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From: Lee Mariner
Subject: Troy McNeal #4TROY MC NEAL
(c) By
Lee MarinerMarch 2003DISCLAIMER: This fictional story is intended for adult readers. It describes
sexual acts between men and boys. All characters are fictional and not
related to any person or persons living or deceased. Any perceived
similarity is purely coincidental. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO READ THIS
CONSEQUENCE.All stories I have written can be found listed under Lee Mariner in the
Prolific Authors listing that is found in Nifty Archives.This story is copyrighted (c) by the author and may not be reproduced in any
manner without the specific written consent of the author. It is assigned to
the Nifty Archives under the terms of their submission guidelines but it may
not be copied or archived on any other site with out the consent of the
author.Copyright: March 2003 - Author: Lee Mariner - All Rights are * * * * * * * *Chapter #4Both Rob and I were in a high level of excitement when I drove out of the
restaurant parking lot and his initial kiss and caressing sure didn't help.
I felt like I was going to pop any minute and I probably missed a couple of
stop signs on the way home. Fortunately it was late and a light drizzle had
set in.When we reached the apartment, the intensity of the rain had increased and
we had to make a dash for the doorway."Damn." Rob said when we got inside. "That's a pretty cold rain Mike, I
hope it doesn't turn to snow or ice.""Up north where you are, it might be one or the other but here we just wait
and see what happens." I said opening my apartment door. "Lets get inside
and get out of these wet clothes."Pushing the door open Rob brushed past me into the darkened room peeling nymphet toplist pics his
jacket off. When I flipped the wall switch and the room was flooded with
light from the overhead fixture, he stopped quickly surveying the stacks of
boxes he almost walked into."Looks like you've been doing some packing." He said turning to look at me,
holding his jacket with one hand."Just a little bit and I'm not finished. The kitchen and bedroom are this
way," I said threading my way though the boxes."How about the head?" He said as he followed.
"The first door on the left, nymphet naked fuck light switches on the right as you go in." I
said indicating the doorway. "Why don't you take those damp clothes off
while you're at it and hang them on the shower rod? Use the hanger on the
wall for your jacket. I'll get a pot of coffee on.""The head is off of your kitchen Mike? Where's the bedroom?""Anxious?" I asked smiling."We've got plenty of time stud. I was just wondering since I didn't see a
couch among all those boxes.""I don't make love on a couch in my house." I said 16yo little nymph slipping my arms around
his waist and pulling him tight damp clothes and all."He slipped his arms around my neck and his sparkling blue eyes looked in
mine. "Man, I'm so horny we could have made love on the front seat of the
car." He whispered pressing his lips against mine and I opened my mouth, his
tongue and mine twisting, probing nymphet kid sex pictures and we could taste the beer and pizza we
had eaten earlier."Mike, I've got to piss or I'll burst." Rob said a little breathlessly,
pulling his mouth from mine. "My cock is so hard now, I'm going to have to
sit on the pot so tits nymphets models
I can."He pulled away from me grinning and holding the thick bulge in his jeans.
"Use one of the blue towels and dry your hair while you're in there Rob. No
sense in catching a cold." I called after him as he disappeared through the
door.The apartment kitchen was not that big, really not much more then something
you would find in efficiency. The cabinets, fridge, sink and counter were
all on one wall with a small two-person table in the center of the floor.Pulling my damp golf shirt over my head I draped it over my shoulder.
Filling the Mr. Coffee with water and grounds, I flipped the switch and
headed for the bedroom.The bedroom was not really much larger then the kitchen but I had a double
bed with nightstand, 5-drawer bureau with mirror and a larger then usual
bachelor's chest. adorable nymphet pix
I had picked it up at a Salvation Army thrift store for $5
bucks. It was my one and only attempt at furniture refinishing but I was
proud of it. Under I don't know how many layers of paint it was solid cherry
wood. After long hours of stripping the paint along with many coats of
beeswax and new hardware it was a pretty good-looking piece of furniture.There was one closet in the bedroom and I took out some hangers for my wet
clothes. Stripping down I hung them on the doorknob of the closet door and
put my jockey's on the back of the single chair. Stretching, I ran my hands
over my chest and down into my crotch fondling my half hard cock and my
balls and a sudden urge in my bladder caused me to swing around and start
for the head, Rob was standing in the door with a towel around his waist
looking at me."Sorry, I didn't nymphettes illegales nues mean to startle you." He said"You didn't, I've got to piss now too.""Don't be gone to long." He said dropping his towel; his hard cock swayed
from side to side and he ran his hand over my ass as I passed him.I wasn't gone very long and I turned the coffee pot off on the way back to
the bedroom. * * * * * * * *Rob was stretched out on the bed with one leg bent at the knee. His
semi-soft circumcised cock lay in the joint where thigh and hip meet and his
full balls hung down over the perineum flesh between testicles and anus. He
had a light covering of dark chest defloration of nymphet hair over his smooth thick breast muscles
and down over his hard flat stomach spreading thickly over his russian nymphet forum
pelvis. Rob
was good looking in clothes but lying nude on the bed he was gorgeous.
Smoothly muscled and lean not bulging. His chest rose and fell easily and
his dark breast nipples were exposed slightly, a swirl of hair around each
one.I'm not a hair freak but the hair on his body was silky sort of swirling photo petite nymphet nue and
not matted like steel wool. His cock moved and I could see it swelling,
hardening stretching to reach his belly button."Are you going to stand there all night?" He asked.I answered by sliding my body over his and straddling his unbent leg pressed
my steel hard cock against his. He groaned and locked his arms around my
chest, "Yeah man, that's what it's all about. Mike I've wanted you since you
walked in the restaurant. Spunky and Ralph said you were good but they
didn't tell the half of it.""At least you had the advantage of knowing something but I like the mystery
of finding out what a man's got and you have it all." I whispered rotating
my hips so our pre-cum slick cocks flopped back and forth over each other.Rob lowered his leg locking it over mine while he ran his fingers up and
down the curvature of my spine sending chills through me and his lips
nibbled the curve line of my neck. I felt like I was nymphets video young
on fire and every
nibble or touch effected my body with electrifying sensations."God." I thought. "How can I want a boy, Troy, when a man has this effect on
me? Rob made me feel like my body was on fire with desire and my cock
throbbed with each beat of my heart."Lifting up on my arms, I looked down on his face and said quietly, "fuck me
Rob, and let me feel your cock filling my ass."He looked just a little surprised before answering, "if that's what you want
but I don't have any condoms with me.""Open the nightstand drawer." I said rolling off of him and lifting both
legs.Rob spent a few minutes opening my ass up with liberal amounts of KY
lubricant and I could feel beads of sweat rolling off of me as he finger
fucked my ass. Every time he touched my prostate my cock would jerk and
thick streams of pre-cum would flow."Jesus, Mike." He said softly, with three fingers free nymphette slowly rotating spreading
my sphincter muscle and I could see the sweat beading up on his forehead."I'm ready Rob." I moaned rolling my head on the pillow. I wanted his cock
in nymphet art pics my ass so bad it felt like I was going to flip my cookies before he
fucked me and I watched as he lubed his cock and then rolled the condom over
its thick length.Smearing a generous covering of lube over the condom, he moved between my
legs and I lifted them up on his shoulders. He hesitated for a second
examining my ass with his eyes and then leaned forward pushing my knees back
against my chest. I felt the head of his cock hit my asshole and then slip
inside until the sphincter snapped just behind the head. The pain was
intense and I bit my lower lip squeezing my eyes shut."You okay Mike." Rob asked waiting and holding himself back with just the
head of his cock buried inside my ass."Yeah." I breathed. "Just take it easy or I'll blow my wad before you get
home.""That's two of us baby. Your hot ass and as horny as I am, it won't be that
long.""Then fuck slow and don't twist too much." I directed as I felt his cock
slipping deeper in my ass.When I felt Rob's pubic hair pressing against my balls and a low soft moan
escaping from his lips I dropped my legs and locked them around his waist
holding him tight. He scooted a little closer resting my ass on his thighs
and we both rested for a few seconds catching our breath.It felt like a telephone pole was deep in the bowels of my ass and when he
started moving in and out in that all familiar piston motion and with each
thrust I felt his balls slap against my ass cheeks. Time stood still for a
moment and it was like my body was expanding filling with the pangs of
ecstasy, pre nude art nymphet a deep euphoric feeling covering us.Rob fucked me long and slow, each stroke increasing in intensity until we
reached a rocking motion and my cock was throbbing with the chafing
irritation when he thrust and it rubbed over my thick pubic hair. I felt his
cock swelling hardening reaching deeper with each thrust and his body
muscles tightening under my hands.With a loud groan he tightened and rammed his cock deep, I could feel the
hot molten sperm gushing from his cock filling my ass and the sensation sent
me over the brink and I joined him spewing hot sperm over my chest and
stomach in great jerking spasms.I tightened my sphincter muscle holding his cock tight inside of my ass and
tightening my legs with my arms around his neck, I pulled Rob tight against
me pressing my lips to his in a long passionate kiss.The afterglow of contentment spread over us as our bodies relaxed, our
racing hearts nymphet nudes portals returning too normal as our breathing slowed to normal. Rob
pushed his head into the pillows next to mine and I could feel the warmth of
his breathing on my neck and his cock softening and slowly slipping from my
ass until tiny nude nymphets the head slipped free and my asshole snapped shut.
I dropped my legs from his waist and held him on top of me with my arms. We
lay nymphets thumbnails quietly for several minutes until Rob lifted his hips slightly letting
his limp cock rest with mine."Are you alright Rob?" I asked softly."I've just had the best fuck I've ever had with a man and he asks me if I am
alright. No badgering and very little foreplay, just fuck me. You don't
waste any time.""You kid nymphette
didn't enjoy it then?""Of course I did, you just caught me links nymphet top off guard that's all. Most guys are
like little boys trying to learn what they are supposed to do and play for
an hour or two but not you. I like a little foreplay most of the time but I
think we did that in the car before we got in bed. Damn Mike I was to
fucking hot I could have fucked a dogs ass and when you said, "fuck me" I
almost lost my nuts.""I can't say that anyone has ever compared my ass to a dogs but your cock
felt like a frigging telephone pole and I loved it. I think you've done this
before haven't you?""Oh a time or two. When is it my turn or are you just a bottom?""Both lover. Your turn next time you're here." I said. "You know when Spunky
and Ralph see you, they are nymphet pics jpg
going to pump you about tonight don't you?""Yeah but I don't kiss, fuck and tell. Let'em suffer.""Then I won't ask you which one you went to bed with." I said."And I wouldn't have told you if you asked. I don't believe in that shit
Mike. I've always been strictly one on one, none of that mixed up crap and
who I go to bed with and what we do is my business and his." He said firmly."And nymphets bbs guestbook if you tell Spunky or Ralph it will be all over every bar in town
before you get showered. Speaking of which let's take one." I said.We sat up on the side of the bed but before little model nymphet we got up from the bed, Rob put
his hand on my thigh and kissed my cheek. "You're my kind of man Mike, can
we see each other again?""What do you think?" I said brushing his lips with mine. "I could use some
help at the house. How long are you going to be here?""Until April. Can you pick me up tomorrow afternoon after work, I get off at
1500.""That's half an hour before I do. Is young naked nymphetts 1600 okay?""I'll be waiting out front." Rob said kissing my ear.We showered together both of us getting hadron's again from playing with
each other while we washed. nymphets skirts Rob looked at me and I looked at him as we dried
off and I said, "Later Robby, it's late and that damned alarm clock has a
nasty habit of waking me up every morning." * * * * * * * *The alarm clock went off at 6AM and I reached over Rob hitting the snooze
button. I went off again 10 minutes later and I heard Rob grumble, "we
better get up, you said that damn thing would go off and it isn't gonna
stop.""It would if we ignored it, it only goes off twice after you hit the snooze
button." I said."As much as I love having your cock in the crack of my ass, I can't be late
for work and I don't think you can either. We better get up."When Rob swung out of bed, I got my first real look at his cock, all thick
rock hard 8" of it. "Damn." I said is that all the bigger it is, I thought
there was a pole up my ass.""Bend over and lets see if it still feels that big, I thought I was fucking
a pea coat sleeve." He said grinning and making a menacing move in my
direction holding his cock."Oh touché Robby, I deserved that.""Maybe." He laughed. "I'll let you know what that toothpick feels like
later." He said looking down at my crotch."Okay, okay, you win but I can guarantee that it's not a toothpick. I'll
make coffee while you european nymphet models wash up. How about juice, you want some?" I said
standing up."Both if you have it." He said over his shoulder and going into the
bathroom. * * * * * * * *Rob had touched his shirt up with my iron so it wouldn't be so wrinkled and
he noticed I was not wearing my uniform. I explained that I would change at
work and later in the day after work, change back into civvies since I
wanted anita swedish nymphet to drive free porn nymphets too the house after picking him up.The rain had stopped during the night and when we got outside, the sun was
shining and big fluffy clouds were scudding across the blue sky.The traffic was heavy as it usually was but we made good time and when I
dropped Rob off at the Lodge he squeezed my leg saying, "see ya later" and
jumped out of the car.The day was fairly routine even though the Senior Chief had called in and
taken the day off. I completed a few personnel transfers, set up an AIDS
education forum the Navy was sponsoring and I smiled inwardly thinking about
it but glad I didn't have to make the presentation.Both Rob and Troy were in my thoughts off and on during the day and I was
hoping that Troy wouldn't pop up at the house while Rob was there. The
craziest thing about that though was that even though I didn't want Troy
showing up, I wanted to see him. Remembering the evening with Rob ls nymphete pics was
exciting and I felt a surge in my groin thinking about it but the image of
Troy kept intruding on my thoughts and it didn't help the swelling in my
groin subside.When it was finally time to knock off for the day I went into the head and
while I was changing into my civvies one of my men came in."Hey Rob, what's up? You don't usually change clothes in here." He said.His name was Gilbert hot nymphet love Lawton and he wasn't all that bad looking and pretty
well built. I had my suspicions about him but he was only a seaman and we
didn't hang together. He had invited me to have a beer with him at the EM
Club a couple of times but I always managed to come up with an excuse. I
didn't need an invitation to go too the EM Club but whenever I had lunch or
drank a beer with some of my peers, it was at the Acey-Ducey Club."I bought a house Gil getting ready for retirement. It gives nymphet bbs pics
me a little
extra time if I change here instead of at my apartment until we go off
Eastern Standard and there is a lot of work to be done." I said looking up
catching him milking his cock and shaking the dew from the lily. "Do that
more then three times Gil and it's playing with it.""Yeah, well I won't tell if you don't." He said teasingly, stuffing his cock
back inside his undress blue pants and pulling the zipper shut."Just kidding." I said. Pulling my jeans on I could see his eyes glance at
my full crotch and the red tip of his tongue slid over his lips as I stuffed
my cock in before zipping up.He turned quickly while I was putting my uniform in my athletic bag and
started washing his hands."No kidding Mike, if you need some help just let me know. I don't have much
to do on the weekends.""Thanks Gil. I will." I said, "See ya in the morning."That boy is as gay as they come and if he weren't wearing a uniform, he
would be a nice catch. Only 18 and I hadn't seen him naked but the way he
filled out his uniform, he looked pretty solid. "Maybe I fresh nymphets
could set up a P/E
class at the base gym and assign him to it." I thought deviously, grinning
at the thought. There's nothing wrong with a little eye candy as long as
you don't try and eat a piece. * * * * * * * *Rob was standing outside of the Lodge fence when I pulled up. On the fence
there was a garment bag hanging and two suitcases sitting on the sidewalk.
He leaned in the window and asked me to open the trunk.I jumped out and opened the trunk helping him with the luggage. "Whose is
that Rob?" I asked as we pulled away from the curb."Mine and I can explain. When you dropped me off this morning the two guys
I'm sharing with asked me who you were when they saw me getting out of the
car. I told them you were an old buddy of mine and I had spent the night
with you and your wife and you had told me I could stay with you and your
wife as long as I was going to be here." He said breathlessly."My what? You told them I had a wife and we had invited you too stay with
us?" I spluttered looking at him and trying to watch the traffic."It was the first thing that popped in my head Mike. I'm real sorry but I
wasn't expecting them to ask anything and they caught me off guard. I can
stay in another motel though, it'll just be a little more expensive and
harder to get back and forth." He said young nymphet sex movies falling silent and sitting close to
the door.He was wearing a pair of black denim jeans and a tight white pullover golf
shirt. The little tuft of dark hair under his chin was sexy and the jeans
were tight enough to show an impressive bulge.Pushing the door lock button control, he jumped when his door locked. "If
you going to sit against the door, I don't want you falling out." I said,
resting my hand on my thigh.He grinned looking at me, "you aren't mad?" He asked sliding a little
closer."That shirt looks good on you with those black jeans. Where's your jacket?
It's still February." I said smiling at him."In the back in one of the garment bags." He said snuggling closer. "How far
is your house?""Not that far now. We get off the Loop at the Garden St. exit and then its
only 4 blocks. I just hope Spunky and Ralph aren't there.""And you bought a house close to theirs Mike?""Yeah crazy isn't it? It was a good deal though and once I get it the way I
want it, they won't be around that much. The hardest part about knowing them
is they can't stand seeing me single and they harp on it all the time.""Someone will rope you in one day Mike. It'll strike like a thunderbolt when
you least expect it.""What about you? Your single aren't you." I asked glancing over at him as I
stopped at the traffic light at the end of the off ramp.""Yeah, you could say that. I travel a lot for the government and it makes
it hard to try and settle down with someone. Maybe I can get a permanent
assignment and things will improve. Maybe right here, now password dasha nymphets that would be
great wouldn't it?""Hey Robby, I hadn't thought about that. Can't you put in for it?""I can't until my current petite nymphets picture contract expires and that's still almost 3 years
away. I agreed to be on the universal engineers group my little nymphets
for 5 years. That
means I'm never sure where I'll be next.""Bummer, big time. That's like being in the Navy.""Pretty much but the pay is a lot better and the government pays expenses
when they send us overseas.""Here's the house Rob, whatcha think?" I said pulling up into the drive"Whoa, I don't like that color. What idiot painted it like that?""A Navy Commander but it's going to teens nymphette
be changed. The roof was just put on
over the holidays. Lets go on inside." I said looking around as I got out of
the car on the off chance Troy would be outside. * * * * * * * *The house was warm when we walked in but I set the thermostat to 78 while
Rob was walking around."What's all the blue lines in the floor for Mike?" He called from the large
bedroom."That's where changes are being made. Tony Parker is supposed to be here
tomorrow so we can go over those plans you saw Spunky and Ralph looking at.
Tony is a good carpenter if you can catch him sober. He is supposed to be in
A/A 14 yr old nymphets right now and I hope so, he charges a lot less then some of them do.""Is he gay?""He is but not my type and I don't think yours. Tony is 50, bearded and
scruffy looking. Most of the time he lives at the Union Mission down on
Boush dorki nymphets magazines St.""You are kidding aren't you thing he would be my type. You sound like Spunky
and Ralph trying to hook me up." He said slipping his arms around my waist
and pulling me to him. "Is this going to be your bedroom?""It will be when it's finished."
"To bad you don't have a bed in it, we could check out the toothpick." He
said grinning at me the tip of his tongue peeking out between his lips.Leaning in slightly we pressed lips and let out tongue tips play while we
both looked into each other's eyes. nymphets lands info
I felt his cock swelling and he must
have felt mine, reaching behind me and clasping my ass cheeks in both hands
he pulled my groin tight against his."That ain't no toothpick." He whispered rotating his hips and nibbling my
lips gently."Mmmmmm baby, I gotta" I started to say when we heard "Mike, Mike." It
startled both of us but Rob more then me."Who's that?" He said pulling away from me looking at the doorway."Troy McNeal, he's a kid from down the street. He's been helping me out." I
said and then called out, "In here Troy, back bedroom.""Hi Mike, I saw you car." Troy said walking down the short hallway.When he entered the bedroom he stopped looking at Rob and then at me."Hi Troy. This is Robert Breslin, a nymphet love bbs friend of mine.""Hello Mr. Breslin, nice you." Troy said extending his hand."Call me Rob or Robert, Troy, and nice meeting you." Rob responded shaking
Troy's hand.
"Sorry for interrupting Mike, I didn't know you had someone with you, I
thought you were alone. I just wanted to check and see if you still wanted
me and Sherman to clean the garage tomorrow?""Did you ask your mothers like I told you, you and Sherman?""Yeah, its cool. What time do you want us here?""Come over anytime after I get here. I'm supposed to meet with the
carpenters tomorrow and he said he would be here at 9 in the morning. But if
it's as cool as it is today, I'd rather you wore something a little more
then that." I said waving at the clothes he was wearing. A sweat shirt and
cut off sweat pants won't be enough if it's as cool as it has been.""I will if you say so but the coach always tells us to wear sweats when we
are working out, they absorb the sweat. What do you think Rob?""I have to agree Mike but I'd wear a pair of pants that aren't cut off as
much as the ones you are wearing are, they are just a little too short.""I guess your right Rob." Troy said running his hands over his flat stomach
and stretching the flannel material. I wear the cutoffs in bed sometimes; I
like the feeling of that soft stuff nymphettes 9 yo they are lined with. I guess I better
get on home, mom should be there by now. Maybe I'll see you tomorrow Rob if
your gonna be here?""Sorry Troy but I work half a day tomorrow. Maybe we'll see each black little nymphets other again
soon. It was nice meeting you.""See you tomorrow Mike." Troy said edging to the door."Take it easy Troy, see you in the morning." nymphets kids porno
I said turning to where Rob was
looking nymphet oriental out the window into the backyard and then hearing a wistful "Gnight"
from behind cp nymphs me as Troy little china nude nymphets left.Rob and I followed a few seconds behind Troy and watched him trot across the
yard in the direction of his house. It looked like he was going to wave from
the way his arm nymphet girls photo moved but he must have changed his mind and just nodded his
head."How old did you say that kid was Mike?" Rob said watching Troy out of the
window."He was 12 when I first met him but he's 13 going on 14 now. He lives with
his mother two doors down.""Where is his father?""He was killed in an airplane accident on one of the aircraft carriers. Troy
and his mother took it pretty hard from what I understand.""Why are they still here? Most military families go home, not hang around.""Troy said their family was in Alabama but the pay for nurses is better here
then there. They got nymphets beauty
a pretty good insurance settlement and they can use the
government benefits here, they don't have any in Alabama close enough to
where the Troy's grandparents live. Troy's a nice enough kid and I can use
the help.""That is an understatement Mike, the boy has the hot's for you if I don't
miss my guess.""Oh Christ Robby, you can't be serious. He is only a kid, a minor.""Yes to all of that and he is a growing boy. Did you see the package he was
showing in those cut off sweats? I bet he has a killer body and those eyes;
well you could fall in and drown. I'd bet a buck he wasn't wearing any
underwear and you are numb if you can't feel the vibes he is sending and in
your direction.""If all you are saying is true Rob, he can be an awful lot of trouble for a
few more years and I don't need it. I start terminal leave in 4 months a
then I'm free and clear.""Then you my stud hung lover have a choice to make and quick." Rob said
rubbing up against me. "Keep him at more then arms length and that is going
to be tough with him just down the street. That kid is horny and you can bet
the hormones are racing and more so when he is around you. He will put underage nymphet porn a lot
of pressure on you Mike if you let him hang around. If you were a pedophile
that would be one thing but the way you performed, ugh, ugh, no way." * * * * nymphet raped galleries
* * * *"Jeez." I thought as we drove to my apartment. "If Rob can spot the
attractions maybe others could. But what am I going to do about Troy?"
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