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From: Herb Cat
Subject: Transformation pt 1Copyright 2005 Herb Cat. Do not reproduce or distribute this story without
the author's permission.Please note: the twelve parts of nonude nymphet this story depict sex between males,
between minors and between adults and minors. They depict oral, anal and
vaginal sex as well as incest, rape, sadomasochism and transvestitism. If
any of these offend you or are illegal nudes collections nymphets
to publish in your jurisdiction, or
you are under the age of 18, read no further.All names, little nymphets model
characters, locations and incidents in this story are
fictional. Any resemblance to actual events or locales, or persons, living
or dead, is entirely coincidental.As an author, I welcome feedback on my writing. Please send any comments
about this story, positive or negative, to Herb_Catmailcity.com. Thank
you.Spring, Year 1I was a sophomore in high school at the time, Keith was starting junior
high, which put us in the same building. He had become a real jock. When he
graduated sixth grade, Mom and Dad gave him a bench press (when I graduated
three years before, we all went out to Appleby's). Every day, Keith worked
out in the basement and had rippling abs to show for it. Me, I was a wuss,
short, nervous, underdeveloped in every way. And like most adolescents, I
was trying to work out what my role was in this world.The day it all started was a Saturday. Keith was out in the driveway
shooting hoops with his buddies. I was alone on my pedo shy nymphets bed, with my pants off
and my tighty whities cgiworld nymphet down around my ankles, slowly turning the pages of
Dad's latest copy of "Hustler." I had discovered his secret stash about two
months before this, and felt wonderfully dirty as I studied each filthy
picture. All those guys with their huge cocks fucking the daylights out of
all those bimbos. I was lying there, jacking ukrainian nymphets images bbs
off and putting myself into
each picture. But for some reason, it was easier for me to imagine myself
as the bimbo instead of the hunk.I was so lost in the thrill of the moment, I didn't realize the noise in
the driveway animated nymphets had stopped. All of a sudden, the bedroom door burst open and
there stood Keith, in his shorts and gym shoes, wiping the sweat off his
chest anal nymphet photo with his tshirt. He immediately saw nymphet galleries nude what I was doing and slammed the
door behind him."Whoa, Fran-sess! I see you stole Dad's skin mag!""I - I - just borrowed it.""Oh, yeah, well, let's little nymphets desires go bring it back to Dad right now, OK. He's watching
the Nascar races in the living room. C'mon.""Please, Keith, don't. Don't make me do that." lovely nymphets model My eyes were full of tears,
my young voice was cracking, my hands were shaking. "Please, I'll do
anything. young nymphet videos Please, Keith." Here I was, begging for mercy from my little
brother."Hmmm, anything?" He started stroking his chin like he was weighing the
possibilities contained in that one delicious word. nymphets best I nodded
nervously. "OK, for naked nymphets free one week, you're going to pick up my clothes,
prickhead." Mom was always getting on Keith's case for leaving his clothes
all over. He worked out so hard and got so sweaty, that he went through
several changes a day, and whenever he took them off, he just let them lie
wherever erotic nymphet teen gallery they dropped. He didn't care that poor Mom had to bend over and
get them, like she was his slave. "And you can start right now." Keith
threw his sweaty tshirt on the floor where it nude nymphets girls joined a dozen or so other
items. I jumped off the bed, grabbed my briefs and started pulling them
up. "No, take them off, prickhead. You sunshine nymphets do illegal nymphets pics bbs
this job naked, loser." I turned
scarlet ukrainian nymphet tgp
but of course obeyed. I picked up my briefs, his tshirt, and all
the various clothes scattered about our room. Keith kicked off his gym
shoes and told me to bend down and take off his stinky ukraine nymphets beach nudes socks. I did. By now
I was hugging a huge armload of perspiration-filled clothes. He then
slipped off his shorts and his jockstrap. The former he put on top of my
pile and the latter he put on my head so the stained mesh was over my
face. defloration of nymphet He grabbed some clean clothes from his dresser and slipped them on.
"What you waiting for, prickhead? Put them in the hamper." I glanced
through the strap on his jock at my jeans on the bed. naughty little nymphetts "No, no, you go like
that." I gulped. Slowly I turned the doorknob, trying desperately not to
drop any of my smelly load. I glanced out into the hall and saw the coast
was clear. I ran down to the hamper, threw everything in, including my head
covering, and ran back to our room. Of course, Keith had shut the door and
was holding it closed."Hey, c'mon, Keith," I whispered. "Don't do this. I did what you
said. C'mon, I'm scared." The door opened slightly. Keith looked at me
through the crack, with a sickly grin."Who's your boss, prickhead?""You are, now open the door.""What did you say?" He was really milking this moment."Damnit, I said you are the Boss, little nymphet gymna Keith, now let me in." He swung the door
open and I rushed in and closed it myself."You know Mom and Dad strawberry nymphets
don't want you swearing, prickhead." He grabbed my
hair. "What do you say?""I'm sorry.""You bet you're sorry. nymphet love videos
You're the sorriest piece of shit that was ever in
this house." Keith pulled me joung nymphets over his lap and spanked my bare ass. "You can
expect a spanking every time you use a swear word, you got that?" I
nodded. "Now get some clothes on. I can't teen nymphet pix stand the sight of your puny
little body." I ran to my dresser and got some clothes on quick. "Now,
remember, all week. No clothes on the floor. Got it?""Yes," I replied, and then without thinking I added, "Boss."Keith smiled and walked out.As soon as I could, I returned the magazine to Dad's hiding place. All that
week, Keith's clothes magically appeared in the hamper. One night at
dinner, Mom remarked how happy she was that Keith was finally picking up
his clothes. I opened my young nympho porn mouth and was about to say something, but Keith
gave me such met art nymphets a glare I shut it again and ate my peas.Friday came and I was excited. My sentence was almost over. I had performed
my week's penance for my wicked foray into adult literature. I guess Keith
saw my anticipation and realized he had to do something. He couldn't lose
this subservient thing he had created. "Hey, Toady, tomorrow you won't just
pick up my clothes, but also start making my bed.""But - but - the week is over.""You know, I think Linda might be interested in what you do with her
picture. I think I'll call her up and nearly nude nymphets tell her.""Damn you, Keith.""Oh, swearing again. You better learn to control that. Come here." He
pulled down my pants, paddled my ass and then just walked away.I had had a crush on Linda since third grade. Her family's Christmas card
was one with a photo of Mom and Dad and the kids and the dog all gathered
around a studio Christmas tree because of course the picture was taken in
October. Before Mom threw out the cards, I had taken the photo and
carefully cut Linda's face out. I kept it gallery nymphettes in my wallet and at night,
sometimes I'd wake up and take the picture out and look at it while
jacking. Keith must have seen me doing it and just saved that bit of
knowledge for the right moment. And the moment had arrived. He cashed in
his winning ticket.I began making Keith's bed as well as picking up his clothes. I set his
weights up for him each morning and then ran his shower teenage sex nymphette
so the water was
warm when he stepped in. When he went off to school, his backpack was ready
with his books, his lunch, nymphets land top bbs and whatever equipment he needed for
after-school practice. I was his valet, but the term he used for it was
prickhead.I guess I had loser written on my forehead, because at school there were
three bullies who had begun shaking me down for young nymphets naked pics money. Each day I gave them
five bucks, which meant I wasn't eating much for lunch. I was actually
contemplating suicide at that point. I saw no way out. I thought to myself,
won't they be sorry at nymphets tgp galleries my funeral. Even Keith will be crying and telling me
how he didn't mean to humiliate me so.But one day, the three bullies had me cornered by my locker and I had just
handed over the fin when cute girl nymphet Keith came around the corner. He grabbed the hair
of the kid who held my money and told him to nymphets models bbs give it back. He did."Now get out of here, and if I ever see you with my brother again, I'll tie
your balls to the flagpole." All three turned to go, but Keith made the
other two stay. He turned to one of them and said, "Give my brother back
his money.""But, he already . . ." Keith interrupted him by grabbing the kid's package
and squeezing hard."Did you hear what I said?" Keith didn't comics nymphets release him until he reached in
his pocket and pulled out another five and handed it to me. "That's right,
now scram.""Now you," Keith said to the last bully, "give him his money.""But," that's all he said. With one hand he covered his privates and with
the other took out his wallet. "All's dark nymphet I got is a twenty.""Fine," Keith handed me the twenty and the kid ran."How long they been shaking you down, prickhead?""About a month.""Shit, prickhead, why didn't you tell me?""You don't care. You're just the same as them. You treat me like a loser.""Well, fuck, you are a loser. But look, you're my toady. You nympho dorki do whatever I
tell you. No one else. You don't obey anyone but me, you got that?" I
nodded. "Anyone gives you any ls nymphets posts
trouble, you tell me, you hear? You're under
my young japanese nymphets cunt-trol.""Yes, Boss."There was that word. I could picture Keith saying that word that way before
but I couldn't remember when or where. I kept thinking of it all through my
classes, wondering what he meant, "cunt-trol."But from that moment on, I no longer thought about killing myself. I felt
somehow that my little brother, nasty as he was, was protecting me. My life
now actually had a purpose, which was to keep him happy.My list of assignments grew longer and longer. I was now doing all the
chores Mom and Dad had given Keith as well as my own. I was taking out 17yo topless nymphet the
garbage nymphet portals cans, nymphets fuck with dogs
loading the dishwasher, feeding Spike, our dog, and, of
course, cleaning up the dogshit in the yard. Keith would come pedo nymphets nude
home from
after-school practice and inspect the yard. If he found a turd I had
missed, I had to pick it up with my bare hands. As thorough as I was, tiny nympho sex he
often did find a pile I'd missed. I swear I think he trained Spike to poop
again after I cleaned the yard.Keith was starting to hang out at the mall to meet girls. Before he left
home, I laid out a clean outfit for him, bbs dark nymphet and even began ironing his
clothes. He always made me sniff his armpits and his breath before he went
out. I did so submissively, but in actuality, I loved having this intimate
contact with his godlike body. Also I had to make sure he had a condom in
his wallet.Keith knew I was snowed with all the extra work, but he didn't want Mom and
Dad to get suspicious, so he also insisted I keep my grades up. Every time
I had a test, I had to chinese nymphet show him the grade before I showed Mom and Dad. If
he thought I should have done better, he spanked my bare ass. My report
card improved and that made Mom happy. She was also pleased that both her
boys were doing all their chores without nagging. Keith never gave me any
credit for doing kinghost nymphet his, and I never opened my mouth.
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