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From: Lee Mariner
Subject: Troy McNeal #9Troy McNeal
(c) By young hot nymphets models Lee MarinerMarch 2003DISCLAIMER: This is a work of gay fiction intended for adult readers only.
MATERIAL, PLEASE LEAVE. The names of all characters are fictional and
unrelated to any persons living or deceased.DO NOT ENGAGE IN UNPROTECTRED SEX, IT CAN LEAD TO A LIFE THREATENING
CONSEQUENCE.All stories I have naked nymphet sites written are listed in the Prolific Writers nymphets naked ls
section of the
Nifty Archives under the name Lee Mariner.COPYRIGHT NOTICE: This work of fiction is copyrighted (c) by the author and
it is not to be reproduced in any form without the specific written consent
of the author. It is assigned nymphet nude list to the Nifty Archives under the terms of their
submission guidelines but it may not be copied or archived on any other site
without the consent of child nymphets sex the author.Copyright: March 2003 - Author: Lee Mariner - All Rights are * * * * * * * *Chapter #9 All kinds of thoughts and pictures flashed through my head like a
kaleidoscope as I walked back too the house. Troy was big for his age, well
built and extremely attractive but he was still only a 13-year-old boy for
another 3 months. underground dark nymphet nudes
I've known much no nudes nymphets models
older men that were not built as well as
he was or were anywhere close to being as attractive and as developed as he
was. There was one BIG stumbling block in this ridiculous equation of age
and being old enough to have a relationship with another male, AGE. No
matter how much I enjoyed it and the feelings I had for dirty underage nymphets Troy because of his
age, I should not have taken advantage of the situation or him. He may have
wanted us to be involved but it didn't matter, he was a minor and in this
state 18 is the age of legal consent and any adult engaging in sex with a
minor is considered a illegal nymphet pussy sex non nude nymphets portal offender regardless if that minor wanted it or
not. Sex with children up to age 16 was considered "child molestation and
abuse." With children over 16 until 18 it is considered "physical assault
and contributing to the delinquency of a minor." * * * * * * * *
There were organizations that young girls gymnast nymphets tried to have laws changed and used various
cases where the minor had been the aggressor but Bible belt lawmakers would
never accept that. According to society and the church, minors, aggressor
or not were not supposed to have sexual capability and could not luvely nymphets
the ramifications of a sexual encounter. Older men and women that preyed on
children were sick and should be locked away. Some lawmakers even went so
far as to say that a minor could not be an aggressor since they were still
not fully developed. The biggest argument was that it was immoral free nymphette pissing
in the
eyes of God and the church. Society would accept a 17year old for military
service but they were not permitted to engage in sex legally until they were
18 and even then they could still be free boy nymphet
prosecuted for immoral acts if caught
in a compromising situation. It all changed from state too state and was
frighteningly confusing.Everyone admires cute little boys and girls at one time or another but
physically and sexually wanting a child was scary and depending on the age
limits in some states it could be a disaster. Molesting young children and
being found out could lead to long prison terms and a lifetime of nymphets and thumbnails ridicule. Kneeing Troy in the testicles was unintentional but it had accidentally
become the catalyst that precipitated what had happened and my feelings for
him had soared. It seemed to me though, that Troy was the one that had
actually initiated the actions that led to our mutual enjoyment. littlenymphettes He didn't
resist but had actually participated to the extent an obviously
inexperienced but nymphet porno very horny young teenager could. Did Sherman's not being
with Troy have anything to do with the way he so unabashedly commented on
his and Sherman's sexual acts? Was I trying to justify my feelings and what
had happened because of his seemingly innocent comments and gestures? That
would be so easy to do for my peace of mind but it didn't change what I was
feeling and what had happened. I could have walked away or told Troy he was
off base but I didn't. Whatever I nymphet dark collection
was feeling and regardless of anything Troy had done or said, he
was 14 yo nymphet girls a minor and I should have best nymphets
rejected any supposed advances he may have
made, wanting him or not. It is not difficult to think about teenaged boys
seeking sex with their peers and actively being a part of close group of
just as interested boys or a particularly close buddy. I did, we all do, and
it was the way of learning about our sexuality that is a incest stories nymphet part of growing up. I had never wanted or sought sex with an older "man" when I first realized
I had different feelings when I was around boys and girls. Some of the boys
excited me and caused my cock to harden regardless of how much I resisted.
In the school showers I had to hide my hard cock when I saw some of the good
looking well built boys naked. Girls, on the other hand, did nothing for me
they were just a part of life. I wanted to be with the boys and not girls. I
liked the feelings I would get when I looked at boys. Troy had not said anything about his feelings or what he wanted until after
we had sex and he thought I was mad at him. He said he wanted toplist nymphette for me to do
what we had done but not why or if he nymphets land bbs thought he was gay. "Damn did he sense
how I felt and just used me?" I little nymphets strawberry
said thinking out loud not knowing Troy had
came in the house. "Who are you talking sammy nymphets too Mike? Sounds like your mad about something." "I was just thinking out loud, that's all. That Tony pisses me off
stringing things along. He was given the plans for the changes I want
several days ago. Hey, you look great." I said noticing the clothes he had
changed into.Twirling around like a doll doing a pirouette, his eyes sparkling he
laughed. "You like it Mike?" He said, his hands smoothing the soft yellow
flannel McGregor shirt he had put on, outlining the muscles of his torso.
His 501 jeans were form art nymphets free pics fitting and revealing, very revealing.I could feel messages nymphet the beating of my heart increase, my eyes running over his
tight muscular body. He did not look 13 or 14 but more like 17 or 18. I
stood an even 6'and weighed 186 stripped. His head was even with my chin and
from his size and definition he must have weighed in at 135 or 145. He was
big for his age and I bet his mother didn't pick out the clothes he had put
on. I took a deep breath, calming down a little before answering. "You look
fantastic Troy, what's not to like?""I wanted to seen nymphets biz
look good going out with you to eat. My dad always said we
weren't rich but we could afford soap and water to be clean and wear good
clothes when we were in public. He picked these out but my mom said they
were too old for me. My dad won that one." He said grinning."He knew what he was talking about Troy, he must have been a hell of a man.
Come on, let's get to my apartment so I can change, I'm dark nymphets land starving." * * * * * * * *
Troy ran ahead of me to the car while I double-checked to be sure nymphets land free top the house
was nymphet video bbs locked securely. He was leaning against the window like he had earlier
and he was sitting like he had before, sideways facing my side with his left
leg pulled up on the seat. He sat quietly watching me as I got in and
started the car. After I pulled out on the street, I glanced over at him
grinning at me."What do you find amusing young Mr. McNeal?"He didn't answer, just leaned over and ran his fingers over the stain from
where I had climaxed."You think that's funny do you?" "No." He said leaning back against the
door. "Be sure that's locked before you lean against it.""It's locked Mike, I checked. Can I ask you something and you won't get mad
at me?" "That depends on what you want to ask." I said wondering what he
would ask that he thought might make me angry.At first he turned and sitting straight, he looked out the side window of
the car. After a few seconds nymphet free galleries he turned around and moving a little closer
until his knee almost touched my thigh he said softly and sort of twisting
his fingers. "Did I make you mad or did you like what we did this morning?"I didn't hear any bells or get an uneasy feeling in nymphet 5yo the pit of my gut like I
had before but I knew I had to be careful, he was searching, looking for
approval from me.I nymphet cretures didn't know why I didn't think he would nymphet agency
ask that one question or even why
he thought it would make me mad. He didn't need my approval for what had
been done and I had certainly enjoyed it even as one-sided as it had been.
The large stain in my trousers would attest to that and I was sweety nymphets definitely not
angry.I glanced at him sitting and twisting his fingers with an apprehensive look
on his face. There was a Wendy's Restaurant we would pass on the way to my
apartment and eating there would be a lot more comfortable then in a crowded
restaurant and we could talk easier without worrying about being overheard.
"Troy, how about we get a couple of burgers, fries with drinks child love nymphet xxx
at Wendy's
and eat in the apartment instead of going out?" I litle nymphets hair said taking my hand off of
the steering wheel and squeezing his thigh. "What do you say?""Can I get a Double Cheeseburger nymphets image board
with a Biggee Fries and a large Coke?" He
said excitedly and for a moment at least forgetting what he had asked me.
"Sure you can but are you sure you young nymphet nude photos
can eat all of that?""I can eat a Triple but I wasn't sure free nymphets forum you would let me have one. Mom always
fusses and tells me I only need a single and no ketchup on my plump nymphets
fries." He
said shyly looking down at his lap, the little boy showing through.When we pulled up to the intercom I ordered one single and one triple all
the way, two orders of French fries, one regular and a Biggee with extra
packets of ketchup and two large Cokes.>From Wendy's to the apartment was a short two blocks. When we got there I
told Troy where the apartment was and taking the bag, he two stepped up the
stairs ahead of me with the bag and left me carrying the drinks. I had to
admit I was not used to such youthful exuberance but he surprised me more
when we were in the apartment.I gave him the key and he opened the door leaving the key in the lock when
he went inside. I closed the door and when I turned around he put his arms
around me and I almost dropped the drinks. extreme nymphets pics
He squeezed me tight pressing his
hard muscled body to mine and looked into my eyes. "Thanks Mike.""Your welcome." I said and still holding the tray with the drinks, put my
arms around his neck brushing his lips mude nymphets with illegal little nymphets free mine. I felt a warm sensation
spreading 19 nymphets
over me upwards from my loins and an electrifying shock when he
pressed his lips tighter to mine the tip of his tongue like a dart
searching, probing for entry."Yeah." little nymphets movie I thought, "it is better we stay in the apartment for lunch." naked nymphet gallery * * * * * * * *TBC
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