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Related post: Note: Although the men named are real-life persons, this story is gallery nymphette a
complete fantasy.Troy's PartyAs Troy slowly awakened, he realized that there was something very
different about how his body was positioned this morning. Forcing his eyes
open, he realized he was on his back, his hairy jock legs spread, his knees
pressed almost to his face, and his hungry hole being fucked russian nymphettes by a big stud
cock. little teens nymphet It had been an incredible evening the night before, with more guys
at one party than the hot Dallas lil nymphets site quarterback could ever remember. The last
thing he remembered was falling onto the bed with one of his favorite
asshole buddies, Mike Tomczak. It was Mike who was plowing Aikman's hot
ass this morning, sweat dripping off his handsome face and hard body onto
Troy's equally hot jock flesh."Good morning, gorgeous" said Mike, leaning down and pressing his lips
against Troy's. Aikman responded by opening his mouth and trading stud
saliva with his buddy, then wrapped his legs around Mike's hard torso.
"Oh, yeah! Fuck me, Mike," moaned Troy. The humpy jock grabbed his
throbbing 8-inch cock and nymphet gallery jpg jacked it hard, as Mike lowered Troy's legs so he
could watch his buddy pull on his lovely nymphets nacked dick.As the two quarterbacks made love, they heard the bedroom door open, and in
walked their friends, Boomer Esiason, Pete Sampras, and Fred Couples. beautiful pleasant nymphettes When
they were all in Troy's bedroom, Pete told Troy that they had brought a few
friends with them, who were at last night's party. Troy said porno nymphets to have them
join the fun. Pete went out and quickly returned, followed by hot young
stars Casper Van Dien, Matthew Fox, and Barry Watson, who were wearing only
gym shorts, saggy white socks, and Nikes, just like the other three hunks.In a matter of minutes, all 8 dudes were naked and making out. Troy loved
having sex with Pete, Boomer, and Fred. Their hairy bodies and hard,
throbbing cocks always turned him on. But the threesome of Casper,
Matthew, and Barry really got his juices flowing. He remembered watching
Starship Troopers, then going home and having a hot jo session thinking
about getting it on with Casper. Now nonude nymphet board here the stud was, naked, hard and
stroking his cock as he watched the action around him. Troy went to him,
and the two studs embraced, their hard cocks pressing against their hairy
stomachs as they kissed hard.Next to them were Barry and Boomer, who had really gotten into each other
and were in a hot 69, deepthroating each other's long, hard shafts,
slobbering all over their lover's hairy balls and crotches as they probed
tight, sweaty assholes with eager fingers.Tomczak and Couples were fucking like crazy, with Mike taking Fred's thick
9 inches up his experienced jock ass. As Fred fucked him, Mike ran his
hands over the handsome jock's hairy chest and large, erect nipples. "Fuck
me, Fred. Yeah! Fuck my jock ass you fuckin stud!" Fred leaned forward,
licking Tomczak's hairy nips, than buried his nymphets top 100
face in shy nymphets biz Mike's raunchy
armpits, savoring the taste and smell of the sweaty jock flesh.The sight of these two was too much for Sampras and Fox. They had never
met before this young nymphets fashions morning, but it was instant attraction, with both boys
turned on by the other's hairy body and huge cock. In fact, Matthew
couldn't remember ever seeing a cock as big as Pete's 10 inch monster. He
watched Pete stroke his shaft, pulling the generous foreskin over the dark
red head, then pulling it back all the way again. Matthew unconsciously
dropped to his knees, running his hands over Pete's incredibly hairy jock
legs, kissing and licking the sweaty tennis star's muscular flesh. He
worked his way up to Pete's crotch, pausing to lick Sampras' large, sweaty
balls before devouring the young fucker's huge cock.Pete yelled loudly as he watched his shaft disappear into Fox's greedy
mouth. After several tries, Matthew's nose was buried in Pete's thick
pubes. "Oh shit, Matthew! God, yeah, suck that cock you stud! Yeah,
deepthroat my cock. Oh fuuuuuck!" Pete grabbed the back of Matthew's head
and face-fucked the handsome actor, then raised his hands behind his head
and started tonguing his own hairy pits as Matthew continued to suck Pete's
throbbing erection.The action got hotter and hotter, with Troy pushing Casper onto the bed and
mounting the beautiful movie star. Casper let out a squeal as Troy's big
cock penetrated naughty nymphets galleries his tight young pucker, burying all of its 8 inches in one
hard thrust. The two studs became as one, enjoying the pleasures of each
other's hot bodies. Troy grabbed Casper's uncut cock and fisted it hard.
Casper moaned loudly and rubbed his hairy legs around his handsome
quarterback lover, pulling Troy's prick even deeper into his hungry hole.As Casper yelped that he was about to cum, Boomer Esiason shoved an
immense, 12-inch dildo up Barry Watson's young stud ass. Barry screamed in
pain, but Boomer was unrelenting, pulling the fake cock all the way out,
then shoving it in again and again and again. He looked down, and the
gorgeous quarterback fell in love with the young TV star, taking in Barry's
perfect body, hairy legs and chest, and huge, uncut dick. As he pulled the
dildo from Watson's ass, Boomer watched as Casper's dick exploded in a
geyser of hot jism, spraying himself and Troy, as well as Boomer and Barry
with hot stud cream. Boomer flopped onto his back, spread his hairy blond
legs, and yelled at Barry to fuck his ass.Barry pressed his hardon against Boomer's super hairy crack and shoved
hard, impaling the blond jock on his hard 9 inches. Boomer gasped loudly,
then started russian hottest young nymphets
trash talking, calling Barry every name in the book and then
some, which got all the others going, too. Soon all of the boys were
shouting obscenities and raunch rapping as they reached their climaxes.Troy yanked his dick out of Casper's hole, then fisted his meat as it shot
time after time, all over Casper's sweaty body. The two collapsed in each
other's arms as their still-hard cocks humped each other's cum-covered
stomachs.Fred and Mike stood facing each other, stroking their hard cocks fast.
With a shout, Mike started cumming, his load flying all over Fred's
gorgeous face, hair, and chest. Fred responded with a loud yell as his
monster cock sprayed Tomczak with huge amounts of jock jism. His cum flew
everywhere, in Mike's hair, on little innocent nymphet usa his face, on his chest, on his crotch, and
on his hairy jock legs. Mike had never seen nymphet girl pic anyone cum as much as Fred,
and he stroked his own cock to a second orgasm as he watched the gorgeous
golf star blow his wad. Mike groaned as his second load of cum squirted
from his quarterback cock, spraying Fred's already cum-streaked chest with
still more warm cream. The two lovers embraced, their tongues licking
their loads from their faces, their still-throbbing cocks twitching as nymphets yo they
licked each other's beard stubble.Barry and Boomer shot their loads together, covering each other's hairy
chests with their hot loads. Barry grabbed Boomer's still-shooting cock,
straddled the blond quarterback's waist, and impaled himself on the hard
shaft. As he felt Esiason's hot load spraying his insides, Barry blasted
another wad on his sweaty lover.Finally, Matthew and Pete were the center of attention again as they fisted
each other's aching cocks, kissing hard, and rubbing their incredibly hairy
and sexy jock legs together. As if on cue, both shafts began erupting,
with geyser after geyser of hot cum flying out, spraying themselves and the
other studs who stood around them with their creamy loads. topless nymphet Pete realized
he was in love with the handsome TV star, and Matthew, likewise knew he
would never be the same. The two fuckers embraced in a sexy, wet kiss as
their throbbing cocks continued to unload on their hairy chests and
stomachs.Troy looked around him and smiled. What a night last night had been. But
what a day it was going to be! He had never been with such a hot group of
guys. Hairy, handsome, hard, hot, horny, humpy, hung hunks! "God, you
guys are fuckin hot!" said Troy. The others responded by surrounding him
and covering him and each other with kisses, their cocks hard and ready for
another round of action.
Part IIAs the eight hunks kissed each other's hot, sweaty bodies and stroked their
still-raging photo pre nymphet nue hardons, Casper and Boomer told the others they needed to
leave. The others were sorry to see the two studs go and they embraced
Boomer and Casper as they left. A few minutes later, Sampras realized he,
too, needed to leave, and he talked Matthew Fox into going with him. The
two fuckers had gotten into some incredible sex the last two hours, and
both wanted to continue their love making privately elsewhere.No sooner had the four guys left than Fred Couples pulled Troy to him in a
hard, sloppy kiss. The two jocks' bodies ground together, and Troy grabbed
Fred's huge cock, stroking the hard shaft while licking the golf star's
incredibly hairy armpits, then nibbling on his large, erect nipples.Watching this got Mike Tomczak and Barry Watson going. Barry pushed Mike
onto his model nymphets back, spread his hairy jock legs and buried thumbnail nymphets gallery
his face in Mike's
crotch, deepthroating the quarterback's throbbing prick and fingering his
hungry asshole.The four boys didn't even realize they were being watched. Several guys
from last night's party were standing in the doorway to Troy's bedroom,
naked and hard, enjoying the sight before them. It was Bobby Hoying who
spoke first. "Jesus, Troy, you could at least have joined the rest of us
downstairs." Bobby then walked into the bedroom, followed by buddies Danny
Weurffel, Peyton Manning, and Joe Germaine.As the four football boys joined the others, they were followed by another
group of hot young studs who had free nymphet nude galleries followed them up from nymphet pic teen the little nonude nymphetes
first floor -
Garrett Wang, Billy Baldwin, and Val Kilmer. By the time these three had
joined the others, the heat in the room had increased significantly.Mike Tomczak introduced Barry Watson to his friend Bobby Hoying. Bobby
gave Barry a kiss, then told Barry that Mike was "one of my first asshole
buddies. art sex nymphet The second week of classes when I was a freshman at OSU, Coach
asked Mike to talk to the team. I couldn't keep my eyes off this gorgeous
hunk the whole time he talked to us." Barry smiled and replied, "I can see
why, Bobby." Hoying went on by telling Barry "After the talk, Mike spent
some time with the first-string quarterback, Kirk Herbstreit, and me. One
thing led to another, and when everyone else had left the locker room, Kirk
asked Mike if he wanted to hit the sauna with us. Mike said yes
immediately, and the three of us undressed and headed for the sauna. By
the time we got there, all three of us had boners, and once inside, Mike
and Kirk started making out like crazy. I watched as they kissed and ran
their hands over each other's hard bodies. Then they turned to me, had me
stand up, and while Kirk spread my b! utt cheeks and buried his face i n
my hairy crack, Mike went down on me. It was so hot, I shot a huge load in
just a short time. They both fucked me that afternoon, and then I got to
watch them fuck each other. I'll never forget that day, Barry. It was so
fuckin hot!"Bobby turned to introduce Danny, Peyton, and Joe, but the three had already
joined Troy and Fred. Troy had busty nymphet already had sex with Wuerffel and Manning,
but young OSU quarterback Joe Germaine had not been to sample petite nymphets one of Troy's
parties before. Although he had spent the night getting it on with a lot
of other studs, Joe was hot to trot this morning. His hard college body
glistened with sweat, and Troy ran his hands over Joe's hairy chest, then
down to his crotch and aching, 8-inch cock. When Troy's hand squeezed
Joe's erection, the gorgeous 21-year old moaned loudly, then pulled Troy to
him, shoving his tongue into the Dallas jock's mouth.Watching these two make out got the others going. Garrett Wang and Val
Kilmer introduced themselves to young Barry Watson, and soon the three of
them were like one writhing body. Val and Barry were on either side of
handsome Garrett. young nymphet nudists
Val kissed the Star Trek Voyager hunk then licked his
ample beard stubble as he fisted Garrett's uncut cock. Behind Garrett,
Barry rubbed his throbbing teenage dick against the smooth ass and hairy
crack offered to him. naked nymphs nn Garrett was in heaven, but it become even hotter
when Val told Garrett to raise his arms. The gorgeous blond buried his
face in Wang's sweaty pits, then licked his way down Garrett's sweaty chest
until he was on his knees. Val ran his hands over the hunk's gorgeous
legs, kissing Garrett's hairy calves, then working his way up to the prize
- a thick, uncut 8-inch cock that was drooling more precum than Kilmer
could ever remember seeing before. Behind Barry, Mike Tomczak pressed his
aching cock against the young boy's tight ! hole, then shoved hard,
burying all 9 12 yo nude nymphets
inches as Watson screamed in pain. Soon he was begging the
horny Pittsburgh quarterback to fuck his young ass.Val deepthroated Garrett's cock at almost the same time Barry pushed the
head of his prick into Garrett's tight asshole. Being serviced at both
ends really pubescent nymphet turned Garrett on, and he moaned in pleasure. "Oh yeah! Oh
fuck! Yeah, suck that big cock Val. Suck that fuckin cock! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!
God Barry! Fuck my ass, man. Fuck Me! Fuuuuuck meeeee!" Barry and Mike
fucked while Val sucked, both of them enjoying the favors of Garrett's
gorgeous body.The four studs links nude nymphets turned quickly when they heard a loud scream from across the
room. Saints quarterback Danny Wuerffel yelped as two huge cocks invaded
his hairy ass at the same time. He had no problem sitting on Fred Couple's
thick monster meat, but when young stud Joe Germaine pushed his college-boy
cock into the same hole, Danny's ass was stretched to the limit. He
screams were to no avail, however, as Joe started fucking Danny with
abandon. nymphettes galleries Stimulated by the feeling of Germaine's shaft sliding against his
own, Fred started pushing his cock in and out of the young jock's hot hole.
Soon Joe and Fred were as one, their shafts pounding Wuerffel's incredible
butt, and the handsome stud fisted his own throbbing cock as his ass was
fucked by the two handsome jocks' hard pricks.Not to be left out, the other boys were getting it on with each other.
Troy, Peyton, and Billy were really making out. The three hunks' mouths
traded jock saliva as their hands roamed over their hard, sweaty chests,
and stroked each other's pulsing erections. Although Peyton and Troy had
enjoyed asian nymphet pics
each other's bodies frequently, Billy Baldwin had only met Peyton
the night before. While he had watched the handsome college boy get it on
with several other guys the night before, Billy had been preoccupied with
other boys, including Joey Lawrence and his buddy David Lascher. Although
Billy had watched Peyton getting it on with Pete Sampras, Ahmad Rashad, and
Bill Campbell, he had to admit that being in the middle of a three way with
Joey and David was incredibly hot. The only three-way that Billy could
remember that was hotter was when he had walked in on his two brothers,
Alec and Stephen, fucking like rabbits, with Stephen pounding Alec's hungry
hole. Billy remembered qui! ckly pulling off his clothes, an d joining
the two on the bed, straddling Alec's hairy chest and feeding his 9-inch
cock to his older brother.Now here he was with Troy and Peyton, two of the hottest jocks he knew.
Peyton moaned as he licked Billy's heavy beard stubble, then ran his hands
over the handsome movie star's hairy chest, pinching and pulling on his
sensitive nipples. When he had worked his way nymphets studios toplist a bit lower, he dropped to
his knees and kissed and licked Billy's gorgeous, super hairy legs.
Without any warning, Manning deepthroated Baldwin's thick, monster cock,
burying it in his experienced college mouth, again and again, slobber
dripping from his chin to Billy's hairy balls. As he continued to suck
cock, Peyton ran a hand through Billy's hairy crack, then, finding his
pucker, pressed one, then two fingers into the movie star's aching hole.
Billy almost shot his load right then, but Peyton pulled off his cock and
moved his hot mouth to the hunk's hairy crotch and sweaty, cum-laden balls,
slobbering all over them as he continued to finger fuck Billy's ass with
one hand and stroke his prize-winning hairy legs with another.Watching the two boys get it on, Troy stroked his quarterback cock, wet
with his 6 12 nymphets
spit, and used his free hand to pinch his large, hairy nipples.
Not able to wait any longer, Aikman dropped to the floor, lay on his back,
spread his hairy nymphet top sex jock legs, and yelled "I need to get fucked! I need
someone to plow my jock ass bad! Come on, guys, somebody fuck me now!" He
didn't have to wait long. Joe Germaine pulled his college cock from Danny
Wuerffel's butt, leaving Fred to finish the fuck he and Joe had started,
and he walked to where Troy lay, slut-like on the floor, his hairy legs
spread and his asshole winking lewdly at the hot OSU africa nymphets quarterback."Oh baby, you are so fuckin gorgeous. Yeah stud, give me that big dick of
yours!" Troy moaned as he looked over the boy's hot body and handsome
face. He remembered the post-game Rose Bowl interview of Germaine, and how
he had jacked off watching the cutie answer all the stupid questions from
the media. Now here he was, getting ready to fuck his - Troy's - hungry
hole. Joe leaned down and kissed Troy, and the two sweaty jocks slobbered
all over each other's faces and sucked each other's hot tongues. With
their hard cocks pressing against their hairy stomachs, Troy asked Joe
about his sex buddies. Joe told Troy that while there were a few guys on
the team who were gay, he had to keep his sex life pretty much undercovers.
Although he had gotten it on last year with Vrabel and Finkus, there hadn't
been much action this year from his teammates. His hottest sex had been
the weekend he spent with Peyton, and the two jocks had spent an entire day
in bed, china nymphet
making out, sucking,!
and fucking.Troy was so turned on by this talk that he pushed Joe down his body, until
Germaine's cock was pressing against Troy's hot hole. Joe knew what was
expected, and he didn't disappoint as he shoved all 8 inches of his college
cock up Aikman's tight butt. Troy squealed in delight as Joe fucked him
hard, sweat dripping off the younger boy's hairy chest and handsome face
onto Troy. Aikman grabbed his own hard cock and fisted it so hard his
balls were bouncing in their hairy sack. What a fuck! tgp bbs nymphets
no tits nymphets
God, had he ever
been so turned on, Troy wondered. He looked around to see the other studs
getting off on each other.Garrett, Barry, Val, and Mike fucked and sucked like animals. Barry
pounded Wang's hot ass while Kilmer deepthroated Garrett's big prick. Val
pounded his own 9-incher, slobber dripping off his chin onto his sweaty,
hairy chest. Mike ate Barry's sweaty, super hairy teenage crack and
stroked his throbbing, 9-incher, sweat pouring off his hot, hairy jock
body.Beside them were Wuerffel and Couples, with Fred shoving his monster meat
in and out of Danny's incredible jock ass. Wuerffel jacked off his own
huge cock as he and Fred kissed and made out. Danny wrapped his gorgeous
hairy jock legs around Fred's sweaty body as Couples pounded Danny's greedy
asshole.Peyton and Billy were really going at it. Peyton literally sucked the load
right out of Billy's cock. Billy shouted as he blasted shot after shot of
hot movie star juice into Manning's experienced nymphet island
cocksucking mouth. There
was so much cum that it dribbled down Peyton's chin and onto his sweaty,
smooth college chest. Even after his orgasm had subsided, Billy's cock was
rock hard, and he knew what he wanted. He pushed Peyton onto his back and
shoved his prick into the jock's asshole. Manning squealed in delight as
his butt was filled with Billy's throbbing meat, his prostate prodded with
each pounding. Billy leaned forward and chewed Peyton's nipples, then
licked and savored the college boy's nn nymphet gallery
raunchy, hairy armpits. As Billy
continued to fuck, Peyton fisted his own big quarterback cock.Troy moaned as Joe continued to fuck his ass, and Germaine let wild art nymphets
out a cry as
his but was invaded. Turning to see who it was, Joe's lips were met by
Bobby Hoying's tongue, and the two OSU boys kissed hard, Bobby starting a
nice hard fuck of Joe's young ass. Joe resumed his plowing of Aikman's
butt, and the three way went into overdrive.Garrett announced his orgasm, and Val, Barry, and Mike stood facing the
handsome TV star, the three of them fisting their cocks. As if on cue,
their cocks exploded at the same time, shot after shot of hot creamy jism
spraying each other's sweaty chests and handsome faces, their hairy legs
shaking from the excitment. Garrett dropped to his knees and stuffed
Tomczak's still-shooting cock into his greedy mouth, running his hands over
Mike's gorgeous hairy jock legs.Fred yanked his cock out of Danny's ass, and the two jocks jerked off each
other's big cocks as they kissed hard and small nymphet sex rubbed their hairy jock legs
together. Fred's dick blasted first, squirting his load all over Wuerffel,
his chest, his legs, his face, and his hair. Danny followed quickly,
geyser shot after nymphet 12yr geyser shot spraying Fred from head to toe with more cum
than Fred had ever seen before.Peyton's cock erupted in a firestorm of college jism, just as Billy yanked
his throbbing shaft from Manning's hot ass. The two fuckers shot together,
their cum mixing together in the air as their balls continued to unload
more and more man juice, their chests covered with their warm spunk. Billy
collapsed on top of Peyton, covering his mouth and face in wet, board nymphets cum-sloppy
kisses as their hot bodies and hairy legs found 15yo nymphet each other.The last to shoot were Troy, Joe, and Bobby. The three quarterbacks
uncoupled and stood facing each other, their bodies glistening with sweat,
their handsome, hairy jock legs shaking as their hands flew up and down
their throbbing cocks.Bobby came first, his jism spraying Joe and Troy, then himself as he shoved
a finger up his tight, hairy asshole and punched his prostate, causing
still more jock juice to fly out of his dick. Then it was Troy's turn, and
he didn't disappoint anyone in the room. His huge cock exploded, cum
flying everywhere as he shouted obscenities at his two fuck buddies.
Finally, it was young Joe's turn, and Troy helped the OSU jock lose his
load by pressing two fingers up his hairy ass, and Bobby pinched the kid's
hairy nipples. Joe screamed loudly, then let loose with shot after shot of
college jock juice, covering Bobby and Troy with his hot load. As Joe's
orgasm subsided, Troy knelt before secret nymphets bbs him, stroking, kissing, and worshipping
Germaine's incredible hairy, tanned jock legs.With all of the hunks sated for now, they collapsed in each other's arms.
Troy was exhausted. All the boys were exhausted, but most of them still
had hardons, a sign that the party was far from finished. Where would it
lead crazy nymphets list them next?
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