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Subject: T. R.'s Tale chapter twoThis story is fiction. The characters are adults in adult situations.Warnings: The only person you can ever hope to truly know is yourself.
Trust no one; use condoms. If you are not of legal age or in a jurisdiction
in which this document is illegal, go way. This is my story. Please respect
the copyright. Sojourn1950yahoo.com
It was comforting to see the same features that were hallmarks to my
hometown right here. In some regards this town was just typical small town
Texas.It was easy to be with David. I noticed his wedding ring, not for the first
time. I asked if he had family here. His answer was slow in coming, as if
he had to think about the question. "No. Not any more. Anne has gone back
to Nebraska. She got a promotion a few months ago and it required her to
work ls nymphet previews in the home office. I couldn't leave Doc in a lurch. It may not be a
big practice but it's too much work for one. ukrainian nymphet bbs I've thought about leaving
once you get settled in."David had been working with Doc almost five years. They had a third Vet but
she left to return to Chicago. She had been here for two years and just got
homesick. It was her position I might be filling. I asked about Doc and
David's face lit up. He was more than enthusiastic as he spoke of his
mentor. By the time he was finished I was expecting Doc to be a cross
between Mother Theresa and Albert Einstein and St. Francis of Assisi. Yep,
Doc was David's hero.I had a creeping sensation that all my "outed gay man" declarations were
wavering. I wanted this man to like me. I was confident that I would gain
his professional respect. I wanted him to like me. Would that be possible
if he knew I was gay?After the grand, albeit short tour of the "thriving metropolis" David
dropped me back at the clinic. He was to pick me up at seven and we would
get dinner at Julie's diner.I went for a short run and then used the motel's weight room. I thought
about where I was. Not just this town... but where I was with myself. I had
severed ties with Robert rather quickly after his announcement of impending
fatherhood. Don't get me wrong I love kids. The biggest drawback to being
"gay" is that I will have no children of my own. Maybe part of the reason I
dumped Robert red gal nymphets was that he brought home the harsh reality that I would never
be a "Daddy"... that and the lies.Back in my room I stripped and headed for a shower. I glanced nymphet girl forum
at myself in
the bathroom mirror. My short cropped hair wanted to curl at the ends. The
color was more dark brown than red, Mamma called it Auburn. I kept it
short, otherwise the curls became too obvious. The hair on my chest had
grown back over the tattoo. Even seeing the backward, hairy reflection I
knew what it said. It told me what I had to do. Before too much was
invested dark lollita nymphet
by either side I would tell David, then at least I would know
whether or not we should even bother with dinner. I wondered where the
courage and determination that had carried me through coming out to family
and friends... where had it come from and more importantly where was it
now.I was not looking forward to this conversation. I had agreed to meet David
in front of the motel at seven. At a quarter till there was a knock on my
door. I opened it to find David dressed in polo shirt, jeans and
boots. Since I was wearing boat shoes our height was about the same. I had
been dressed and ready for some time. That time had been used to explore
how to break the news that might very well break the deal.I invited him in and he hesitated. "Well, pre nymphet model
I, uh, I thought we could go on
over and get something to eat and maybe come back to the bar and petites nymphets nude have a
drink.""David, I'd like you step inside first. I have something to tell you that
may change your plans." David came inside and once I shut the door he
asked, "Does this have anything to do with your being gay?" The question
floored me. I wondered how he knew. I mean sure I had looked at him, but
only when I thought he wasn't looking. Had he been insulted? Was I too
obvious? I let my vision loose contact with those blue pools of light and
drift down to the tuft of hair escaping from his collar. "Yes, it does. If
that's going to be an issue for you or Doc, I need to know now so I can
head back home in the morning.""T R, Doc already told me. Besides, I saw your rainbow sticker when I
dropped you off at the clinic. We already discussed it. If you don't make
it an issue, it won't become one. I can tell you now that a couple of the
girls are already making plans for you. You might want to let the clinic
staff know. That's up to you but it might save you some hassles, and the
girls a broken heart when they do find out."His smile let me know he was half teasing... about the girls. I had of
course sweated bullets trying to figure a way to tell him what he already
knew. Suddenly I was really hungry.His Tahoe smelled of leather and horses. I couldn't help but wonder if he
knew he was going to take me to dinner why did he have to clear the
passenger seat of clutter before I could even get in. Maybe this job was
not a done deal after all. Even as this thought occurred to me, he
interrupted with, "Look, T R, I haven't had anyone ride along with me in
almost four months. So pardon the clutter. I just got to the point to where
your seat is an extension of my desk at work." His voice was sincere and
the blush behind his five o'clock shadow confirmed it.Once he got the seat cleared off he stopped to look at me. They say the
"eyes are the window to the soul". In David's case they seemed more like
billboards advertising his emotions. I suspected it would be hard for him
to hide his feelings from anyone who knew him well. He also seemed to be
the kind of man who just didn't give a damn whether anyone knew how he
felt. He just cgiworld dreamwiz nymphets
seemed so comfortable in his own skin.The ride to Julie's allowed us to get to know each other better.David had been born and raised in a Chicago suburb. He was raised an only
child by his widowed mother. His mother had died while he was in his last
semester of school. I could tell the fact that she didn't live to see him
become a doctor was a serious regret. His wife was his high school
sweetheart. They had married the summer after he received his Bachelor's
degree. She was in Insurance and had to travel a bit. This place was not
really conducive as a hub for air travel. While Dallas was close, it was a
pain nymphet boy photos
to still have a long drive connected to arrival and departure. Her
promotion meant that now she would have some international travel as well
as the already hectic domestic travel. Her move to Lincoln was the only
logical solution. I noticed he didn't mention when and how they got
together, now.Julie's diner was not so much a Diner as a spacious restaurant. The food
was very good. Good enough so that I would be coming back. David admitted
to being a regular. In fact part of his routine was to have breakfast with
Julie before he went to the clinic. Often as not he and Doc had breakfast
together here.I told him about myself and my coming out. He listened and asked questions
that showed an interest without being too nosy. I found myself telling him
about Robert. I was careful not use his name. David never asked. His only
comment was that he might have underage nasty nymphets one or both of Robert's books at home. With
a devilish smile, "I am sure as soon as I get home I will be going through
my historical fiction to find an author living in Colorado. I would like to
see the man who stole your heart."The statement was like a loud fart in church. We both stopped to allow an
awkward silence to descend. I felt my skin turn red and watched as David's
face took on a crimson hue. Between the two of us, I am sure the AC had to
kick in to keep the whole restaurant from getting too warm.I took a long sip of iced tea and suddenly found my spinach au gratin very
interesting. After a moment David cleared his throat and said, "Look T R, I
know that was uncalled for and I apologize. I never had any gay
friends... at least that I knew about. I didn't mean to embarrass you. I
don't normally speak before I think. You're easy to talk to so I think I
let my guard down. Will you accept my apology? I'll try not to let that
happen again."I looked up to find him searching my face. His look of concern made me feel
warm inside. David was a good guy. "David, Ro... he was... is married. I
know that may make me sound like a man without morals but by the time he
told me... I was already in love. It wasn't erotic nymphet until he told me he was going
to be a father that I realized what we had was not what I was looking
for. I have sworn that will never happen again. That sticker you saw is
part of that promise. That's why I wanted to tell you up front about my
orientation. Don't worry, I'm not going to fly any rainbow flag or march
half naked in some parade but neither will I deny who I am."It didn't take long before the mood lightened and we were discussing the
practice and staff. By the end of the meal I was looking forward to meeting
Doc. It was obvious that Doc was David's hero. No one could be that great a
doctor... that much a philosopher nor that much of a man... could he?When we arrived back at the motel, I invited David to have a drink with me
at the bar. He begged off saying he had to little nymphets model update some patient records that
he had put off too long. He took a rain check. As he pulled onto the street
it occurred to me that I had not enjoyed a meal as good or company so
pleasant in a long time. I hoped this job worked out... I could see us
becoming good friends. teeny nymphet It had been arranged that I would shadow David the
next day and then go back home. I still had not asked about other job
seekers. It was becoming more difficult to be patient. The more I got to
know this place, the better I liked it.After I got to my room, I realized that I had not packed shave cream and
deodorant. I called the desk and asked for directions to the nearest
convenience store. It was not far, just down the main highway about a half
mile. Just as I turned onto the highway, there were the tale-tale flashing
lights of a police car.I pulled over, turned on the interior light and waited. The uniform told me
he was a State Trooper. He asked for my license and registration. As I
handed them over I explained that I had a concealed weapon permit and that
in fact I had a pistol in my vehicle. He asked me to step out of the
car. He must have been six feet three inches tall. I seldom meet a man that
makes me feel short. Maybe it was the uniform, maybe it was the fact that
he looked like he could fold me in half without breaking a sweat. It might
have been the gun strapped to his waist... he was intimidating.He directed me to the rear of my Wagoneer and asked me to wait. Every
direction and every question I acknowledged with a, "Yes sir." I tend to be
respectful and courteous to anyone with a gun.After a couple of minutes he came back and handed me my
papers. "Mr. Boudreaux, what brings you to town? You're quite a ways from
home." I refrained from a smart assed comment angel nymphets videos
like, `It's still Texas.'
Instead, I explained about the job. I noticed that he stood closer than nymphets preten I
considered professional. It told me he didn't think of me as a threat. I
was a little more intimidated by his physical proximity. I could smell old
spice and sweat.At some point I realized the questions had turned into a conversation. He
asked me to join him for coffee at a diner up nymphets latin models
the road. You guessed
it... Julie's.Bill Wilson was in his mid thirties, six foot two and in great shape. Even
behind the Kevlar vest you could tell he worked out. He had a voice that at
once commanded respect and warmed you inside. He was funny and easy to talk
to. Before I knew it, we had spent the better part of an hour chatting over
coffee. He had ordered a meal and seemed a little put out that I insisted
on having just coffee. At some point Bill glanced at his watch and
reluctantly let me know he had to resume his patrol. He paid the check and
we walked outside. We had parked beside each other and as I was passing his
patrol car he took my arm just above elbow. I turned to him and saw he was
having a problem speaking. He stuttered, "T R, r, r, are you seeing anyone?
I mean, I, uh, I would like to see you again.""Bill, are you asking me out on a date? Is this how you meet men? Maybe I
should have gone for a degree in criminology.""No, yes, no. Look Goddamnit, I don't use my job to meet men. I, I uh, I
saw you talking to that guy in the motel parking lot and... well I wanted
to meet you. Now... right now I'm thinking about arresting you for
interfering with an officer of the law in the performance of his duties. I
waited longer than I should have hoping you'd come back out, so you
interfered with my duties. That's a pretty serious offense in Texas. Of
course if I arrested you, you'd wind up in jail and I'd have to eat alone
tomorrow night. So, what's it going to be, cowboy... me or jail?"I have to say that somewhere along the line I began to think of Bill as
more than a... tall, blond, handsome law enforcement official. Robert would
have creamed his jeans. He had a thing for uniforms. "I guess it has to be
dinner. My Momma would have a fit if I had to call her to bail her baby boy
out of jail.""Look, T R, I really would like to see you again." He reached into his
shirt pocket and produced a business card. He quickly wrote something on
the back of the wild nymphet tgp
card and nymphet masturbating sex
handed it to me. "That has my cell phone number on
the back. If for any reason that doesn't work you can call the numbers on
the front and they will relay any message. How about I pick you up at seven
tomorrow night?" With that he extended his hand and I, though somewhat in a
daze, returned his handshake.It was only after I parked and was about to get out of the LBJ that I
realized I had not made it to the convenience store. I only thought about
it for a moment and decided sleep was more appealing. My last conscious
thought was, `what a strange first day'. I dreamed that night of being in a
tornado like the Dorothy and Toto. In my dream I was in the lumbering
behemoth and it was loaded down I had space for one and had to choose
between Robert, Bill and David. No choice was comfortable and none of them
were happy even when they were chosen. I remembered thinking, `this is a
dream. Thank god I will forget it soon after I wake up, except I didn't.When my wake-up call came, I was already dressed for my run. I did my
stretching then took of down a side street that seemed to have only modest
traffic. I like running. I know about endorphins and such. The way I look
at it is that caffeine gives me a boost and I can feel it and know where it
comes from. nymphets shy gallery
Running is not quite like that. Running is a mood
enhancer... It's just that I never really sense it like I do after a couple
of cups of Joe. Still, when I don't run I nymphets smile
can tell it. My day is a little
off. If I miss more than three days, I get edgy. I am not one who loves the
fresh air of looks at the scenery. Running lets my mind wander and I like
that. Running doesn't demand attention like tennis or golf.Running allowed me to think about Bill. He can't really be "out" and be a
State Trooper can he? He seemed like a nice guy. It was cute the way he got
all flustered when I accused him of picking up guys by pulling them
over. Still I was more than hesitant about any relationship that involved
another closeted man. Near the end of my run I picked up the pace and let
everything free child nymphet pic else slip away.Back at the motel I showered and dressed for a day at the clinic. I thought
about David and Bill how different yet equally nice guys. Too bad David
isn't gay. From the continental breakfast I choose a bagel and orange juice
and headed out.At the clinic things moved smoothly though the morning. Instead of me
shadowing David, he watched as I treated his patients. He made no comments
and offered no interruptions. In fact when one lady patient came in with a
Doberman Pincher, he excused himself.Mrs. Lafferty was pink nymphet pussies the Mayor's wife. How do I know this? She told me at
least four times as she tried to convince me that I should dock and crop
her dog. She was more than insistent and down-right rude.I kept my cool and explained to her that docking a dog's tail and cropping
his ears were simply cosmetic and served no useful purpose unless the dog
was to be a working dog. To say that she disagreed would be an
understatement. As she stormed out, puppy in hand, she yelled, "You're no
better than these other two quacks. I should have known this would be a
waste of time. Julie may be right when it comes to some things. She
obviously made a mistake about you." I followed her into the reception
area, still letting her know that we would be glad to provide any other
treatment that "Percy" might need. Her response was an emphatic, "humph",
as she slammed the door.I turned to go back to my office and literally ran into David. The smirk on
his face was what my Dad would have called a "shit eating grin". I may not
be the brightest bulb in the chandelier, but I could see that I had been
set up. I was getting pissed. I was about to tell him any number of things
that would not have endeared me to anyone, much less someone I had just met
the day before. Before I could say anything, it seemed the whole staff was
in the illegal young nymphet reception area... applauding?David patted me on the back, and explained, "That old bat has been hounding
Doc and me for the longest time. She breeds Dobermans. Percy is just a
sample. She probably has five to ten puppies at any given time. Her
operation borders on being a puppy mill. Any time she brings in a dog for
any reason she argues for us to provide docking and cropping. You have just
survived baptism by fire. When I left her with you, I came out and switched
on the intercom, we all listened to the conversation. You handled her very
well. The last time she was in here, she threatened to have us closed
down. This time she just slammed the door." My ire was abated by
congratulatory slaps on the back from several staff members. Juanita, the
lead receptionist came out from behind the counter and hugged me. I made a
mental note to give Julie a piece of my mind naked nymphets forum password when next we met.Doc showed up about ten. Soon after he illegal nymphet pedo settled in he came to "my`
office". We discussed me. His questions were probing and yet never really
intrusive. He knew some of my professors and had checked me out. "T. R, you
may as well know that David and I have already decided that you are someone
we think nude nymphets 9yo
could compliment our clinic."He got a serious look on his face and I thought, `here it comes'. Instead,
he said, "There is one thing that should help you in your decision. T. R.,
it's unlikely that we will ever have a need to collect sperm from an
elephant."(If you insist on understanding that statement you can check out Youtube
videos and imagine the worst that could happen when the electric probe
failed and we had to resort to... let's just say it resulted in a very,
very long hot shower. I shudder at the memory).Doc told me he was a widower and had nymphet pictures sold his ranch and moved into a small
house in town. He had expected to be retired already but lining up the
personnel to keep the clinic running had proved to be more of a
challenge. He felt he had to have a good team in place before he could walk
away. I was surprised when he stood and invited me to lunch. We had passed
the time so quickly. He was good company and I had not felt any nervousness
and only a little embarrassed.I followed him out as he stopped by to tell David we were getting
lunch. David asked if we could bring him back a sandwich since he was
"holding down the fort". Doc drove us to ... Julie's. I was beginning to
believe there was no other place in town to get coffee or food.Julie was there and greeted us and took us to a booth and asked Doc if he
wanted the usual. I settled on a small chef salad. Just as I was about to
let her know I didn't appreciated being "set up", Julie turned to me and
said, "Don't bother T. R., it worked out pretty well and that old biddy was
put in her place. So, save your breath and enjoy your lunch. Oh, and you
need to let Doc know you won't be cooking tonight." With that she turned
and walked away.I watched until she disappeared into the kitchen.I turned to find Doc grinning at me. He studied his fingers for a moment
and said, "I see you have met Julie. She takes some nymphets dogs girls
getting used to."
Meeting my gaze he continued, "She seems to have a knack for reading
people. She is a big fan of yours. I don't doubt that she told Dorothy
Lafferty there was a new Vet who might be more open to cropping and
docking. I suspect she figured it would help us see you as a man of
conviction." He shrugged. She didn't know we had already made up our
minds."Doc spent some time going over the schedule, the fact that hours could get
crazy and the clients could sometimes be hard to handle ... (As if I hadn't
learned that already). Still, telling a rancher he had to put down a prize
quarter horse preeteen nymphets porn
or worse yet a herd of infected cattle would never go down
easy. While those discussions were not routine, Doc asked how I would
handle those things.At some point I realized that the talk had shifted and he was acting like
my taking the job was a done deal. It was when he said we would discuss
compensation and benefits when we got back to the office. I interrupted him
and said, "Doc I talked to David last night and he said you both knew I was
gay. Is that going to present any kind of problem?""T R, my son was gay. I lovely nymphets login don't see that as an issue and as long as you don't
make it one, it won't be. I don't expect you to take any guff off our
clients. If they choose to give you a hard time let me know. We don't need
their business that badly. I have talked to some of the folks back at
school and those who oversaw your residencies. I feel bbs latinas nymphets you are more than
qualified and I have a strong suspicion you will find this place more to
your liking as time passes. Now eat up, we've got a lot to do before you
have to head back home and make arrangements to relocate here. When you
come back you are welcome to stay at my place until you can find a more
permanent situation.""Doc, I appreciate the offer but I can't put you out. I know that no matter
how well you get along with someone it is difficult to actually live with
someone as a guest in your home. My folk's ancestry is Cajun and we have a
saying, "Every guest should leave before the shrimp stink.""T. R., Look at it this way, you have thirty days to change your mind as do
we. underage nymphets If you decide to stay you can use that time to look for something and
not have to rush. Can you cook?""Doc, I told you my folks are Cajun. If it crawls, runs, swims or flies and
we can catch it, we can cook it.""Already you have the potential to more than compensate me. I am a god
awful cook. In fact, the only man I know who might be worse is David. He
stayed with little nymphet gallery pic
me for a while and that boy can't boil water without burning
the pan. So, you buy the groceries nymphet acrobatic com and cook and we can call it a fair
deal. Julie seemed to know you have plans this evening. Just think about it
and we can talk again tomorrow. The cleaning lady will get the spare room
ready, just in case."Once we were back at the clinic Doc went over his proposal. Except for a
few minor changes, I became the latest addition to the Veterinarian Care
Clinic.And so it began. As soon as the paperwork was signed, I saw my first
official patient, Guido a Chihuahua with a broken leg. There were of course
routine checks and one iguana named Cecil who had blackening skin. Nothing
extraordinary, nothing hurried just busy.David had made himself scarce after the "docking" incident. He found me
between patients. Standing in my doorway he asked if I was going to be
staying with Doc. When I told him I was thinking about it, he said, "Ok, I
got to warn you that man snores like a nymphet art nonnude freight train in a tunnel. You're
either gonna have to put your foot in his back and push or roll him over to
make him stop." I understood the implication of his remarks."Apparently David, my arrangement differs from yours in that I don't have
to sleep with the man, just cook. By the way, he suggested you might give
me a few pointers in the kitchen. I'm just a novice." I gave him my
cheesiest smile and batted my eye lids like Scarlet O'Hara with cinders in
both eyes.For a moment I thought I may have gone too far. David looked almost
hurt. He recovered quickly and said, "Well, I have one pointer I can give
you now. In fact, make that three." With that he stuck out his tongue and
offered me the middle finger of both his hands. He turned and walked toward
his office. His laughter echoed down the hall. nymphet teenz tgp I liked working here
already.As office hours ended Doc stopped by to ask how my day went. He wanted to
know how much time I would need to get my personal belongings and be ready
to work. I was a little embarrassed to tell him that I brought most
everything I needed in the back of the lumbering behemoth. He laughed and
asked, "Is that the restored Jeep Wagoneer in the parking lot?""Doc, I call her LBJ nymphets art kids the Lumbering Behemoth Jeep, `cause she is almost the
biggest thing on the road. I my brothers and friends did a frame off
restoration. She starts first time every time and can get through where
most modern SUV's fear to tread. I know every nut, bolt and washer. I can
look at the speedometer and tachometer and tell right away if she is
feeling ok. She may not look it but she teeny nymphet porn is better than factory little nymphette nude pics fresh.""I can tell you love her. My son and I restored an old John Deere ... took
us years to do it. When I sold the ranch I moved it to town and every week
or so I start her up and run her around the block so she don't get stove up
like me. Hey, did the name LBJ have anything to do with the size of, of..."
His face turned even redder as my smile answered his question.Once nude school nymphets
the place was locked up I said my goodbyes and followed Doc to his
place. His "house in town" was off a two lane blacktop with the nearest
neighbor almost a half mile away. "Doc, I thought you said you lived in
town?""T R, if you knew where the ranch is, you'd realize this is in
town. Beside, that's the beauty of a small town. Even when you're in town
you're still in the country."The house itself was not the kind of place a single man would normally buy
for just himself. I figured it might be a hundred years old. The whole
house set up about two feet off the ground. The front porch was deep and
wrapped around the both sides of the house. There were double doors opening
onto a hallway that lead to the back porch. Pocket doors gave access to the
rooms on either side of the hallway. The ceilings were almost ten feet
high. On the right was a den. Behind that was a bedroom which was to be
mine. Each room had a portrait rail. The furniture was all antique. The bed
didn't take up much room, even though it was Queen sized. There were
bookshelves, a desk, built in closets, a sitting area and a full private
bath. Doc explained that his bedroom was on the other side of the house and
so I could pretty much come and go without disturbing him. A cleaning lady
came in twice a week.Doc showed me the eat-in kitchen. It had recently been nude free nymphets
remodeled with all
restaurant quality appliances. It had everything but food. There were
take-out containers in the sub-zero refrigerator along with Tabasco sauce,
beer and mustard."Gee, Doc, I've seen better stocked dorm rooms. I better hit the store if
we intend to eat tonight." Then I remembered Bill. "Ah, Doc, I just
remembered I met a man last night and sort of got blackmailed into having
dinner with him tonight."The incredulous look shifted into an understanding grin when I explained
about meeting Bill. "Son, you'd be surprised at how I met the love of my
life. Don't worry about dinner. Go on out russian nymphet photos and have some fun. I don't know
this trooper but I know the district commander. If he gives you a hard
time, let me know. I'll get him set straight. I'm going to Julie's for
dinner. If you two are there, I'll stop by and say hello.""Thanks for understanding Doc. I think I'll go to the motel shower and
change there and checkout. I `m supposed to meet Bill there at seven.""T. R., I want you to consider this place your home. You are welcome to
bring guests in here. My son and his lover kind of let me see what it is
like for nymphet lingerie models
two men who love each other and try to share a life. I know it's
not easy. Just remember you treat this place like your home and me like
family. I miss Gordy and his mother very much. It'll be nice to have to
have someone else living here. I thought moving here would help and it has,
some. Look, I just want you to know that if there is sometimes three for
dinner or three for, uh, breakfast, that`s okay."With that Doc handed me a key and told me to have fun and be careful.I thought about how nymphetes sex these people at the clinic, arina nymphet movie
Doc especially cp nymphet nudes tried porno underage nymphette to
make me feel welcome. Hell, the man has me living in his house planning
menus. I chuckled at the thought of Bill walking into Doc's kitchen for
coffee in just his boxers. I thought about how David had probably done it
many times. I shook my head to clear David out retro nymphets
of my mind. I didn't need to
be thinking about a straight coworker walking around in his underwear.At the motel I showered, shaved and changed into jeans and a polo shirt. I
packed my bags and loaded everything into LBJ and checked out. I was in the
parking lot when a big motorcycle with loud pipes pulled in beside me. When
the rider, dressed in a torn tee shirt and faded jeans, removed his helmet
I realized it was Bill.Bill's smile broadened as I stepped out of LBJ and began to admire his
bike. My older brother had a Harley and he would sometimes let me take it
out. I loved it but couldn't see buying one until I was really
settled. Bill, was obviously proud of his bike, it was chromed and polished
to the nines. "Have you already checked out?" I nodded still checking out
the bike. "Too bad."That kind of got my attention and I looked up to meet his eyes. He cocked
his left eyebrow and said, "I figure we can tell a lot about how well we
are gonna gee-haw after the first kiss. I could have real young nymphets saved myself the price
of a dinner and not wasted an evening if I found out you were a lousy
kisser right off the bat."Something about the superior, smart assed smirk on his face irked me. He
was still straddling the bike. I stepped up and took his face in both my
hands and placed my lips on his. They were lush russian bbs nymphet and soft and yielding. I
teased them with my tongue and they parted. I caressed is tongue with
mine. Bill dropped his helmet and pulled me into him.If you like it so far, let me know.
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