if I really believed that about, 'home and my own
bed'. "I really wouldn't feel comfortable without you here. I'll go back
home and you can call me tomorrow. I feel like I am gonna wind up helping
David get ready for the cookout." I finished dressing just as he was
pulling on his boots. He stopped long enough to give me a goodbye petite nymphets gallery kiss hairless pre nymphet and
I showed myself out.Dressed and in the living room I made for the door when Bill reached for me
gently and pulled me into a warm embrace and a sexy kiss filled with
promise. In a husky voice, almost in a whisper he said, "Tar, I want you to
find out what David means to you. If you need time, if you need to kiss
him, if you need to fuck him, I will understand. He is a good guy. Maybe
now that he is out he can relax and be himself. But, what russian young nymphets I need you to
understand is that when it comes to us there can be no doubt. I want; I
need to be your first choice. Tar, you really are the one I would choose if
I had my druthers. Not just in bed. There is almost nothing I do that I
don't think it would be better shared with nymphets big breast you. I want you to feel the same
way about me.""Tar, I told you nymphet bbs images how Bill looked at you. Well, I see you look at him like
you want to know what it's like to kiss him. You need to find out. We both
need to know if I am first choice or just a most convenient." I started to
respond but Bill shook his head and pointed toward the door. I hadn't even
noticed his cruiser parked curbside. Once inside I saw him pick up the
radio microphone and talk as he pulled away.By the time I got back home David's Tahoe was gone and I was a little
bothered without really understanding if it was because he was gone or
because of what Bill had said? Still, I was in a fairly good mood. If I had
shared round two with Bill and slept in his bed, I am sure I would have
been much happier. Still, I found myself humming in the shower and was
asleep soon after my head hit the pillow.My alarm went off and I was surprised that I held onto the pleasant mood
from last night. I hit the bathroom and got dressed for my run. I put on
coffee and headed out the door. During my stretching I debated as to
whether naked kid nymphets
I should change my route. I decided that if I did then Jed had won
at least some wild nymphets naked small victory. It really wasn't a competition as it was the
fact that Jed was a bully.Sure enough, as I approached his drive I could see Bach saddled and
waiting. I ran on, staying on the left side of the road facing the
potential flow of traffic. When I heard the approaching hoofbeats I didn't
look back or turn around, I just held my pace. Their gallop slowed so that
when they appeared in my peripheral veronika jpg nymphetsteen sex nymphets vision nymphet ass pics Bach had matched my pace."Morning Tim." Bach had settled in so that Jed and I were essentially side
by side. I think Jed enjoyed the fact that he was literally looking down at
me. "I met your boyfriend last night. Almost didn't recognize him. jap nymphets I didn't
pay him any attention when I stopped to chat yesterday. He's a nice looking
Trooper."I almost stopped running. My skip-step actually threw Bach off. He adjusted
his pace quickly and we resumed my run. My estimation of this amazing
animal rose considerably with that simple act.Jed hadn't noticed my stumble or Bach's determined effort to keep pace. Jed
continued, "I figure he's got no problem hiding his orientation on the
job. Wouldn't pay for it to get around that there was a gay cop in town,
let alone a nymphet images nude toons
gay Trooper. Folks would be on a witch hunt.""Jed you shouldn't let the fact that Bach's ancestors carried Knights into
battle, make you think we're living in the middle ages. We have laws
dealing with hate crimes and prejudice, you of all people ought to know
that.""Tim, I learned a long time ago that law is a weapon wielded best by those
with the best skills." I can't say that that statement made any real sense
to me. I supposed it was some kind of lawyer saying.When I didn't react he continued, "Have you thought anymore about my
invitation, about us getting to know each other better?" Jed brought his
right leg up and over to hook the back of his knee over the saddle
horn. This is a careless pose even when the mount is halted. But to do this
while the horse is in motion is foolhardy. Jed looked as relaxed as if
sprawled in an easy chair. At least he paid attention to what the reigns
were telling Bach. "Your Trooper friend is coming by for a late
lunch. Maybe you'd care to join us. little kiddie nymphet
It could get real interesting."Suddenly I'd had ukranian nymphets russia my fill of Jed Compton. I just wanted to make myself
perfectly clear; I stopped. Bach halted naked young russian nymphet and Jed slipped his boot out of the
stirrup, slid to the ground and stepped up close, too close. I liked that
horse so much better than him.I began to explain, "Jed, I am not interested in you sexually or
romantically. You're a handsome man and perhaps under other circumstances
it could have been different. Right now, I'm seeing Bill and my intentions
are to focus on our relationship and give it a chance to become
something....""Tim, I won't lie to you. I've been around a lot more than you. I've seen
and done things that would shock and sicken you. Your Billy boy ain't what
you need and pretty soon you're gonna figure that out, as much as you like
him; he's just a good time. You can't give him what he needs, not really. apt binaries nymphets
saw that last night." A slight pause then he said, "Once I paid attention."Jed smiled a disturbingly evil smile. "Last night I understood why I
ignored him yesterday. So did he. You may not want me or like me, but as
for Billy boy... well, you'll learn soon enough. If you come along with him
today, you'll both understand."Jed stepped in and I could tell he was about dirty russian nymphets to kiss me. I sidestepped and
caught him with my right arm and used my right foot to knock his feet out
from under him. In spite of my attempt to ease his fall he let out a,
"Humph!", when he hit the ground. His smug smile let me know he had allowed
me to take him down.I wanted to beat that smile off his face. Instead, I knelt beside him,
leaned down and kissed him, hard and deep. There was a thrill that went
through me despite my anger and the contempt I felt for him. I got a charge
not only from the kiss but from having bested this big man. His left hand
came up and held the back of my head as his tongue pressed for entrance. My
cock began to search for a more spacious place to grow.I broke the kiss as Jed's right nymphets desire
hand moved to realign his manhood then
slipped up to size me up. "Nice, very nice, even folded up its impressive."
Jed snickered as his hand began to map my cock. Smiling he added, "You
better give that thing room to grow or it's gonna break in two from the
pressure."I stood and looked down at this big man comfortably sprawled on the
gravel. "Maybe. It looks like that thing crawling down you left leg is
looking to escape." If what I saw was all Jed, he had the biggest cock I'd
ever seen. I wondered if it was bigger than Bill's or was it just the
angle. It had to be well over eight inches and as nymphette 100 links thick as a beer bottle.
I thought for a moment that perhaps I had to much Louisiana heritage to
have a Texas sized cock. The next thought was how big was David's? Was he
cut or uncut?I shook my head to get back to the reality of me and Jed. "Jed, my point is
that you don't know me and you damn sure don't control me. I told you there
is no place in my life for you as a fuck buddy or as a lover. If I have to,
I can find another route for my run. I also want you to know that I am not
impressed with your macho bravado bullshit. I can't believe you actually
think that would win you nymphet and boys any favors. That bullshit is better suited to an
awkward teenager than a sophisticated Harvard trained lawyer. If Doc hadn't
told me, I would've believed you to be art nymphet bbs just another callous, nymphets us
red necked
jerk." I offered him my hand, he took it and pulled himself to stand with
me.I felt I had to control the conversation or he would pursue the idea that
my arousal was an argument in his dark nasty nymphets favor. "How did you happen to meet Bill?
Were you in a wreck out on the old state highway last night?""Damn, you keep a tighter rein on him than I figured." His statement made
me feel less intimidated by how much everyone seemed to know about my
personal life. Jed cocked his head sideways just a little as if taking a
new measure of me.He released a big sigh then said, "Tim, I don't see much of a future
between the two of you. Billy boy is just that. As nymphets lands for me and you... I'm
not so sure. I do enjoy the banter. As far as being crude, hell, I suppose
I am. I prefer to think of it as being direct. I have seen British and
European royalty behave far more "crudely' than I have behaved toward
you. I like the way you're put together and you're feisty. It would be nymphet erotica chill so
much fun breaking you into my way of doing things."He dusted himself off and retrieved his Stetson. Reins in hand he turned
to me and said, "Tim, 15 nymphets
I think you're a nice guy, just a little too naïve
for your own good. Don't let "friends with benefits" get confused with
love." He mounted Bach, they turned and headed back the way they came. I
couldn't help but admire the horse... and the man.I stood nubile nymphet child there trying to comprehend what had just happened and more
importantly what Jed had tried to tell me about Bill. I'm sure there were
important things said in his conversation, I just didn't know what they
were. I have always resented the term naïve, it smacks of just plain
ignorance. I ran on.Back at the house I found Doc nymphet nude porn had apparently grabbed some coffee and headed
out. I grabbed some coffee and headed for small naked nymphets the shower.At the clinic the morning passed quickly. It was almost eleven when I got a
call from Bill. He sounded sleepy, almost worn out. In my concern for him I
almost forgot about the 'late lunch'."Tar, can you come over to the house? I really need to talk to someone. I
think I may be in trouble. I can fix us some lunch or brunch or
something. I really need to see you.""Bill, let me check out with Doc and David and I'll be on my way."I hung up and checked naked nature nymphet list
my schedule. If illegal nymphets sex site I could get one of them to cover my
next appointment I could be gone a couple of hours. I felt I had to tell
Doc about my conversation with Jed and with Bill.Doc didn't say much, he just listened. home nymphets girls
When I finished with Bill's
invitation to lunch, he leaned back in his chair and said, "Tar, I don't
like to speak ill of anyone. I figure I got as many faults as the next
guy. If I start listing my faults we could be here all day. That's why I
try not to focus on a man's faults. Now, Jesse/Jed has made what happened
between us part of what's happening with you and Bill."Doc looked out the window a long, long moment and then he looked into my
eyes. "Tar, I didn't tell you, but Jesse/Jed and I were lovers. We had
plans to build a life together after we finished our educations. He got a
great offer porn nymphets after law school and I encouraged him to accept that position
in New York. I visited him and well, in spite of the fact that I loved him,
I couldn't see practicing veterinarian medicine in New York City. He came
back here when he could and for almost a year we tried to make it work. We
finally agreed it was just too hard to hold on to anything with us that far
apart.""I guess I slid back into the closet and wound up getting married to a girl
that was almost twelve years older than I. We had a son shortly after our
first anniversary. Jed never came back to town. His folks move to
Florida. The land here was leased, so there tiny nymphet incest
was no real reason to come
back. I told you my son was killed in Afghanistan and my wife died almost a
year later. Shortly after she died, Jed came back to town. He and I began
to pick illegal pics little nymphettes
up our friendship. Jesse, I mean Jed really is an entertaining man
to spend time with. It wasn't too much longer that we renewed our sexual
relationship. We had both had other lovers. I had only one and he had died
years before my son. He and Jed were the only men with whom I'd had sexual
relations."There was a pause as if he was trying to gather his thoughts or his
courage. "Well, Jed had told me that he had found a place to meet guys in
Dallas. I knew that he had brought men to his house a few times. When we
got to the point we agreed to renew our intimate activities, Jed promised
to be monogamous. If...I could play his sex games. Jed had always been the
instigator, the leader, the dominant one. He talked me into spending the
weekend at his house. We would play his games. I'd like teenager nymphets land to believe he
slipped something into my drink. In spite of the changes, I know Jed is not
that kind of man. He may be crude at times, but he has integrity. Right
now, talking to you, I realize I was just desperate to russian nymphette girl have someone to love
who loved me.""What I didn't know was that Jed had a basement dungeon complete with
whips, chains, tie down torture tables, handcuffs hanging from the ceiling
and some bolted to the floor. There were cages, like kennels, an assortment
of leather clothing... not so much clothing as just leather. He had a giant
roll away tool box that was loaded with dildos and vibrators nymphets porn little and things I
didn't recognize. There were underage nymphets fucking muscle stimulators and all sorts of strange
things. Anyway, that weekend I was never once free of restraints. We never
left the basement. Jed would go up and get something for us to eat. It
seemed that the entire time I was there I was in pain. Either from whipping
or nipple and ball torture if not all three at once. I was blindfolded and
gagged some of the time. The most embarrassing part is that I ejaculated
like a teenager I came more that weekend with Jed inflicting punishment and
torture than I had the previous year. The entire weekend, I had to act as
his slave.""When the weekend wound down I found myself in nymphets live Jed's bed being nursed by
him. He tended my welts from the beatings and had ice on my balls. I was
sore for days jailbait underaged nymphet
afterward. He had told me he would leave me alone and let me
decide if I wanted to continue the relationship. In any case he offered to
let me reciprocate and be my slave for a weekend.""I little nymphets portal
decided not to have that kind of relationship. We tried to be friends
but after it nymphet mazok bbs
seemed when we were alone he would whisper about how good it
was for him and me. How he was so proud of how free young nymphet pics
I took it all. How he had
taken no one there since I had been there." Doc was silent for a moment, as
if debating whether or not to tell me what he was thinking. With a crimson
blush he continued, "Jesse told me how he would go down in the basement and
jack off thinking about how glorious it was to have me restrained and
begging for more. Each time he talked like that I would get so hard it
actually hurt and I would leak precum like a sieve. I knew and he knew that
if we continued to see each other, I would soon be back in that dungeon and
I would never be the man I was before Jesse Compton came back to town.
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